Maria Golovnia: Libya Rebels say West is Failing Insurgents!

According to Maria Golovnia, and edited by David Stamp, Libya's rebel oil chief accused the West on Saturday of failing to deliver urgent financial aid (blood money, for the murder of innocent civilians) because he has by now run completely out of cash after months of hard fighting. Speaking to Reuters in a rare interview in the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi, oil and finance minister Ali Tarhouni said all crude oil production had now come to a standstill due to damage caused by the fighting. "We don't have any cash", and cash is what this war is all about! "We are running out of everything", he said. "It's a complete FAILURE!" Either the "Western nations don't understand, or they don't care!" Sorry about that, Ali, but they really, really, really don't care, unless you can bring the oil out of the ground yourself! He added: "We are not producing any oil because of the damage. I don't expect us to produce oil any time soon! The refineries have no crude oil, so they are not working." Ali, my response to you is to find another sponsor for your destruction of Libya! Asked which companies he was talking to, he named Germany's Wintershall and France's Total. "We need help, we said we respect and abide by all contracts. The only enemy that I have is Gaddafi and his killers and thugs," he said. In terms of commerce and companies I have no enemies." There is an old German proverb, which goes: "Wer sich auf andere verlaesst, der ist verlassen", which means "he who depends on others is lost!

Joshua Holland: Why Does Europe Take Better Care of Its People Than America?

In many ways, what makes America different from other advanced democracies are relatively modest differences in priorities: While all wealthy democracies share the same basic model, deriving the bulk of their economic activity from the private sector, while offering some form of social safety net for those who fall between the cracks, even slight differences in priorities can have a huge impact on the lives of their people: Here are 9 countries that do a better job of providing for their citizens than we do: France, which has a health-care system ranked number one in the world by the WHO (World Health Organization), NOT the rock group, spent 11.2 percent of its economy to cover everyone. One statistic that that stands out: In the European economies, upward of 70 percent of total health care is picked up by the government, meaning that people are insured in large pools with lots of bargaining clout to hold down provider's costs. In the US, less than half of our health care is in the public sector, resulting in a patchwork system of private insurers with much higher administrative costs. When you plug what France pays per person for health care into our own government's fiscal projections, you get balanced budgets by around 2014, which then turn into surpluses after 2040. At around 12 percent, the United States doesn't have the lowest unionization rate among the "wealthy countries". That distinction goes to France, where under 8 percent of the workforce belongs to a union!


Jewish Court Sentences Dog to Death By Stoning.

Once upon a time, many people in the world believed in witchcraft. It seems the Jews Still Do: A Jerusalem "rabbinical court" condemned a dog to death, whom they suspected to be the "reincarnation" of a secular lawyer who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago. According to Ynet, the large dog made its way into the Monetary Affairs Court in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Mesa Shearim in Jerusalem, frightening judges and plaintiffs. Despite attempts to drive the dog out of the court, the hound refused to leave the premises. One of the sitting "judges" then recalled a curse the court had passed down on a secular lawyer who had insulted the judges two decades previously. Their preferred "divine retribution" was for the lawyer's spirit to move into the body of a dog, an animal considered impure by "traditional Judaism". Clearly still offended, one of the "judges" sentenced the animal to death by stoning by local children. The canine target, however, managed to escape! In other words, divine justice was finally done!

Webster G. Tarpley: US Naval and Troop Movements Reported as Syrian Destabilization Escalates

US Special Forces units based in Fort Hood, Texas have been told to prepare for deployment in Libya no later than July, according to a US military source. The Special Forces would then be followed in September or October by heavy armored units of the First Cavalry Division, currently located in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with other components of the US III Corps. This report was broadcast today on the Alex Jones radio program, and comes against the backdrop of escalating US destabilization operations against Syria and sharpening US condemnation of Damascus and its ally, Teheran. Observers point out that US Special Forces have been in Libya since February. They also note that, while the Libyan destination is highly plausible, some of these units may also find themselves on the way to Yemen, Syria, or beyond. Another anonymous military source speaking on the Alex Jones broadcast reported that that stocks of depleted uranium (DU) munitions are currently very low. This may be the reality behind outgoing Defense Secretary Gates' complaint last week that NATO is running out of bombs in Libya, and similar remarks by French NATO General Stephane Abrial in Belgrade. A source at US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed that US forces are being lined up for new foreign missions, and added that his unit had recently processed two deceased US Army soldiers and three deceased US civilians, possibly mercenaries. The source attributed these cases to Libya, although US operations in Libya are widely thought to be controlled by the new US African Command (AFRICOM). These reports should be taken together with the energetic protests from the Russian Foreign Ministry over the presence of the US Aegis cruiser Monterrey (a vessel with anti-ballistic missile capabilities) in the Black Sea, along with the arrival of the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan off the coast of Syria.

