Henry Maow Ph D: Both Hitler and Borman Were German Traitors

Martin Borman, the man who signed Hitler's paycheck, was actually a Soviet Spy. General Reinhard Gehlen, chief of German intelligence gathering for the fight against Russia, says in his memoirs, that he and Admiral Canaris, head of German Intelligence, suspected that there was a traitor in the German Supreme Command. Both had noticed that the Soviets were receiving "rapid and detailed information on top level decision-making. Both suspected Martin Borman, the Deputy Fuehrer, and head of the NAZI party. Their suspicions were confirmed, when they found out that Borman and his group were operating an unsupervised radio transmitter network, and using it to send coded messages to Moscow. When OKW monitors reported this, Canaris demanded an investigation, but word came back that Hitler himself had emphatically forbidden any intervention: He had been informed in advance of these "Funkspiele", meaning "fake radio messages", and he had approved them. Despite the fact that vital information continued to leak, Gehlen and Canaris left it at that. Neither of us was in a position to denounce Bohrmann with any process of success. In his book: "Hitler's Traitor", Louis Kilzer estimated that Borman was worth fifty divisions to the Soviets! After the war, Gehlen, who headed the "West German Intelligence Agency", was able to confirm Bormann's treason! (This sounds a lot like our failure to interrogate the head of Silverstein Properties, Inc., one of the most "respected real estate development and investment development firms nationwide". Yeah, right!!!!) One word of advice: Easy is the descent into hell, sed vocare gradium, et evadere et auras, hoc opus, sed labor est!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: End The War Against Libya!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is about to introduce a bill to end the war in Libya, based on the War Powers Resolution, when Congress returns on May 23, 2011. Today he made the following statement after the New York Times reported that "the Obama legal team is now trying to come up with a plausible theory for our continued participation by the United States, which does NOT violate the law." "The same legal minds which brought us the twisted logic that war against Libya did not require Congressional authorization because it was in our vital national interest,, and that it is 'not really a war' because it is a "humanitarian intervention", are now searching for a legal loophole to extend the war, said Kucinich. According to the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the President must terminate military operations within 60 days of submitting a report informing Congress of the military intervention, unless formal war is declared. The deadline for complying with this provision of the War Powers Resolution is May 20, 2011. "Instead of applying the rule of law as it was intended, the Obama 'legal team' is reportedly trying to distort the US role in Libya to justify a continuation of our involvement absent a Congressional authorization, in violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which places the power to declare or authorize war solely with Congress!

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The West Is Trapped In Its Own Propaganda!

Dr. Roberts has compared Hillary Clinton's remarks with the lack of "democracy" and human rights in China. Her statements remind us of an illiterate speaker, a woman whose words merely are like a pot, calling the kettle black! Surely she has heard about Abu Graib, Guantanamo detainees, CIA secret torture prisons sprinkled throughout the world, our invasion and destruction of Iraq based merely on lies and deceptions, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. Surely her host was aware, that though she demonized China, she turned a blind eye to Israel, Mubarak, Bahrain and the Saudis! Though China's record is not perfect, is it really that bad? Why wasn't the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs criticizing America's human rights abuses and rigged elections? Why does China mind its own business, but we don't? None of the other interviewees or guests thought that Hilary had made a good decision, but even the Chinese guests were not free from the common mindset that frames every issue from the standard by which the rest of our world must be judged. Currently, the "west" can see itself only through the eyes of its own propaganda. As the BBC program was being broadcast, Greeks had again taken to the streets to protest the costs of the bailout of the banks and Wall Street - the rich being imposed on ordinary people at the expense of their lives and aspirations, and the Irish government announcement that it was going to confiscate with a tax, part of the Irish people's pension accumulations.


Who's Been Brainwashed? You've been Brainwashed: Gaddafi is a Libyan Hero!

Forty years into his revolution, Muammar Gaddafi has announced plans to dismantle the "Government" , hand its richest from Africa's largest oil reserves to the people, and nationalize foreign oil operations that have recently been allowed back into the country. "The administration has failed, and the state economy has failed. Enough is enough!" To end the corruption that has sapped the vast oil wealth, bundles of cash should be delivered to the poor, and three quarters of the ministries should cease to exist, and the workers should run hospitals and schools. The announcement has left diplomats and the 40 overseas oil companies operating in the country on edge. Colonel Gaddafi, once derided as a "Mad Dog", is basking in a new-found "friendship" with the West, but anything is possible in a land that reflects the quixotic nature of its leader. Across the country, from the smallest desert oasis to campuses and state companies, thousands of people are taking up his proposals at official public gatherings. Never before have the annual Libya's Basic People Congresses - in effect the country's top executive and legislative bodies - been invited to consider such reform!

