What a Taliban Triumph and US Defeat Would Mean for America

Patrick J. Buchanon, one of the increasingly few conservative supporters of President Obama has enlightened us with his well-considered verdict about our president's proposed "surge" in Afghanistan: America is deepening her involvement in a war in its ninth year, with no end in sight. As a former advisory team leader in Vietnam, who had the honor of dodging quite a few "enemy" bullets and mortar rounds, I was glued to my television when "our" president made his startling announcement after he had promised those who had the foolishness to vote for him, that he would be somehow different, than the others, who have betrayed our great country.

It seems there are only lies, damned lies, and the worthless promises of politicians, and the voters who are foolishly trust these conniving politicians do not care one bit about our great country, or the welfare of our foolish and trusting citizenry, who actually believe the outrageous lies of our thieving politicians.

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