Preston James, PhD: The Beast!

It's big, it's bad, and it's claimed to be biological human super brain, interfaced with the world's most powerful 3D computer chips. At least this is what information has been leaking out from informed sources, and you thought the people running the world, were the most criminal sociopaths imaginable. The beast sets a whole new standard. Just wait until you find out "what" is really running things at the highest level of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). Those who built it and use it refer to "it" as "The Beast". And yes, it can "it", and despite what some on the inside may claim, the Beat is not a person, but instead of it's creators being in charge of it, it is rumored to have artfully and craftily gained control over them, now using them to manipulate society, according to its own super logic. It's solutions that have been implement, and are now being implemented, are creating so many serious complications that must be relied upon, even more to help those who run American Society cope. This appears to be an ever deepening rabbit hole, a big trap, that is taking America to destruction, unless it is stopped cold. Ever wonder why recent Congressional Laws, USG policies and Executive Orders seem for foreign and un American. It's probably because they are being conceived by the SSG's huge underground computer system, the beast, which is allegedly claimed to be an artificially grown human super brain, interfaced with the world's largest arrays of "3D" computer chips ever assembled. Is the beast running all USG Policy? It has been rumored that the beast runs numerous parallel simulations of American Society, and every other society of the world, including their intel, defense, governments, and populaces. Because any information we have is all based on leaks and rumors, that are "highly possible", one cannot refer to actual evidence of its existence at this time, including any location, who may have built it, or runs it, or whether it exists as described by such rumors. The best anyone can do right now, unless they are in the inside, deep within the Secret Shadow Government, with access to this alleged project, is to create a picture from all the open sourced intell available and the various rumors. If one wanted to make an educated guess, who built it, one would want to examine all the world's top computer experts, and see who dropped off the scene in the last ten years or so, or who suddenly stopped talking.

By Juan Gonzalez and Matthew Fox: Former Catholic

Priest on "The Pope's War"and Clergy's Child Molestation. Juan Gonzalez: As Pope Benedict formally stepped down on Thursday, speculation mounts over who will become the next pope. On Wednesday, Pope Benedict bid an emotional farewell at his last general audience, saying he understood the gravity of his decision to become the first pontiff to resign in nearly 600 years. The 85 year old pope cited ill health, as the reasons for his departure. Addressing an estimated 150,000 supporters in St Peter's Square, Pope Benedict said he is resigning for the good of the church. In these past months, I have felt that my strength has decreased, and I have asked God, earnestly in prayer, to enlighten me and, with His light, make me take the right decision, not for my own good, but for the good of the church. I have taken this step in full awareness of its gravity and also its rarity. However, with a profound serenity of spirit. Loving the church also means having the courage to take difficult and anguished choices, always having in mind the good of the church and not oneself. I was deeply grateful for the understanding, support, and prayers of so many of you, not only here in Rome, but also around the world. The decision I have made, after much prayer, is the fruit of a serene trust in God's will, and a deep love of Christ's church. I will continue to accompany the church with my prayers, and I ask each of you to pray for me, and for the new pope. Pope Benedict's tenure was marked by several scandals, perhaps most notably his handling of sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, including allegations he ignored at least one case of abuse, while serving as a cardinal. Documents show in 1985, when he was known as Cardinal Ratzinger, he delayed efforts to defrock a priest convicted of molesting children. Meanwhile, last year he oversaw an assessment from the Vatican, that found the largest and most influential group of Catholic nuns in the United States had, quote, "serious doctrinal problems" because it had challenged the church's teachings on homosexuality and the male only priesthood, among other things. More recently, Italian news sources say an investigation by three cardinals, into leaked Vatican documents show rampant corruption in the Vatican ranks.   

Jim W. Dean: New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine!

