Obama: Eternal War for Eternal Peace!

A long, long time ago I read George Orwell's famous book, in which the leader of his nation promised eternal war for eternal peace. It seems that our "peace president" had someone interpret the same story to him: Jack A Smith, posting on the Asia Times, as related on alternet.org, believes
that Obama believes he must be guided by that same mission: Washington views America as being constantly under the threat of attack from a multitude of fearsome forces bent on its destruction. As such, trillions more dollars (which we don't have) must be invested in present and future wars - ostensibly to make our besieged homeland safe: Hence, the Pentagon is strengthening its nuclear force and bolstering it with a devastating "conventional deterrent" intended to strike any target in the world within one hour. Obama is vigorously expanding the George W Bush administration's wars, and enhancing and deploying America's unparalleled military power.
May God have mercy on our souls!!
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US joins UN Security Council at Iran Dinner in New York!

Iran's foreign minister held a rare meeting with our United States and other Security Council members on Thursday. UN ambassadors of the United States did not attend but showed their contempt for peace by sending lower level diplomats. Washington was represented by "Deputy Ambassador" Alejandro Wolff. In a glaring contrast to the behavior of our United States, most other council members, who did not want to be associated with the forever ccontinuing wars of OUR United States, sent ambassadors to the dinner of the Iranian ambassador's residence in Manhattan. They included Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong, the only chief of missions from the five permanent council members to attend. After a thorough "browbeating" from the Israelis, who dared to sink our ship, the "Liberty" while I was Intelligence Operations Officer of our 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, we may have inadvertantly exposed the evil nature of our Israeli "Allies". My advice to our Israeli Allies: "I'll see you in hell".


President John F Kennedy and a Nuclear First Strike!

At the July 20, 1961 National Security Council meeting, General Hickey, chairman of the "Net Evaluation Subcommittee" of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presented a plan for a nuclear surprise attack on the Soviet Union in late 1963, preceded by a period of heightened tensions. Kennedy walked out of that meeting when US military and CIA leaders were trying to enlist his support for that surprise attack. Besides walking out, he led Dean Rusk back to the Oval Office, he also said what he thought of the entire proceeding. Turning to Rusk, he said with "a strange look on his face: "And we call ourselves the human race".
If President Obama were quoted a similar option, how would he react today?
Think about it, and TRY to sleep well tonight!!


UN Refugee Chief: Security now worse in Afghanistan!

Security in Afghanistan has now deteriorated to the extent that the foreign staff of the UN's refugee agency are unable to travel to half of that country, its top official said Wednesday. The agency now has to rely on local staff or Afghan "partner" organizations to reach the tens of thousands of displaced people and returning refugees it is trying to help, said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres. He told reporters in Geneva: "Access of our international staff to the territory is now limited to about 50 percent." Guterres said aid workers have become targets for violence in part because the distinction between the foreign military and humanitarian groups has been blurred: Military 'hearts and minds' campaigns intended to win the support of the local population by building bridges and digging wells could easily be confused with similar work carried out by aid groups, making it difficult for villagers to draw the line between foreign soldiers and humanitarian workers, he said. Guterres said the agency has "completely reshaped" its operations in Afghanistan in response to growing threats, including by moving administrative staff to its regional office in Bangkok and investing in security hardware.
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How China Holds the American Economy by the Balls!

On May 1, China popped the cork on Expo 2010 in Shanghai, a month-long celebration international celebration of the city, and with it, the entire nation, as a global economic and cultural powerhouse. Jim Chanos, who prophesied the fall of Enron, had argued in April that the country's heated property market was on a "treadmill to hell". Even President Barack Obama expressed concern that that China had not moved its currency to a "more market-oriented exchange rate", but to no avail. His administration stopped short, however, of releasing an April 15 report to Congress expressing his disapproval in concrete terms, choosing instead to trot out the disgraced de-regulationist Larry Summers to soothe the Chinese temporarily.


Doug Bandow from the Cato Institute says We Are a Bankrupt Empire!

The United States government is effectively bankrupt, and Washington can no longer afford to micromanage the world. In real terms, Washington spends more on "defense" today than we did during the Cold War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, in which I served as Advisory Team Leader. Max Boot of the Council of Foreign Relations worries that our increased financial obligations resulting from health-care obligations threaten and a myriad of other outlays are threatening America's "global standing". He asks : "Who will police the sea lanes, stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, combat terrorism, respond to genocide and other unconscionable human rights violations, and deter rogue states from aggression?" The United States should not attempt to do everything even if it could afford to do so. But it can't! When it comes to the federal Treasury, there's nothing there. If Uncle Sam were a real person, he would have to declare bankruptcy. The current national debt is $12.7 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that current policy requires spending of up to $10 trillion in deficits over the coming decade, but more spending - a lot more spending - is on the way!


Once more, Israel wants America to obey their orders to destroy our world.

Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had been worrying aloud that Israel might force our United States into a war with Iran. He appears worried that the Israeli leaders have not taken his earlier warnings seriously, despite his unusually strong language. Upon arrival In Jerusalem, Mullen wasted no time in clarifying why he had come: He insisted publicly that an attack on Iran would be a "big, big, big problem for ALL of us, and I worry a great deal about the unintended consequences." No strike, however effective, will be, in and of itself, decisive." Admiral Mullen served, as I did, in the Vietnam War, an he commented that "War is bloody and uneven. It's messy and ugly and incredibly wasteful." He underscored time and time again that war with Iran would be a far greater disaster. Those who are familiar with the military, strategic, and economic consequences at stake know that he is right! Mullen does not believe that a "preventive war" against Iran would be worth the horrendous human cost. Mullen, for his part, is acutely aware that the Constitution he has sworn to defend makes no provision for the kind of war we might be sucked into to defend Israel: The US has NO legal obligation to defend Israel if it ignites a war with Iran!!