Obama Talks Tough About Afghanistan: Reality Check!

It was the Surge That Failed
Here is the reality of what is happening in Afghanistan, as reported by a man who knows the area intimately.
Decades from now, Obama will begin to realize that more troops merely mean more targets for Taliban fighters and suicide bombers, and a never-ending cycle of a rising civilian and our military's death toll and no jobs, no hope for the people who live in that desolate country.
War without end, war without hope of victory.
Don't vote for Obama - He has no idea what is going on in this world.
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Iran Helped on al-Qaida

We OWE this man! After the 9/11 attack, Iran rounded up hundreds of Arabs who had crossed the border from Afghanistan, expelled many of them and made copies of nearly 300 of their passports, a former Bush administration official said Tuesday.

Copies were sent to Kofi Anan, who passed them on to the United States, while U.S. interrogators were given a chance by Iran to question some of the detainees.

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