This article did very well on Press TV. We jumped on it at VT, because we saw it's Mid East shattering implications, regarding the Zionist myth, biblical claims to Palestine. My readers know what I have always felt about a bunch of communist atheistic Jews claiming a God given right tyo anything, but this new genome study was written from a purely scientific approach . The study was covered internationally everywhere but in the US, surprise, surprise. All geopolitical implications below, are mine and not Dr Elhait's. The militant Zionists have already politicized it, by sending arch Zionist Dore Gold out to do a hit piece on this new work. Dore has handed me his head on a platter, and I will be serving it to you all on a follow up piece platter, with all the trimmings. You might want to get a good bottle of wine, to go with it. The real holocaust deniers have exposed themselves. On December 14, 2012, Dr Eran Elhait turned almost two generations of Jewish genome research upside down. But he went even further: The young Israeli American geneticist has charged former researchers with academic fraud, and he has the research to back it up! How could those eminent Jewish scientists before him have been so wrong? Easy, says Dr Elhait, "First these researchers decided what conclusions they wanted to find, and then they set off to find evidence to support it." I was not bashing Jewish scientists, What Elhait has described is a slam dunk fraud. But why? Why would Jews, who take such pride in the academic achievement, risk exposing themselves to a group deception, which was bound to be discovered later? Dr Elhait does not delve into the quicksand of the politics, but I will gladly do so. They perpetrated the fraud solely to support the bogus biblical claim to Palestine, which was anchored in their being a separate people. This distinguished them from all others, because they claimed a land title in their blood. They bet the farm on this DNA proof of purchase, a God given bar coded passport to the Palestine. Dr Elhait just erased the bar code. It was just stamped on anyway, because it was never in the blood. Why did they do it? The second half of the answer did not reveal in his research, that you had a bunch of atheist, communist Jews shoot their way into taking over the land, with the sole moral cover that 'God gave it us only'.           


Senior Editor Gordon DUFF: Hagel Confirmation Confounds America!

The US Senate approved Chuck Hagel as the next secretary of defense. "With America involved in multiple wars, Afghanistan, now in Mali, with America moving toward intervention in Syria, will defense one outlining real national interests and, just perhaps, more realistic limitations on American power, alter America's global strategy?" Moments ago it was announced that the US Senate, voting 58/41 along party lines, confirmed Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Four Republicans joined Democrats in supporting Hagel in a nomination battle, entirely based on the issue of American political subservience to Israel. All 12 Jewish senators voted to confirm Hagel! The two term Republican senator from Nebraska, now Secretary of Defense and first combat veteran ever to hold that position, has been outspoken in his independence from Israeli influence, at least by American standards. Earlier in the day, the Senate ended a Republican filibuster with a 71/27 vote, setting the stage for Hagel's confirmation. Among the Republican senators to cross the aisle, and support fellow Republican Hagel, was Rand Paul, son of former representative, and unsuccessful presidential candidate, Ron Paul, foremost critic of America's broken "Federal Reserve" banking system. To analysts, the confirmation process has been the most naked exposure the powerful Israeli lobby has had, exposure so blatant, that it was featured in comedy skits on network television. In particular, a powerful wedge has been driven between AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, and military and veterans organizations. Support for Hagel has been well above 90%, with these powerful groups normally closely aligned with Israel. That bond appears to be broken, temporarily at least. Though the media is trying to portray Hagel as damaged, by the endless smears he was subjected to during the confirmation hearings, President Obama remained steadfast in his support of Hagel. The initial vote on Hagel's confirmation was blocked, when 40 Republican senators walked out of congress, shutting down the government. The move was orchestrated by Las Vegas gambling boss, Sheldon Adelson, key financier behind the failed Romney campaign, who put up millions to block the Hagel nomination. Forty one Republicans chose not just to oppose a highly qualified candidate, but also to lay bare the reach of, not just the Israeli lobby but interests in the "hospitality industry," another way of saying "organized crime."  

Dr. Kevin Barrett: Seven Myths About the Iraq War!

