Leaders of Afghanistan: "We shall NEVER surrender!"

Remember this old speech by Sir Winston Churchill? Let me paraphrase it for you, so that you might understand how the people of Afghanistan view our occupation: "We shall fight them in the hills and in the valleys, we shall fight them on their landing grounds, we shall never surrender.
"The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating", said President Obama, as he announced deployment of an additional 17,000 troops. "There is no military solution in Afghanistan" says Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Said US Commander General David McKiernan yesterday, US and Nato forces are stalemated. The retreat from Central Asia is already underway. Expelled from our K-2 air base in Uzbekistan in 2005, the United States has now been ordered out of the Manas air base in Kyrgystan.
It's Time to cut our losses, Mr. President!! unless you can figure out how to resurrect our dead.


To our Stock Brokers:"Jump, You Fuckers"

If you don't like my heading, please understand that these are not my words, but the apparent concensus of all Americans who have been swindled by the con-artists of wall street. If you click on my headline, you will be able to read "Der Spiegel's story about the apparent concensus of those who have lost their money on this Wall Street Crap table. And that's what it truly was: Crap. Mr. von Bomhard, whose company is the largest reinsurer in the world will be happy to enlighten you about America's small financial problem: "The staggering dimensions of this crisis were in fact surprising to everyone, but it was - in contrast to an earthquake - created by people.
Yeah, right! If you believe that, I've got some swamp land in Florida you might want to buy unseen..


Who murdered Osama bin Laden and Benazir Bhutto?

According to Benazir Bhutto, who seems to have been murdered by the same evil forces who had hired and then killed Osama bin Laden, officials of our United States government are to blame.
Please click on the headline of this post, to listen to the video of her statement, captured on BRASSCHECKTV shortly before her death.