Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from those Fighting It.

As you read this report, close to 92,000 'classified' documents pertaining to the war in Afghanistan have been leaked on the internet: Never before has it been possible to compare the realities on the battlefield against the propaganda spewed by the US government. Britain's Guardian newspaper, the New York Times, and Spiegel have all compared the data with independent reports. All three media sources have concluded that the documents are authentic and provide an unvarnished image of the war in Afghanistan, from the perspective of the soldiers who are fighting in that conflict. Calls for a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan can not be far behind - even in America.
Last week, representatives from more than 70 nations and organizations met in Kabul for the Afghanistan conference, to ensure President Hamid Karzai that his country would eventually be in a position to guarantee security using its own soldiers and police, but such shows of optimism seem cynical in light of the realities on the battlefield: Nearly nine years after the start of that war, they at best, paint a gloomy picture. Afghan security forces are portrayed as the hapless victims of Taliban attacks, and even in northern Afghanistan, where German troops are stationed, the situation is becoming increasingly perilous - the number of warnings about possible Taliban in the region - fueled by support from Pakistan, has increased dramatically!!


Our NEW Corporate Police State: "Ever heard of 'deep packet' inspection??

Our government, which has now assumed the format of a "police state", is now busy in helping you from treading beyond the narrow path - past the standard pablum provided to us by moronic television talking heads, and the few newspapers and/or magazines which persist in feeding you the sickening lies which our "elected" government believes is in "your", (read "their interest" to keep you from surfing the web in order to seek your "own" enlightenment about their fast and loose wonders which "they" just "know" YOU want to hear, so that you are now motivated to run to your nearby Army, Marine, or Airforce recruiter in order to tell the rest of our world how to behave. The secret world of "cyber situational awareness" is now "their wet dream" on how to run the rest of our world. Would you bet your life that the wizards of misdirection and deception care that you are really more than a disembodied data point? From their lofty perch, our internet service providers play as intermediaries and gate keepers, collecting and analyzing the online communications of tens of millions of internet users. Still, the illusion persists that communication technologies are somewhat neutral. Whom are they REALLY trying to kid? Please click on my headline to read Tom Burghart's important message about our "Hi-Tech" Corporate Police State"!


Wikileaks Exposes America's Dirty Laundry

There is never a lack of an audience for "our" promoters of "alternate realities". Julian Assange is one of those rare people who wants our United States to make certain that Obama's awesome undeserved power is no longer used to ensure that our government brings evil to a fragile world: He believes that our US citizens have a right to know how our power is used. There is a need for people like him to enlighten our citizens, who are victimized by being bombarded with alternate realities: Whether most people REALLY want to know about the ravings of the maniacs within our government, is up for debate, but at least they are now told what passes for the truth these days. Glenn Beck is a charlatan who preaches an alternate reality that affirms the untested prejudicial assumptions and feelings of millions of Americans, while Julian is a real truth-teller who shatters assumptions, calls into question feelings, and would force us to look at the historically objective information that best represents how things REALLY are: He stands up and speaks truth to power, but, as Noam Chomsky once pointed out: POWER ALREADY KNOWS THE TRUTH!!


Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal a"Profound Hatred for Democracy on the Part of Our Political Leadership"

Noam Chomsky is, and has always been, our nation's conscience. In an interview with Amy Goodman, a woman whom he trusts to represent our national dilemma honestly. At the beginning of his interview, she reminded her audience of Noam's significant contribution to the morality of our great nation. He is not only the author of over a hundred books including his latest: "Hopes and Prospects". Forty years ago, Noam and Howard Zinn helped government whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg edit and release the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret US history of the Vietnam War. Noam mentioned to Amy that: "Dan and I were friends. Tony Russo prepared them and helped to leak them. After he received advance copies from Dan and Tony, there were several people who were releasing them to the press. Noam stresses that he did not modify anything about the contents, but ensured that the contents were in their original form. He also helped to prepare a fifth volume, featuring critical essays by many scholars, about the meaning of these contents, and their significance. Please click on my headline to read the full information about the trials and tribulations of Noam Chomsky, perhaps the only man who still troubles the conscience of our great nation!


