Russian Intelligence Chief Says Al-Qaeda a Myth!!

In their posting of March 21, 2oo5, Leonard Shebarshin, former head of the Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service, claims that the US pretext of fighting "international terrorism" is merely a pretext to further US control over our world's oil reserves.
Using the false pretext of anti-terrorism, a despicable parade of rogue "US presidents" have deliberately lied to the citizens of our United States, and the entire world, in the vain hope that they will not be caught in this despicable charade.
Their anti-terrorist hoax has so far been a cover to occupy Afghanistan, Iraq, and will soon be used to impose a "democratic order" on the Greater Middle East.
Referring to his meeting with an unnamed "al-Qaeda expert " at the Rand Corporation, a "nonprofit" research organization in the US, Shebarshin said: "We have agreed that al-Qaeda is NOT a group, but a notion.
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