History Lessons For Those Who Support Hamas

When the Nazi Party was new, many supported Hitler because the mainstream political organizations were unable to help Germany recover after World War I. Starvation was common: In Bohemia, in February 1919, 20 percent of the babies were born dead, and 40 percent died within the first month of birth. (Unfinished Victory, Arthur Bryant, (1940)pp.4,16,10,18)

Alsac Lorraine, which had been in dispute by both countries, was returned to France. Most of the province of Posen, with 600,000 German inhabitants, was given to Poland. All together, 28,000 square miles of German territory, inhabited by 7 million Germans, were lost, and Germany was deprived of over 60,800,000 tons of coal annually.

Since the mainstream political parties were unable to change the dismal lot of the average German, many of them turned to the Nazi Party, and a large majority did so in protest against the impotence of the major parties, and the hope that many of the more extreme statements of the Nazis were bluffs.

I suspect that the Palestinians, who have lost so much of their land, and who are now without a realistic hope for an improvement of their economic situation, have supported Hamas for the same reasons.

It is time for the major economic powers of this world to take an active role in supporting the economic aspirations of the mainstream Palestinian household - - - before it is too late!