New York Times: Kabul in Winter

Ann Jones flew to Afghanistan in December of 2002, and volunteered her services to a small charity. Based on her many observations, she has now written a book: "Kabul in Winter" , available at Amazon.com. In my honest opinion, this is the very best description of the state of that war-torn country, though she begins her narrative from a political position many of her readers will distrust. She views the United States as an imperialist power, bent on shaping the world to our narrow interests, and imposing free-market economics on the oppressed peoples of our world. As an observer and analyst of Afghan society, and its many problems, she can be eloquent and persuasive. Above all, she is an observer and analyst of Afghan society, but also a compassionate voice for the plight of Afghan women. Wife-beating is universal, and many young women, in despair at being married to a man they fear and loathe, douse themselves with gasoline and light a match. The hospitals in Afghanistan are filled with such tragic cases. Western aid organizations, who pay high salaries by Afghan standards, distort the local economy. Though there are some bright spots, nostalgia for the days of Soviet occupation is growing: At least, the Soviets put up some apartment buildings!


Obama's Political Flip-Flops and Failures

To accuse Obama of flops and failings would be a severe understatement. Though he appeared to be a fired-up crusader for truth, light and justice, to those who foolishly chose to follow him in the mistaken belief that he was a fired up crusader for truth, light, and justice, he soon shed the cocoon around him to disappoint all of those who had chosen to believe in his integrity: After grossly disappointing those who had chosen to vote for him, he raced to the Nobel Prize Committee, to disappoint them as well. One of Jeff Rense's illustrators immediately caught the reality of his phony presidency by posting a sign: "Nobel Peace Prize with oil change." In fact, Obama didn't even stop for an oil change, before he disappointed each and every one of the hopes which the Nobel Prize commission had for his presidency. Not to be outdone, he also revved up the pace of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill as many of that poor nation's indigenous forces, while drawing the entire world into that quagmire. Barack was elected by a majority of voters who believed the man they saw out on the sump was the Man of the Hour. Was it the Real Barack Obama who quickly and efficiently cut his ties to longtime friends because they were "too controversial" and might cost votes from those who probably wouldn't vote for him in the first place? I leave it up to you to sort out this dilemma.
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The So-called Neocons Want us in Yet another War

The so-called 'Neocons', including Elliott Abrams, and Max Boot, card carrying members of the notorious "Council on Foreign Relations" are once again up to their old, and sordid tricks: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are just not enough for these blood-thirsty bastards. Hey, I fought for our troubled country in Vietnam, and watched a lot of young soldiers die. Basically, war is about making and selling profitable weapons systems to our country, and there's a lot of money to be made. Just as during the run-up to the Iraq war, so-called 'liberals' and 'realists' at the council seem to be abandoning their traditional allies, and sidling up to 'neoconservatives' which are neither neo (meaning new), NOR conservatives in the traditional meaning of that word. So-called 'analyst' Tony Karon, on his blog, called an attempt of an aggressor to control the level of a hot conflict amid tense relations 'quite simply bizarre'. Reality check: Of course, Iran is going to retaliate, and do it painfully, over years and decades. If you have followed my blog in the past, you will also remember the Russian anti-aircraft and anti-missile system which should soon be installed in Iran. The Russians responded to our threat in completing this purchase with the words: "We do not need advice from the United States about our weapons sales." So, there!
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Now they've Joined the Neocons to Support an Iran Attack


"Kudos" to WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange in his Fight for the Truth!

As usual, our "free", read "government controlled" press, refuses to tell us, the "Sheeple", what is REALLY happening in Afghanistan. Until "our government" decides to shutdown the internet, there will be honest people like Julian Assange, who somehow believe that the truth is too important to be buried - like our many other important news items, in the 'classified' sections of our newspapers. Hence, Julian decided to become the founder of the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks: He decided to place 91,000 reports from units in the field, from embassies with relations to Afghanistan, intelligence officers, and informers on his site. In case of the latter, the US military puts a label on each informer to indicate how reliable they believe these sources are. So far, Julian has received no physical threats, and even the disturbing sounds coming from the Obama administration about a month ago seem to have stopped. His organization will do everything in their power technically and legally to protect their sources, and maximize the impact the submissions that they make to Wikileaks. This has included releasing important documents to "The New York Times", "The Guardian" a British, and "Der Spiegel", a German publication.
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Eight Years Embedded With Our US Army

Ann Jones (www.annjonesonline.com) is one of those truly dedicated Servants of our God, if indeed an "almighty" God exists:
I suspect that He does, for I saw his hand above me too many times to doubt: First, when my mother, grandmother, and I fled from our hometown of Breslau, (now Wroclaw, Poland) with the very last (unscheduled train), we were treated to a sumptuous feast, prepared by the Red Cross women in Dresden. Only a few hours later, my family was forced to watch from a nearby hill, while the "evil British" and American bombers destroyed that beautiful city. Much later, when I had become an Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, I felt the very close presence of two enemy bullets, missing my head, and that of my loyal sergeant, by a fraction of a millimeter, which is much less than a millimeter, which again is much less than an inch. When my sergeant and I had finally recovered our senses, both of us realized that our survival could only have been possible by the intervention of an all mighty GOD. Based on my previous experience, I highly recommend that you purchase the wonderful testimony of Ann Jones, who loves, as our GOD commands, a sense of compassion to our fellow travelers along our difficult path toward our search for perfection. God on line 1 - Do you want to take that call? Before you answer, get ready to talk about your sins. If it's any consolation to you, please check your account, to see whether you are still worthy of HIS mercy.

Weapons of Mass Delusion: The Sorrow of our Veterans

"President Bush invaded Iraq because we were told, by the lying SOB who was at that time in charge of our "presidency", who decided that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction and was 'plotting with Al Quaeda "terrorists" to attack America, though we know now that "our president's" statement was merely a gross line of bullshit to attract the "suckers" necessary to provide the necessary "cannon fodder" to make an invasion of Iraq possible. Of course, as we know now, the destruction of our World Trade Center was implemented by the Jewish owner of the building, who did not want to be financially responsible for the expensive renovation of the structure, which would have included the stripping of the asbestos plagued building. The "Al Quaeda" attack was, and is merely a smokescreen to cover up "our" government's own culpability for the murderous tragedy, which was to cost so many bright and intelligent American lives. Yet, despite the unquestioned reality of this tragic, and murderous incident, "we", meaning those who still imagine that "we're from the government, and we are here to help you" is still a logical way to interpret this horrible tragedy inflicted by our so-called "allies". I ask the readers of this blog to make up their own minds: Please read the "conspiracy" interpretation of the attack against our United States, and order the appropriate disk and tapes. Even Charlie Sheen, whose "Two and a half men" program is one of my favorites, has risked his entire career to inform a gullible American public. Only a coward, though I justifiably resent that label to be applied to me after the many bullets headed toward me in Trung Lap, where I served our United States as Advisory Team Leader, would do less for the welfare of our great American Nation.