EU Delegation Urges Trial of Israeli War Criminals!

A high ranking European parliamentary delegation in the Gaza Strip has called for the prosecution of Israeli officials over war crimes in that territory. The delegation, which includes 60 parliament members from 12 European countries, crossed into the Palestinian Gaza Strip on Friday afternoon. Sir Gerald Kauffim, a member of the British Labor Party, who headed the international delegation, called for the European Parliament to urge an ending to the illegal Israeli siege.
He also called for the prosecution of Israeli officials who had authorized the use of white phosphorous bombs." Their use is considered to be illegal by the more civilized nations in our world.
When I served as the American Advisory Team Leader in the so-called "Iron Triangle" on a very dangerous mission near Trung Lap, I used one round of White Phosphorous ammunition only as "artillery marker" rounds to ensure that our artillery ammunition were accurately on target, but I limited their use to only one round, while the Israeli commanders appear to have used them in huge quantities. You see, White Phosphorous will continue to burn long after it hits the designated target, even through metal, and their use against civilians will produce extremely brutal and painful flesh wounds.