Europe wants Peace

The rumors of discord between France and Germany are greatly exaggerated: See the leaders of both countries in this photo, and tell me with a straight face that they don't like each other! (Comments from Republican politicians excepted).

Europe has now become truly a sovereign entity, and even George Bush, with all of his sophisticated weapons and barely camouflaged bullshit has very little influence here. "Old" Europe is what George the adolescent imitator of truly great men, who have brought respect and even awe to the presidency, calls it. It may be old, though not quite as old as the Gospels, to which George pays lip service, while he violates all of the teachings of Jesus, whom he falsely claims to follow.

Time to drink a toast to peace with some fine "Moet White Star", produced entirely in "old" Europe, not the undeveloped shitholes which our boy George mistakenly calls "new" Europe.