Howard Portnoy: Germany Withdraws NATO Support: Libyan "Coalition" in Tatters!

If it wasn't clear three days ago, when Obama, pressured by the "Bilderberg" group who installed him, unilaterally ordered military action against Libya, or the day after - when he stupidly asked: "Can't someone else lead?" condemned the United States to another useless war, to feed the "Military Industrial Complex". Now Obama will be tasked with the destruction of our country's military. The war is Obama's, and so far he's been bungling it "big time". Never mind the question of what the mission is, or why the "president" would want to pass off leadership of the coalition: Though many are asking - "What Coalition": The Mail, a fine British Newspaper, reports that the Germans are pulling out. A military spokesman from my former nation, of which I am presently very proud, said that they plan to recall two frigates and AWACS surveillance plane crews from the Mediterranean out of fear they would be drawn into the conflict, if NATO takes over control from the US. The US and Britain, meanwhile, are no longer are NO LONGER ON SPEAKING TERMS, following a statement by the Brits to the effect that Muammar Gaddafi is a legitimate target for assassination. As if that weren't chaotic enough, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon announced this morning that France is NOT AT WAR with LIBYA. Our objective, said the French Spokesman, is to protect the civilian population, though the French military had earlier decided to guide them to an early grave!

Cynthia McKinney: More NATO "Humanitarian Intervention!"

Since coming to Tripoli to see first hand the consequences of the NATO military operations, it has become clear to me that despite the ongoing silence of the international press on the ground here in Libya, there is clear evidence that civilian targets have been hit, and Libyan civilians injured and killed. This Tuesday morning I was taken from my hotel across the city, through its bustling traffic to the Al Fateh University. On 9 June, Dean Ali Mansur was outside in the parking lot. The sky was blue, like in Carolina. The clouds were white-no chem-trails in sight. Puffy and white. Dean Ali Mansur was visibly upset. It seems that some of the young men at Al Fateh University, Campus B were fighting over girls. He explained to me that Libyans are hot-blooded. With a gleam in his eye, he whispered to me that girls are important to young men. Yes, that was clearly evident today as I approached the campus of Al Fateh University, Campus B, formerly known as Nasser University. Under the trees, throughout the lawn, as we approached the campus gates, I could see young men and women talking to each other, talking on cell phones. Walking to and fro, assembled, probably talking about the latest campus news -whatever that might be. Today, on the Al Fateh campus, life was teeming. Student life seemed vibrant. The feel of ambiance of this university was not unlike the hundreds of other universities that I have visited in the US and around the world: Libyan boys and girls are like ours. My son would easily fit into the life of this university!


Fox News: It's not nice to taunt the Russian Bear!!

Hours after NATO airstrikes pounded Muammar al-Qaddafi's compound again before dawn Thursday, Russia's envoy to Libya turned up at a bombing site while on a visit to Tripoli for talks on ending the "civil war". Italy's foreign minister, meanwhile, said his government was calling together tribal leaders from all parts of Libya for a meeting to promote reconciliation. Franco Frattini said Thursday up to 300 people representing all of Libya's regions will attend the meeting, though he did not give a date. The ANSA news agency said the meeting might take place next week. One of Qaddafi's sons told an Italian newspaper that his father would NOT seek exile outside Libya but that elections under international supervision could offer a way out. A vote could be organized within 3 months! The son, Saif al-Islam, told Corriere della Sera that Qaddafi would step aside if he lost, which the son said was unlikely. He acknowledged however that "my father's regime as it developed since 1969 is dead". The son said he envisions a federal state with strong local autonomy and a weak central government in Tripoli. In Moscow, the ITAR-Tass news agency said envoy Mikhail Margelov visited the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi and said that Qaddafi has lost his legitimacy, however, he also said that NATO airstrikes are NOT a solution to Libya's violent stalemate.

