There is no Justice for the Loser

In 1968/69, I was an advisory team leader (not Special Forces) to the 748 Montagnard Regional Forces Company at Ngo Trang, a few miles north of Kontum, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The mountain tribesmen, these "montagnards", mostly led by their Special Forces advisors, accounted for over half of all ground combat intelligence in Vietnam. They saved thousands of American lives. When the war ended, we abandoned them, in order to conduct our profitable trade relationship with our former enemies. Rome remained powerful for many centuries by remaining faithful to her allies. As a nation, and now, as an empire, we seem to have forgotten this important secret. Please click here for information about America's abandoned allies:

War enriches only those who are already wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. For our misguided youth, it is about pursuing an illusory fantasy of heroism, fed by erronious information about an ever changing menu of "evil" men, "repugnant" religious heresies, and "criminal" nations, whose citizens are falsely portrayed as somehow less than human. Click here for more anti-war information about the war around us: