Scorched Earth! The end of Neocon Fantasies

I just voted, during early voting, as did millions of others, to end the reign of terror by the Bush regime, and I advise you, as patriotic Americans, to follow my lead. Not only did I vote NO for every Republican canidate, but I refused to provide unopposed Republicans with a vote.

Mr. President, your Iraqi adventure is the end of every perverse fantasy of your administration. Our armed force, our army and air force, are being annihilated by those of our enemies, who are responding to your misguided policy. What is our adminstration hiding from American voters?

On October 10, 2006, Iraquis who disagree with Hallibuton's plans for their country lobbed mortar and rocket rounds into our Forward Base Falcon, 13 kilometers south of the "Green Zone" in Baghdad. The BBC's Andrew North, in Baghdad, said the explosions started at about 2300 (11PM), and continued as huge fires spread throughout the base.

On the next morning, of of the 3000 men inside the base, over 300 Americans, including US Army and Marines, CIA agents and US translators were casualties. There were 165 seriously injured and 39 suffering lesser injuries. Camp Falcon suffered major damage, and an extensive casualty list at http://www.libertyforum.org/ records a casualty list over 300.

I suspect that, in view of your misguided policies, Republicans will become an endangered species. As many others, I not only voted against Republicans who had Democrat or Libertarian opponents, but also refused to vote for those Republicans who were unopposed. I recommend that all of those who love America do the same.

Let's put an end to the reign of terror by the so-called "neocon" Republicans.

Wolfgang P. May (during the Vietnam War Captain, United States Army, Armor, advisory team leader to the Republic of Vietnam.)