Eileen Fleming: Facebookers Call for Bob Dylan to Boycott Israeli Concert

For months, numerous Facebook groups have been calling for Bob Dylan to stand with the Palestinian call for BDS: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel, until Israel abides by International Law, and ends its brutal occupation of the indigenous Palestinian people. Before I served as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, and worked as Intelligence Operations Officer for our 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, I intercepted a desperate call from the USS Liberty, one of America's ships in the Mediterranean. Seems our so-called "Israeli Allies" had just decided to machine gun the American occupants of that vessel, in order to silence the crew from reporting an Israeli atrocity. On orders from my boss: Colonel Antero Aakkula, I ran the information to our commanding General. While I still stood near his door, he remarked about that Israeli atrocity: "With friends like the Israelis, we have no need of other enemies". But back to Bob Dylan and his concert: For months, numerous Facebook groups have asked Bob Dylan to ask for a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel, until Israel abides by international law and ends its brutal occupation of the indigenous Palestinian people. Bob Dylan had earlier remarked: "The only person you have to think twice about lying to is either yourself or to God! In one of Dylan's songs, he preaches: "There's a battle outside, and it's raging! It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls - For the times they are a-changing!"

Farooque Chowdhury: Greece Gyrates

Greece is now buying time as it gyrates on its debt axis. The Standard & Poor's have pushed Greece to the lowest levels in the world, lower than Ecuador, Jamaica, Pakistan and Granada. The Greek people are paying an extremely high price, as the "finance oligarchy" is putting the burden of the crisis on the working people, and the bankers are preparing to have even bigger chunks of public properties. The fear is that a formal default by Greece would widen and deepen the financial crisis. Citing Standard & Poor's, a Reuters report informs: Greece is now the lowest-rated country in the world. "The cost of insuring Greek debt is now almost twice as much as the price of insuring Pakistani bonds." The move is the latest blow for the country. Ratings of four Greek banks - National Bank of Greece, EFG Eurobank Ergasias, Alpha Bank, and Piraeus Bank will probably be downgraded as well. The capitalist European country with a socialist government was downgraded by the rating agency on June 13. Simultaneously, a warning was issued: "Any attempt to restructure the country's debt would be considered a default." A Greek default could trigger a widespread meltdown having "dire consequences" in the world banking system. The lower rating has been a massive blow against the Greek government!

Steve Salmony: Population Dynamics and Overpopulation

An allegedly unforeseen and unwelcome scientific finding about the food supply and Human populations is now ready to, as we used to say in the US Army "bite us in the ass". For more than a decade, the alleged "elite" of our nations have refused comment on what appears to be the best available science concerning the relationship between food availability and the size of the human population on this earth. Too many "experts" have ignored certain scientific evidence and failed to report their findings in professional journals, as would be expected: This failure of many experts has to be acknowledged and put behind us so that momentum can gather to move the human family in a new direction, so that we can begin to make changes toward sustainability. Until now, what appears to be so obvious, almost rhetorical to many people regarding the human population, has been rarely acknowledged and seldom reported by experts who have unassumed responsibilities to science, and unfulfilled duties to perform for humanity's sake. Perspectives of too many professional researchers regarding human population dynamics and overpopulation have not been shared widely and openly. Public discourse of science regarding so vital a topic as human overpopulation dynamics has been avoided, as it were, into a black hole of silence. Experts in possession of scientific understanding have remained mute about what people see, and in so choosing, have refused to validate what is already alive in the world: Vital knowledge of the human population!


Simon Shuster-Time/CNN Moscow: Libya has Given Medvedev a Confidence Boost!

Up until now, President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have kept up appearances of unity on every issue, while no-one much doubted that Putin was still at the wheel, but on Monday, when the Prime Minister compared the Libyan crisis to a "medieval crusade," the cracks began to show: Not only did Medvedev stand up to his former mentor, but government ministers, pundits and state media quickly lined up behind the President. Suddenly, it didn't seem naive to ask: Who is really in charge of Russia? Under the constitution, handling foreign affairs issues fall to the President, as Putin humbly pointed out on Monday when he asked about the crisis in Libya. But that has never stopped the Prime Minister from stating his views on any topic he likes, and it didn't stop him this time from from launching into his harangue: "In the policies of the United States, military intervention is becoming a stable tendency and trend," Putin said, counting the conflicts in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq as examples. "Now Libya is next in line, with the excuse of defending its civilian population, but when you bomb a territory, it is the civilians who die. Where is the logic and the conscience in this?" Then, borrowing the words of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Putin said the UN resolution on the bombing raids resembled "the medieval calls for a Christian crusade."

