"We Can't Make It Here, But We'll Fight for Oil"

As you can see here, our President, who spent the Vietnam war flying National Guard planes within the safe environment our United States, is doing very well. Given his background, how can he possibly identify with our male and female soldiers, whom he has sent into harm's way in Iraq for so many years.
It seems that it takes a gifted singer and talented songwriter like James McMurtry, to set the record straight. (Please click on the title of this posting, or these words, to visit his web site). His haunting ballad: "We Can't Make it Here", should stir the conscience of our citizens who are paying for this ill-conceived war.

A recent "documentary" television program alleged that our CIA had reported Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction", before our ill-conceived war, based on the interview of ONE flaky Iraqi dissident. Having served as Intelligence Operations Officer of the US 4th Armored Division in Goeppingen during 1967/68, I can guarantee that OUR shop would never have dared to advise our commander to commit troops to an attack based on one flaky source. All of us who served in any area of our fine intelligence community have a sincere and well-deserved respect for the professionals in our CIA. Any allegation that this superb group of highly-trained professionals would come to such a bizarre conclusion, based on such flimsy "evidence" represents a gross insult to the many fine professionals in our intelligence community.