Nafeez Ahmed was the original Muslim 9/11 truth scholar. His book, The War on Freedom, the earliest work of its kind, made a 9/11 truther of Gore Vidal. He is also a star contributor to the book I edited, 9/11 and the American Empire. Nafeez's controlled demolition of the war criminal BBC, reproduced below, nicely complements Tony Rooke's moral victory over the BBC, in Monday's court case. Seven Myths About the Iraq War: How BBC News-night failed journalism on the 10 years anniversary of the invasion. As a participant in BBC News-night special, "Iraq, 10 Years On", I found myself feeling slightly miffed at the lack of real debate on the crucial issues. On the one hand, Newsnight presented a number of narratives of the war and its aftermath as "fact", which are deeply questionable. On the other, there were no serious, factually grounded criticisms of the war, despite a diverse panel, which included people who did not support it. As author of a major book on the war and its historical context, Behind the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the Struggle for Iraq, as well as co-author of a new report, Executive Decisions: How British Intelligence was Hijacked for the Iraq War, I consider myself to be reasonably informed. Yet BBC News-night failed almost entirely to bring any of these issues to light. What follows is my Newsnight inspired Iraq War Myth Busting exercise, based on what was, and wasn't discussed on the show: Myth 1. Sectarian violence has increased in postwar Iraq, because sectarianism has always existed in Iraq, and the removal of Saddam allowed it to erupt. One of the first News-night bloopers started with a short introductory clip from John Simpson, the BBC's World Affairs Editor. Among other things, Simpson talked about the rise of sectarian Sunni Shi'a violence in postwar Iraq, and argued that, while Saddam's regime had clamped down on sectarian divisions, regime change effectively unleashed those previously suppressed divisions and allowed them to worsen. This was the first of many over simplifications about the escalation of sectarian violence in Iraq. The reality, as pointed out on the show by my colleague in the audience, anthropologist Professor Nadje al Ali, is that prior to the war, generic sectarian antagonism was unheard of in Iraqi society.

Tomgram: Kramer and Hellman, The Washington Creation

That Ate Your Lunch! To Tom Dispatch Readers: I know I'm starting to sound like the proverbial broken record, but once again, many thanks for the surge of recent $100 donations, in return for signed copies of Nick Turse's new book, Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam. It's great to get this sort of help, defraying the unexpected costs of fixing and strengthening this site for the future, after its recent crash, when it simply couldn't handle a rise in traffic and popularity. The second appearance of Nick's book on the New York Times extended bestseller list has been a genuine surprise, and no less surprising, it's been a runaway "bestseller" at Tom Dispatch as well. In fact, there have been so many requests for copies, that we've once again run out. Be patient. We've ordered more, and anyone who still wants to take us up on the offer, be sure to check out the Tom Dispatch donation page. Once upon a time, "homeland" was a word of little significance in the American context. What American before 9/11 would have called the United States, his or her "homeland" rather than "country"? Who sang "My homeland, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty"? Between my birth in 1944, as World War II was drawing to a close, and September 11, 2001, I doubt I ever heard the word in reference to the US. There was a reason: "homeland" had a certain ring to it, and anyone would have known at once, just what that ring, that resonance, was. Not to put too fine a point on it, we're talking about the ring of evil. It sounded like the sort of word the Nazis or perhaps Stalin, would have used as the terrible totalitarians of the previous century mobilized their people for horrific wars and heinous crimes. It's true that, in the run up to September 11th, somewhere in the corridors of Washington, there were right wingers already pushing to homeland-ize this country. The word, along with the idea of creating a future Office of Homeland Security, was then gestating like the monster baby in the movie Alien, awaiting its moment to burst forth. Today, there's nothing alien about that most un-American of terms. It has slipped so smoothly into our lives, that "Homeland" is the name of a popular TV show, and college students looking for a good livelyhood, can now get a BA or an MA coast to coast in, yep, homeland security.  


Jonas E. Alexis: Abu Ghraib and the Jewish Century!