Dennis Kucinich is suing Obama over "his war" with Libya!

Yes, it's true folks: Suddenly, and almost inexplicably, there is a man who is NOT afraid of "Obama". The White House is reportedly in the final stages of preparing a report about the "military action" in Libya, which is required after 90 days of carrying out an operation WITHOUT Congressional approval. The group is seeking "injunctive and declaratory relief to protect the plaintiffs and the country from a stated policy of defendant Barack Obama, president of the United States, whereby a president may unilaterally go to war in Libya and other countries without a declaration of war from Congress, required by Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the United States Constitution". The suit says the lawmakers are also seeking a judge to rule that the president may not commit the US to war under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), or under the authority of the United Nations, or in violation of the War Powers Resolution requiring congressional authorization for the use of military force: The White House is "REPORTEDLY" in the final staged of preparing a report about the military action in Libya, which is required after 90 days of carrying out an operation without Congressional approval. That approval is expected sometime later today!

Gareth Porter: Ninety Percent of Petraeus's Captured "Taliban" were Civilians.

During his intensive initial round of media interviews as commander in Afghanistan in August 2010, General David Petraeus released figures to the news media that claimed spectacular success for raids by Special Operations Forces: In a 90 day period, from May through July, SOF units had captured 1,355 rank and file Taliban, killed another 1,031, and killed or captured 365 middle or high-ranking Taliban. The claims of huge numbers of Taliban captured and killed continued through the rest of 2010. In December, Petraeus's command said a total of 4,100 Taliban rank and file had been captured in the previous six months, and 2,000 had been killed. If true, these figures created a new media narrative hailing the success of SOF operations as reversing what had been a losing US strategy in Afghanistan. However, it turns out that more than 80 percent of those called Taliban fighters were found to be innocent civilians. Even more were later released from our detention facility in Bagram airbase, after their files were reviewed by a panel of military officers. An Afghan detained by US or NATO can only be held in a Forward Operating Base for a maximum of 14 days, before a decision must be made about whether to release the individual, or send him to Parwan for longer-term detention.

Brian Becker: Why the NATO Powers are trying to KILL Moammar Gaddafi

Are we protecting Civilians or Western Oil Companies? State Department cables from November 2007 and afterwards show the REAL reason for the mounting hostility to the Libyan government prior to the current "civil war". NATO, supposedly a "defensive" alliance, has been dropping devastating bunker-busting bombs on Muammar Gaddafi's home, in an attempt to assassinate him. One son, and several grandchildren have died, but Gaddafi has survived. The State Department cables give background to the hostility directed against Gaddafi by the United States and other NATO powers. One State Department cable from November 2007 sounds the alarm of "growing evidence of Libyan resource nationalism" by the Gaddafi government. This was almost the identical language used by the US and British governments against Iranian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, when he nationalized Iran's oil fields in 1951. At that time, Mossadegh was overthrown by a 1953 CIA coup that restored the Shah to the throne: It allowed US and British oil companies to take ownership over Iran's oil until the 1979 revolution. Condemning "Libyan resource nationalism" is diplomatic language. The US government was furious that Gaddafi was moving to to rein in and limit the power and profits of the western- owned oil giants that he permitted to come back into his country, after George W. Bush lifted economic sanctions against Libya.

Congressman Ron Paul: The Keys to Economic Growth

Recent economic data show that US job growth in May was negligible, while the official unemployment figure, at leas the figure the Labor Department admits to rose to 9.1%. The real unemployment figure, however, as compiled by economist John Williams, may be higher than 20%. It is clear that the US economy is in terrible shape, and that no amount of government spending or Federal Reserve quantitative easing can reduce unemployment, increase "real" productivity, or address our debt fiasco. US jobs and productivity are dependent on the accumulation of private capital to finance existing businesses, or fund new entrepreneurial activity. Private capital, whether accumulated by profitable US businesses, invested by private equity and venture capital firms, or attracted from abroad, is the key to economic growth and new jobs, but we cannot create jobs if we demonize profits, punish risk-taking capitalists, and stay hostile to foreign investment. The steps to encouraging capital investment and creating new jobs in America are simple, though not easy: First of all, we must create a sound US currency backed by gold or some other commodity respected by the market. No nation in history with a rapidly depreciating currency has attracted private capital. Unless and until we prohibit the Treasury and Federal Reserve from essentially creating money and credit from thin air, we cannot restore the US economy.


