Would only the dirty Japs use torture? We decided they were right!

"We"-That is- "Our" Government, which always knows what is "good" for us, waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times, practiced sleep deprivation for 11 straight days, then stuffed him into a tiny box in a sweltering hot room, with insects crawling all over him. Then we take him out, smash his head against the wall three times, and then waterboard him for the 162nd time.

About one hundred of our "detainees" died while we were holding them. We beat people to death at Bagram Airbase and Abu Graib. Military lawyers told the Bush officials that what they wanted to do would be illegal, inhumane, and immoral.

Now those turds whose ancestors tortured German prisoners of war claim that WE are the "GOOD" guys.

Yeah, Right!


When Pigs Fly: Swine Flu Outbreak a Naturally Occurring Event

Three different flu viruses seem to have been used to create the Swine Flu which has produced 1000 cases in Mexico, so far 6 in Southern California, and 2 in Texas. It does not seem possible that the recombination of these strains is a naturally-occurring event, unless, as they say: Pigs are now actually able to sprout wings and fly.
The LA Times, which is owned by Sam Zell, whose ancestors are rumored to have known the famous Grimm Brothers of German fairy tales, was quick to cover the US government's ass by detailing exactly how these three strains of flu could combine into one super virus naturally.