David Icke: The Zionist Elephant in the Room

The "political" creed of Zionism stampedes through our lives at every level: Based on my military background, I believe it has created a "pincer movement" to destroy the human mind by hijacking enormous amounts of political, corporate, banking and media power on one side, and by using the fear of being called 'anti-Semitic' if you dare to state the bleeding obvious. Their tribe has been able to do this by our fear of being called 'anti-Semitic' if you dare to mention the obvious. Taunting us by "equating Zionism" with racism is one of their most useful arguments, but they are not the same by a long shot: Zionism is a political creed introduced by the House of Rothschild to advance the goals of the Illuminati families which are largely controlled by the Rothschilds. When we see the extraordinary number of "Zionists" in key positions around the world, we are really looking at manipulating Zionists, representing the interests and demands of the Rothschilds. Obama's vice president, Joe Biden has bluntly told Israeli television: "I am a Zionist". Far from protecting and advancing the interests of the Jewish people, that terminology has often been devastating for them, and caused millions of Jews to be labelled unfairly!

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The West is Trapped in its Own Propaganda

The "mainstream" media featured a program by the BBC World Service. I startled the program's host by when I compared Hilary's remarks to "the pot calling the kettle black". The British host hurriedly rushed to America's defense. Surely he had heard of Abu Graib, Guantanamo detainees, CIA secret torture prisons sprinkled around our world, our invasion and destruction of Iraq based on lies and deceptions, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. Surely he was aware of Hilary's hypocrisy as she demonized China, but turned a blind eye to Israel, Mubarak, Bahrein and the Saudis. Though China's record is not perfect, is it therefore completely bad? Why hasn't the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs criticized America, including our human rights abuses and rigged elections? Why is it that China minds its own business, and we don't? What has happened to the West is that it can see itself and others only through the eyes of its own propaganda! There was a great deal of talk about China's lack of "democracy". As the BBC program was being broadcast, the news intruded that Greeks had once again taken to the streets to protest the costs of the bailout of banks and Wall Street - the rich being imposed on ordinary people at the expense of their lives and aspirations!


Felicity Arbuthnot:Glaring Anomalies in the "Official Version" of Osama bin Laden's Death!

Rumors of Osama bin Laden's death have been greatly exaggerated. It seems that President Obama spread those unsubstantiated messages in the hope of rescuing his failed presidency. As the bin Laden saga unravels, electoral suicide may be unavoidable: A desperate president quickly claimed responsibility. Among others, our professional news media was forced to spread these obvious lies. I could see the agony written on their faces, as they read the false "news" story on their teleprompters! However, as the real bin Laden saga unravels, electoral suicide may yet be unavoidable. That the president quickly claimed responsibility may have been a major mistake, but considering the totality of his other mistakes, not entirely unexpected. Ironically, the 1st of May also saw the killing of Colonel Qaddaffi's son and three young grandchildren, as well as the day America celebrates "Law Day", an aspiration which might have passed its "sell day", some might think. A glaring anomaly mentioned by others is the fact that Pakistani officials said there were neither internet or telephone connections to the home where bin Laden's family and others resided, but our "media" claimed it was a "Command and Control Center." None of our "professional" media seemed to have picked up on that apparent anomaly!


Antifascist Calling: America's Secret Domestic Spying Appparatus!

Despite Obama's last week's circus about the so-called death of Osama bin Laden, there has bin an uptick in domestic spying. Never mind that the "administration" is engaged in a war against whistle-blowers, or is systematically targeting antiwar and solidarity activists with trumped-up charges connected to "material support of terrorism", as last Fall's multi-state raids on anarchists and socialists in Chicago and Minneapolis attest. In order to their best to "keep us safe", Team Obama is busily building on the criminal legacy bequeathed by the Bush regime, and the right to assassinate American citizens "without a whiff of due process", as Salon's Glenn Greenwald points out. According to a new Justice Department report submitted to Congress, we learn that "during calender year 2010, the Government made 1,579 applications to (FISK), the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, for "authority to conduct electronic surveillance and/or physical searches" on what US "security agencies" allege, are "for foreign intelligence purposes." The April 29 missive, released under the Freedom of Information Act, documents the persistence of our internal security apparat's targeting of domestic political opponents, under color of rooting out "terrorists." Having fun already? You may be next on our government's list!!