Money News: Our US is in Worse Financial Shape Than Greece!

According to Bill Gross, head of Pimpco, the world's largest bond fund, the United States is in worse shape than Greece, due to the amount of money needed to cover future liabilities. At this moment, lawmakers are debating raising a $14.3 trillion public debt ceiling to avoid an August default. Unfunded liabilities owed to programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, however, surpass $50 trillion. Add to that the other debts, such as those run up during the 2008 crisis, and the total comes to "nearly $100 trillion", Gross says. Even that estimate is on the high side: The country's debt issue is here to stay for a while. "To think that we can reduce that within the space of a year or two is not a realistic assumption," Gross tells CNBC. That's more than Greece, that's much more than almost any other developed country. "We've got a problem and we have to get after it quickly." Pimpco manages more than $1.2 trillion in assets and runs the largest bond fund in the world. Many other financial and economic experts have made similar warnings recently. New York University professor Nouriel Roubini said during the weekend that a "perfect storm" of fiscal woes in the US, a slowdown in China, European debt restructuring and stagnation in Japan may converge on the global economy. There is a one-in-three chance that the factors will combine to stunt growth from 2013, Roubini, who predicted the global financial crisis , told Bloomberg. Other possible outcomes are "anemic but OK" global growth or an "optimistic" scenario in which the expansion improves.

Chris Stirewalt: Doubts Mount on Libya War

What is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly-zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians, and not the shelling of more civilians. (Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League, condemning the US-led air assault on Libya). A second day of US air strikes on Libyan positions came amid deepening anxieties among coalition partners about the means and objectives of the effort there. American military leaders, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates have promised that the US role would soon fade to logistics and support, once the mission no longer required: "special capabilities" inherent to our military. While the forces of Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qaddafi seemed to be in disarray following sustained bombardment from American forces, there did not seem to be signs of an immediate end to his 42-year reign. The "dictator" has promised to arm one million citizens, and the "regime" has reportedly been amassing civilians in likely American targets, like airports. There were unconfirmed reports that Qaddafi had moved human shields into his presidential compound before a strike - potentially one of the few not carried out by the US.

Jeremy Lemer, Christine Spolar: Pentagon sees Libya Military Costs Soar

US military operations in Libya are on course to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than the Pentagon estimated, according to figures obtained by the Financial Times. Robert Gates, the outgoing secretary of defense, said last month that the Pentagon expected to spend "somewhere in the ball park of $750m" in the 2011 fiscal year as part of efforts to protect the Libyan people. (what a bunch of bullshit - Having watched the destruction of Dresden during World War II, I can testify that bombing runs against a civilian population is NOT an efficient method of "protecting people".) But according to the Pentagon, from whom all blessings flow, which has been kind enough to include a detailed update on the progress and pace of operations, by mid-May US operations in Libya had cost $664m, a figure confirmed by the Department of Defense. The document, entitled the "United States Contribution to Operation Unified Protector", adds that US costs are running at a rate of $2 million a day, or $60m a month. The memo has been circulating on Capitol Hill since last week. The DoD declined to comment on the increased costs of the operation. The pace of spending is higher than reported by the DoD comptroller's office in late March. In a congressional hearing, Pentagon officials said that the US had spent about $550m on Libya, at a rate of about $40m a month. If spending remains at the increased rate until the end of the recently extended NATO authorization period, the DoD could face an extra bill of about $274m to pay for a combination of air strikes, refueling operations, and intelligence-gathering missions, putting further strain on its budget!


Brian E. Muhammad: Gold, Oil, Africa, and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead

