Investigator of US Human Rights Abuses in Iraq Murdered?

According to the Wayne Madsen Report,the US Army Colonel who was investigating human rights abuses and contract violations by US contractors was killed after demanding answers to the many questions he had raised. A USIS (US Investigations Services) manager interfered with the crime scene, and the colonel's suicide not was not in his own handwriting. The manager was not tested for gunpowder residue on his hands. As the ancient Romans said: "Sic transit gloria mundi" - thus passes the glory of the world.


New Orleans: Two Trillion for War, Pennies for New Orleans

In a "Guardian" article, Joseph Stiglitz, a Columbia University Professor who won the Nobel proze for eaconomics in 2001, says the real cost of the Iraq war is likely to be between one and two trillion dollars, up to 10 times more than previously expected. Included are lifetime disability and healthcare for injured soldiers, as well as the impact on the American economy. The GOOD news is that Halliburton will continue to do well.

Meanwhile back outside the Bush ranch, click here for the Madsen Report, without regular telephones, the residents of New Orleans are living in a "cell phone hell". Dr/ James Kent Treadway, a well-known pediatrician in the Uptown district, committed suicide in his damaged house on November 16. His story is not unique.