Slow death for Iraqis and our Army

Guardsman Gerard Darren Matthew has tested positive for uranium contamination, but five weeks later, he was told by officials in Fort Dix, that there was no record of any urine specimen from him. Because of his exposure to depleted uranium, his baby girl Victoria Claudette, born June 29, is missing three fingers, and most of her right hand. There had been no history of birth defects in either his, or his wife's family. Matthew still has constant migraine headaches, blurred vision, blackouts, and a burning sensation whenever he urinates.

Ammunition manufactured with depleted uranium emits toxic gases, when passing through a gun barrel. There is no apparent or logical reason for the use of depleted uranium ammunition, unless it is the convenient disposal of a toxic substance. It's slight advantage in armor penetration is a very poor reason for the certain contamination of our soldiers' internal organs.

I was in charge of the tank gunnery range 45 in Grafenwoehr, Germany in 1966, and can vouch that the standard armor pentrating ammuniion, even then, was more than adequate.