The war in Libya, designed to kill Muammar Gadhafi, and to eradicate his vision for Africa is getting progressively worse! Observers say implementing his vision would change the world power equation and threaten Western hegemony. In response, the United States and its NATO "partners" have determined that the Libyan leader must resign, or risk being killed, a fate that has already resulted in the murder of one of his sons. "If they kill Brother Gadhafi, I submit to you that American interests in Africa will certainly come under a severe strain, warned Minister Louis Farrakhan on WPFW-FM's "Spectrum Today" program with Askia Muhammad. "That man has invested in Africa more than any other leader in the recent history of Africa's coming into political independence," he continued. The Muslim leader said America needs access to the mineral resources in Africa to be a viable power in the 21st century. Minister Farrakhan further pointed out that in the April 1 radio interview that the current plot to kill Colonel Gadhafi comes at a time of great distress and decline for America. The fall of the dollar is a manifest loss of America's prestige and influence among the nations of the earth, and an indicator of its end. "How is America's wealth today? How is she doing financially? What is the deficit? Some say it's about $56 trillion, counting Social Security and Medicare. That's a big number. She's printing money, but there's nothing backing it," said Minister Farrakhan. That's a big number. In his book,"The Fall of America" Elijah Muhammad wrote: "The English pound and the American dollar have been the power and beckoning light of these two great powers, but when the world went off the gold and silver standard, the financial doom of England and America was sealed". The Fall of America is now visible and understandable.

Chris Hedges: There is NO Justice in "Kafka's America"

In one of Kafka's short stories"Before the Law", a tireless supplicant spends his life praying for admittance into the court's of justice. He sits outside the law court for days, months and years. He makes many attempts to be admitted. He sacrifices everything he owns to sway or bribe the stern doorkeeper. He ages, grows feeble and finally childish. He is told as he nears death that the entrance was constructed solely for him, and that it will now be closed: Justice has become as unattainable for Muslim activists in the United States, as it was for Kafka's frustrated petitioner. The draconian legal mechanisms that condemn Muslim Americans who speak out publicly about the outrages we commit in the Middle East, have left many, including Syed Fahad Hashmi wasting away in "supermax" prisons. These citizens posed no security threat, but they dared to speak the truth about the sordid conduct of our nation, that the state found unpalatable. In the bipartisan "war on terror", waged by Republicans and Democrats, this ugly truth in America is branded "sedicious". The best the US government could offer as evidence of Fahad's crimes was that an "acquaintance" who stayed in his apartment with him while he was a graduate student in London had raincoats, ponchos, and waterproof socks in luggage at the apartment, and that the "acquaintance" eventually delivered these to al-Qaida, but I doubt the government is overly concerned with a suitcase full of waterproof socks taken to Pakistan.

Gates: Libya War Exposes NATO'S Chronic Weakness!

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned NATO allies for their over-dependence on US military might, saying that it was putting the Libya mission and the Alliance at risk. Painting a bleak picture of the state of the 28-nation transatlantic alliance, Gates said America's "partners in crime" were running short of munitions after 11 weeks of raids in Libya. In other words, these "partners" need to buy a lot more "stuff" from our defense contractors, so that America's lagging economy can get a boost. Gates continues: "Frankly, many of those allies sitting on the sidelines do so, not because they do not want to participate, but simply because they cannot." Did I mention that my Vietnam war experience was fun? Frankly, Gates has no idea of what a REAL war is all about! Gates continued: That the NATO-led ground war in Afghanistan had scored important accomplishments (read innocent civilians killed, like the ones our US Air Force killed in Dresden, while my mother, grandmother, and I were condemned to watch from a nearby hill, barely south of that doomed city). In Afghanistan, Gates said it was worrying that an alliance with two million in uniform has "struggled", at times desperately, to sustain a deployment of 25,000 to 45,ooo troops and faced shortages of helicopters, transport aircraft, maintenance and surveillance planes. Turning to the NATO operation in Libya, it has become painfully clear that similar shortcomings - in capability and will -have the potential to jeopardise the alliance's ability to conduct an integrated (must mean all races are welcome to die in the Libyan desert), effective and sustained air-sea campaign), Gates said!


Libya, NATO, and Terrorism: Shocking Images of "Rebel" Atrocities!

NATO, that god-like union of the "right" forces, ready to conquer the evils of humanity, has done it again, painting itself into a corner in Libya. Its acts of murder against Libyan children, and its flagrant breach of international law make Obomber, Cameron and Sarkozy war criminals. Why are they not sitting side by side with the ghost of Adolf Hitler in the Hague? For those of little faith, I must remind them that there exists something called: International Law. NATO's acts of terrorism, imposed on the Libyan people, must one day stand before the eyes of the world. The band of murderous countries currently conducting the illegal act of butchery in Libya are signatories to the United Nations Charter, and should understand the terms and conditions when destroying a sovereign state! Third parties are not allowed to take sides. Only those with criminal intentions would bend and flout international law in siding with terrorists, and one wonders why similar action has not been used against other countries fighting extremists. The so-called Libyan Revolution, staged, aided, financed and abetted from abroad did not begin in Tripoli, but in Benghazi, among a a band of heavily armed Islamist fanatics, whose militancy and racism have long been apparent. NATO has sided with these criminals, murderers and thieves, rascals from the dregs of Libyan society, who once fought against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq.