Gerhard Schroeder: President George W.Bush Lied in his Memoirs

Yes sport fans: In his book "Decision Points", Mr. Bush writes that he told Mr. Schroeder in an Oval Office meeting on 31st January 2002 that he was determined to make diplomacy work, but he would invade Iraq if all else failed. He quotes Mr. Schroeder as saying: "What is true of Afghanistan is true of Iraq. Nations that sponsor terror must face consequences. If you make it fast and make it decisive, I will be with you." Mr.Schroeder responded to Mr. Bush's claims, accusing him of "not telling the truth". In a statement, he confirmed that he would "stand reliably on the side of the US" if it was confirmed that Iraq was sheltering those responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks, "but this link, as it became clear during 2002, was false and contrived. This goes for the reasons for the invasion given by Bush, and then vice-president Dick Cheney too.
"As we know today, the Bush administration's reasons for the Iraq war were based on lies."
The reaction of former Schroeder aides was scathing. "We noticed that the intellectual reach of the president of the most important nation at the time was exceptionally low", said Uwe-Karsten Heye, Mr. Schroeder's spokesman at the time he told German news channel N24.

You'll Never Walk Alone, but 47 Percent of Military Families want their men back home!

Amputations among those serving in Afghanistan are "skyrocketing". Through September 23 of this year, 77 service members in Afghanistan had to have an extremity cut off, usually because of a mine explosion, planted by those who want us out of THEIR country. It is my considered opinion that those who sent our men (and women) over there, are safely in their fat government jobs somewhere in Washington, surrounded by heavily armed body-guards. I know a little about mines, from the time I served as Advisory Team Leader to a Vietnamese Battalion near Trung Lap, in the heart of the "Iron Triangle" of Vietnam. There was a dirt road from Trung Lap toward the paved highway leading to the American 25th Infantry Division. Once a week, I had to load my cargo of rats into my jeep trailer, and bring them to the American Surgeon in the 25th Division. He would gas most of these, and have his medics comb their fur for flees, so that his team could control any outbreaks of bubonic plague in my area. Before I began my lonely journey, I would drink at least a six-pack of American beer, so that I would not feel the pain of a mine explosion. The Vietcong would lay their mines in the middle of my road, have a few of their water-buffalo defecate on them, and then spike the feces with nails, which would trigger the mine detectors of the American mine clearing team. Fortunately, I returned from Vietnam with all of my limbs, but I also worked with an American Infantry unit in a nearby village, where we were inserted by helicopters. Just before we exited the open doors, I noticed little green trip-wires near our entry. The American Lieutenant was rearing to go, but I grabbed him in the back of his fatigues, with the words: Do you remember the song: "You'll never walk alone? Well, if you or your men start rushing out of this helicopter without me, I am here to tell you, that you and your men will definitely be walking alone." The good news was that they saw the sense of my warning, and followed closely in my footsteps.


47 Percent of Military Families Want Troops Brought Home!

Yes indeed, sport fans: It's over, except for the whining by our CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). YES, I know full well about the bastards with whom I am dealing here: When I served as Intelligence Operations Officer of our 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, one of the CIA operatives asked me to become an agent for our "government" in East Germany. With the advice of my boss, Colonel Aantero Aakkula, a former Finnish officer, I turned him down: According to the colonel, and my friend and adviser, I would have been abandoned by "our" CIA - Central Intelligence Agency, the minute I would have set my feet on East German soil. Good news for our families wanting their troops brought home from Afghanistan: "Every day, more and more people are willing to state the obvious: The Afghanistan war isn't making us safer, and it's not worth the cost: Obama, our faux "president" knows very well that "the jig is up"- in other words, it's all over but the crying! Military families have become painfully aware that isn't making us safer. In other words: "Mr. President - its all over, and only the massive defense contracts by the handlers who put you into power will rue this day". GET USED TO IT.


Russia and NATO - Cooperation or Confrontation??

The results of the NATO summit were as predictable as a Soviet Communist Party congress, but in this instance, the word "peace" was replaced by war! Not a single word about the United Nations or peacekeeping. In deference to Russia, the only mention of eastern expansion involved the "new" Strategic Doctrine, replacing the more modest Euro-centric 1999 model, reaffirming US control of the foreign policy of what the war monger Zbigniew Brzezinski calls its "vassal states". France's new defense minister, Alain Juppe, openly said the Afghan conflict was a trap, and, at least in my opinion, as I have witnessed so often in cheap western movies: "White man speak truth." NATO now needs a plan for a 30 or 40 year role, but it is EXTREMELY unlikely that those who have always inhabited that unfortunate country are going to agree!! On the sidelines, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev told United States President Barack "Hussein" Obama that he was ready to cooperate on missile defense, but only in a full-fledged strategic partnership between Russia and NATO, while Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai told an unresponsive Obama that he should scale back military operations and night raidsthat inflict heavy civilian casualties.