Where there is no vision, the people perish!

On April 30, the New York Daily News commented that, "except for the final body count, the war in Iraq is over. We lost." Our soldiers sacrificed life and limb, so that "Ahmed Chalabi, who while on the CIA payroll, fed us that BS about WMD, could get richer as the new oil minister of Iraq."

A few days ago, the most powerful hurricane in many years has devastated a large American city more completely than a major terrorist stike could possibly have done, and the Bush regime approach in providing help has been weak to non-existent, and FEMA, whose sole purpose is to respond to such a crisis, has been entirely indecisive and ineffective.

This very appropriate picture is courtesy of a German web site "gegen Bush", or "against Bush", at http://lustich.de/lustich/specials_gegenbushbilder-specials-2.html
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