This weekend, the "high-powered" think tank, the Bilderberg Group, is meeting to discuss "current events", form a consensus on the coordination of policies of the Western Imperial powers, and attempt to influence and shape the world in a direction of "their" liking! The "Bilderberg Group", founded allegedly in 1954, though many don't trust anything they say, or claim to believe! This secretive organization holds meetings once a year, drawing together roughly 130 of the world's "elite": Bankers such as David Rockefeller, Monarchs such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, central bankers, oil executives, like the ones who screwed up the entire eco-system of America's Gulf for centuries, and perhaps beyond! Allegedly, Bilderberg is not a conspiracy, though it sure as hell looks like one! Nevertheless, in the firm belief that most of the residents of our tortured planet are morons, they like to cover up their earlier mistakes, and use a giant vacuum cleaner to make believe that they have actually helped the people of our earth to survive - well not all of them, but at least those whom Germany's Adolf Hitler wanted to survive: If you WILL follow my orders! So while the "elite" get together to "increase the chance of supposedly having a 'sensible' global policy', to bring about "a single community throughout the world", YEAH, RIGHT! After they have trained their idiot stooges, who have claimed to be our "leaders", like that so-called president Obama, I definitely don't trust them any more. Back again to my original thought: Yes, we do need to save our planet, but NOT because of these so-called Bilderbergs! Global Research, an honest news and information media, says they have no bankers, Rockefellers, Kings or Queens, Rothchilds or others as members, and even the CIA was not kind enough to fund globalresearch, as the Bilderberg Group did for the first several years. In other words, there is no-one out there who feels that the fate of humanity is important.

Kadhafi Criticizes President Obama on Libya War!

In his letter to the US Congress Kadhafi has written to praise its criticism of Obama's NATO raids on Libya! Kadhafi comments on the growing debate among legislators over whether Obama has usurped his constitutional authority by committing US forces to the current conflict without the authorization of lawmakers. The Libyan ruler has watched the growing debate among legislators with "great interest", and continues: "Libya is counting on the US Congress for its continued investigation of the military activities of NATO and its "allies", in action which has already killed over 700 Libyan civilians. Such unauthorized intervention is inappropriate, and illegal interference in what is essentially a Libyan civil war. We therefore urge a ceasefire, and the funding of humanitarian relief and assistance in fostering and furthering accommodation between the internal parties within Libya, that are currently at odds with each other. Kadhafi said his government, which has been plagued by defections under the escalating NATO assault, is ready to sit down with opposition figures in peace talks led by the United States in order to stop any further destruction. Note: The White House has been under rising pressure from congressional critics demanding "details" about US goals in Libya, and questioning the likely costs and duration of the campaign: The House of Representatives last week passed a symbolic resolution chiding Obama for not seeking congressional approval for US involvement, and giving him until June 17 to answer those questions, and MORE!

John Pilger: The War You Don't See!

If you are looking for a reporter who is completely honest, you need to peruse John Pilger's outstanding work: Recently, his film on war and the media: "The War You Don't See" was banned, and there were even credible threats against his life! Nevertheless, John, as a good journalist, was driven to challenge the banning of his outstanding work, in which US and British broadcasters describe the often hidden part played by the media in the promotion of war, notably in Iraq and Afghanistan. The film has been widely acclaimed in the UK and Australia. If you want to see the trailer and reviews, go to his web site: www.johnpilger.com/. The banning and cancellation were on the personal orders of Patrick Lannan, whose wealth funds the Lannan Foundation, as a valuable supporter of liberal causes. Indeed, John Pilger was invited in 2002 to present a "Lannan Award" to the broadcaster Amy Goodman. The deeply disturbing aspects of the ban is that it happened so suddenly and inexplicably: 48 hours earlier, before David Barsamian and John Pilger were due to depart for Santa Fe, John received a brief e-mail with a 'sorry for the inconvenience' from a Lannan official, who had been telling John just a few days earlier what a 'great honor' it was to have the US premiere of John's film at Lannan, with Pilger himself in attendance.