Patrick Buchanan: It's Pitchfork Time!

President Obama is gearing up for a fight on his budget. You see, his "employee" Tim Geithner is clueless about how to save the banks, and the Obama budget portends disaster for our republic. His budget calls for the radical restructuring of the US economy, a sweeping redistribution of power and wealth to government and Democratic constituencies. He has essentially declared war against the Right! Barack really has no mandate for his declaration of war. Republicans are under NO obligation to render bipartisan support to what is essentially Obama's coup d'etat, but Obama opted for a leftist power grab. Instead of government consuming 21% of our GDP, his budged will spend 28% in 2009 and run a deficit of $1.75 trillion, or 12.7% of GDP. This is four times the largest deficit of George W. Bush, and twice as large a share of the economy as any deficit since World War II. Add that 28% to the 12% spent by the states, counties and cities, and government will consume 40% of the entire economy in 2009. We are not "headed down the road to socialism". WE ARE THERE!!!.

Beating our Swords into Ploughshares!

Let us beat swords into Plowshares! The statue to your left in this posting was created by the Russian Sculptor Yevgeny Victorovich Vuchetich, and it has graced the United Nations garden since 1957. Vuchetich was a Montenegran Serb, born in what is now Dnipropetrovsk, in the Ukraine. Look him up by clicking on the title of this post!

Obama has done something right! We shall soon be discussing a US plan to cancel an antimissile system in Europe if Russia helps prevent Iran from developing long-range weapons.

Russia has always suspected that our 10 interceptor missiles in Poland, and a related radar installation in the Czech Republic, was pointed at Russia's strategic capability.

President Medvedev said Moscow shares US concerns about Iran and nuclear proliferation.