America's "War on Terrorism" ?

The news reports never mentioned that Al-Zarqawi was recruited by our "own" CIA to fight in the Soviet-Afghan war, as acknowledged by Secretary Colin Powell in his presentation to the UN Security Council on 5 February 2003. Moreover, US intelligence has provided covert support to the Islamic militant network consistently for more than 20 years. In fact, the US is the largest producer of "Weapons of Mass Destruction", with a defense budget of more than 400 billion dollars a year.
Now you understand why America is broke, and our people are lining up on bread lines to feed themselves and their families, while our new president is pushing more troops into Afghanistan. CHANGE??? We have seen this shit before. I will grant you that our new president is better than "Nuuqular" W. Bush, but Obama is following the same old line of government deception, creating and expanding a war where there was none, inviting a cultural clash with the entire Islamic world, taking our money, and throwing it away!!
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