Dump Mealy-Mouthed Obama: Go for the Trump Card!

First of all, let me tell you about my experience as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam in a tiny village of Mountain Tribesmen. My medic was black, and he and I became the very best of friends. He did, however, have one short-coming. There was a tiny chicken, barely four inches long, which he dosed so consistently with tetracycline, that it grew larger and larger, but on one morning it just disappeared. When I tried to console my brave medic, telling him that his pet would ultimately show up, he cried through his tears: "NO SIR, I think they done packed rice around its hips!" Since I needed my medic very badly, what with all the AK-47 gun-shot wounds we experienced, I decided to drive him a few miles to the Town of Kontum, where I knew an Dr. Patricia Smith, an American doctor, who treated the Mountain Tribesmen(called Montagnards) in our area. She almost lost her life during the 1968 attack on Kontum, but continued her work until 1972, when she again had to run for her life during another attack. The indomitable, blunt-talking woman , whom the Montagnards called "ya pogang tih" (big grandmother of medicine) In addition to her many other difficult duties, she treated the dogs in the area, and many Advisory Teams were grateful to have a noisemaker on their side, who would raise the alarm, before our NVA enemies came too close to our outside defensive wire. My medic was once again happy, and so was I. NUFF said: My medic perked up again, and so was I. VOTE For Trump, if he decides to run. As a man who knows how to restore our country to health, he's my man!

Inciting the Anger of Muslims over the Death of Osama Bin Laden!

A statement reportedly coming from a son of Osama bin Laden, denounced the al Qaeda leader's killing as "criminal", and said that his burial at sea humiliated his family. He said that "We hold the American President legally responsible to clarify the fate of our vanished father", the SITE Intelligence Group said. Omar bin Laden, who has been based in the Gulf in recent years, did not immediately respond. In part, the letter said that we hold the American President legally responsible to clarify the death of our father. The letter said the US administration had offered NO PROOF to back up its account of the mission. It alleged the goal of their raid had been to kill, and not arrest, adding afterward that the American commandos had rushed to dispose of the body. Questions have multiplied, since the White House said the al Qaeda leader was unarmed when US helicopter-borne commandos raided the villa where he was hiding. Bin Laden's swift burial at sea, in what Muslims say was a violation of Islamic custom, has also stirred the anger of many Muslims!

Noam Chomsky: The Dice Are Stacked Against Humanity!

Noam Chomsky, whom I believe to be the "great white father" of a struggling humanity, relates a debate that took place some years ago between Carl Sagan, the well-known astrophysicist, and Ernst Mayr, "the grand old man" of American biology. Both men were debating the possibility of finding intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Sagan, speaking from his view as an astro- physicist, pointed out that there are innumerable planets just like ours. There is no reason they shouldn't have developed intelligent life. Mayr, from the point of view of a biologist, argued that it's very unlikely that we'll find any. His reason was, he said, that we have only one example: Earth. So let's take a look at earth: What he basically argued is that intelligence is a kind of "lethal mutation". Chomsky says he had a good argument, since he pointed out that if you take a look at biological success, which is measured by how many of us are there. The organisms that do quite well are those who mutate very quickly, such as bacteria, or those which are stuck in a fixed ecological niche, like beetles. These may survive the various environmental crises, but as you go up the scale of so-called "intelligence", they are less and less successful. By the time you get to mammals, there are very few of them, as compared to insects. The survivability of humans, whose origin may be 100,000 years ago, there is only a very small group: Though we presently see a lot of humans around us, these have developed in a span of a few thousand years. The average life span of a species, of the billions which have existed, is about 100,000 years. If nothing significant is done about it, and pretty quickly, human intelligence will survive, but it will be scattered, and we will take a lot of the rest of the living world with us!


NATO Escalation in the Bombing Campaign: "Boots on the Ground"

On May 7, 2011, a total of 5510 sorties had been flown since March 31st, NOT including the strike sorties from the 19th to the 30th of March. From these sorties, only 2204 were classified as "strike sorties", undertaken from the 19th to the 30th of March. Out of 5510 sorties, 2204 are classified as "strike sorties", involving the bombing of one or more targets. NATO identifies only a few of the targets out of several thousand "strike targets." There is evidence that NATO is also striking civilian targets including government buildings and residential areas. According to NATO, a total of 20 ships under NATO command are actively patrolling the Central Mediterranean. Meanwhile, there are confirmed reports of foreign troops on the ground. NATO has acknowledged the presence of 20 British, 10 French, and 10 Italian Special Forces. Other reports suggest that the number of foreign troops and intelligence operatives are larger than those which are being reported. In mid-April, Britain sent in military advisers. US intelligence operatives were already deployed: "This deployment is fully within the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, both in respect of civilian protection and its provision expressly ruling out a foreign occupation force on Libyan soil," British Foreign Secretary William Hague said. "Our officers will not be involved in training or arming the opposition's fighting!

The Ghosts of September 11: Proof that "our President" is Lying

There is, indeed, a very reliable way to tell whether Obama is lying to America: His lips will be moving. First, he told his gullible audience that he had "personally" interrogated underage criminal suspects, that it had been four days since since the P.T. Barnum proclamation of the death of Osama bin Laden. "President" Obama's account of that adventure had less than zero credibility from the outset, and continued to fray and wear thin as each day passed. First, bin Laden was shooting, then he wasn't. Now, to cover up his threadbare account, no pictures could be released. Ridiculous arguments on CNN, by House members, fearful that releasing pictures would inflame and invite "retaliation", flatly contradict what every soldier who served with me in Vietnam would say: "Release the damn pictures." However, as with the credulous story about 9-11, there was no substance at all to the president's threadbare tale. Let's start with what I consider the most obvious proof that the Obama administration is lying: It comes from a world-class microbiologist, who runs the world's largest human genome sequencing facility, and has worked with the absolutely best genome scientists from the military, academia, medicine, and industry from around the world.


Obama's Disgusting Performance On Our Television Set!

So far, I have had to endure many idiotic "Sixty Minutes" Programs on my Television Set, but the most recent one was so disgusting, that I had to puke for several minutes over my toilet bowl: NO, Osama bin Laden has not been resurrected after his so-called life of crime, but neither have I: As the Advisory Team Leader of two Advisory Teams, I have definitely seen more violence than Obama in his short, and entirely eventful life, and lying to the entire population of Americans has not really improved his performance for those who believe very strongly in the willingness of American soldiers to bear the burden of our sons and daughters: North of Kontum, in my first assignment, my team and I were reduced to eating MERC (unfit food, even for the members of my team) because the alternative was the "under the payment" table for my idiotic Major, (Major Dixon), who would have fed us, had we subscribed to his "meals on delivery" helicopter program. During each and every operation, we starved ourselves, in order not to knuckle under to his threats. On the upside, I ordered him not to drop any more 12"x12 x 18" cartons of cigarettes, and that was one of the reasons I gave up smoking. Obama, our current "President", is merely a moron who was apparently sponsored in his job by evil forces, who want to destroy the entire United States. May you get out of this forelorn country, while the going is still good!

Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden's Death

Noam Chomsky is by far my favorite commentator about world events. First of all, he is an extremely humane person, who has always sought to help those who value and treasure the sanctity of human life: About the Osama bin Laden "adventure", he cautions "our" president, who 'desperately' needed Osama's death, whether real or faked. Based on my experience as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, I honestly believe that the whole story, from its macabre beginning to its 'unhappy end' was faked, in order assure Obama's questionable re-election! There appears to have been no attempt to apprehend the unarmed victim, as presumably could have been done by 80 commandos facing virtually no opposition, except, they claim, from his wife, who lunged towards them. In societies that 'profess' some respect for law, suspects are apprehended and brought to a fair trial. I stress "suspects". In April of 2002, the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, informed the press that after the most intensive investigation in history, the FBI could only say no more than that it "believed" that the plot was hatched in Afghanistan, though implemented in the UAE and Germany. What they only 'believed' in April 2002, they obviously did not "know" 8 months earlier, when Washington dismissed tentative offers by the Taliban, to extradite bin Laden if they were presented with even 'questionable' evidence - which, as we soon learned - Washington didn't have! Thus, Obama was simply lying when he said in his White House statement, that "we quickly learned that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by al Qaeda." WRONG AGAIN! In fact, they were carried out by Siverstein, the Jewish owner of all of these buildings, who was too cheap to pay a company to strip the dangerous asbestos from the buildings which he owned! Check on the web for videos on 9/11, which tell the whole sordid story.