The Modern Age is the Jewish Age, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century. Modenization, in other words, is about everyone becoming Jewish, words by Jewish historian Yuri Slezkine of the University of California. This is another major article from one of our new writers that I highly recommend. Our VT readers expect us to be helpful in connecting the dots, and providing framing for the geo political brawl we seem to find ourselves in wherever we look. How much of it is forced on us, and how much we bring to ourselves, are some of the themes addressed below. A well researched piece with 144 footnotes, it is worth a good read. Rabbi Eric H Yoffie of the Union for Reform Judaism, wrote an article in the Huffington Post last month, basically saying that there is no such thing as a secular Jew. Jewish intellectual Sam Harris indirectly proves the rabbi right, by standing with Israel's crimes. In his best selling book: "The Moral Landscape", Harris argues that in many places in the United States, corporal punishment is used in public schools, and in those public schools, a teacher is allowed to beat a child with a wooden board hard enough to raise large bruises, and even to break the skin. Hundreds of thousands of children are subjected to this violence each year. It looks as though Sam Harris is interested in alleviating suffering, and eliminating torture, but the simple fact is that it is very easy to posit huge claims, but it is not easy to marshal convincing evidence for the same claims. Harris gave us no evidence for this particular claim, but he let us grant him the premise here, that he is right. How is this consistent with torture, which Harris has advocated for years, both in writing and during public appearances? Harris is very much concerned about spanking a child with a wooden board, and yet the same Harris is not concerned about torturing, raping and sodomizing grown ups. What was more interesting was that many of those who were tortured, turned out to be innocent. The brutal acts that happened in Abu Ghraib included rape, sodomy, homicide, and even urinating on detainees, and having them masturbate. Using the evidence that had blown out in the open in 2010, the Washington Post told us that "hundreds of other cases in which prisoners were subjected to electric shock, sodomized, burned, whipped or beaten by Iraqi authorities."

Mac McClelland: The Ravages of War Related PTSD

Spread to partners and children of US soldiers. Brannan Vines has never been to war. but she's got a warrior's skills: hyper awareness, hyper vigilance, adrenaline sharp quick scanning for danger, for triggers. Super stimuli sensitive. Skills on the battlefield, crazy person behavior in a drug store, where she was recently standing behind a sweet old lady counting out change, when she suddenly became so furious, her ears literally started ringing. Being too cognizant of every sound, every coin dropping an echo, she explodes inwardly, fury flash incinerating any normal tolerance for a fellow patron with a couple of dollars in quarters and dimes. Her nose starts running and she's so pissed, and there she is standing in a CVS, snotty and deaf with rage, like some kind of maniac, because a tiny elderly woman needs an extra minute to pay for her dish soap, or whatever. Brannan Vines has never been to war, but her husband, Caleb, was sent to Iraq twice, where he served in the infantry as a designated marksman. He's one of 103,200 or 228,875, or 336,000 Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and came back with PTSD, depending on whom you ask, and one of 115,000 to 456,000 with traumatic brain injury. It's hard to say, with the lack of definitive tests for the former, undertesting for the latter, under reporting, under or over misdiagnosing of boath, and as slippery as all that is, even less understood is the collateral damage to families, to schools, to society, emotional and fiscal costs borne long after the war is over. Like Brannan's symptoms, Hyper vigilance sounds innocuous, but it is in fact exhausting and distressing, a conditioned response to life threatening situations. Imagine there's a murderer in your house, and it is dark outside, and the electricity is out. Imagine your nervous system spiking, readying you as you feel your way along the walls, the sensitivity of your hearing, the tautness in your muscles, the alertness shooting around inside your skull, and then imagine feeling like that all the time. Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms. The house, in a subdivision a little removed from one of many shopping centers in a small town in the southwest corner of Alabama, is often quiet as a morgue. You can hear the cat padding around. The air conditioner whooshes, a clock ticks. When a sound erupts, Caleb screaming at Brannan, because she's just awakened him from a nightmare.   

Ellen Brown: How the Fed Could Fix the Economy:

Quantitative easing is supposed to stimulate the economy by adding money to the money supply, increasing demand. But so far, it hasn't been working. Why not? Because as practiced for the last two decades, QE does not actually increase the circulating money supply. It merely cleans up the toxic the toxic balance sheet of banks. A real helicopter drop that puts money into the pockets of consumers and businesses has not yet been tried. Why not? Another good question? When Ben Bernanke gave his famous helicopter money speech to the Japanese in 2002, he was not yet chairman of the Federal Reserve. He said then that the government could easily reverse a deflation, just by printing money, and dropping it from helicopters. The US government has a technology, called a printing press, he said, that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes, at essentially no cost. Later in the speech, he discussed a money financed tax cut, which he said, was essentially equivalent to Milton Friedmans famous helicopter drop of money. Deflation could be cured, said Professor Friedman, simply by dropping money from helicopters. It seemed logical enough. If the money supply were insufficient for the needs of trade, the solution was to add money to it. Most of the circulating money supply consists of bank credit, created by banks when they make loans. When old loans are paid off faster than new loans are taken out, the money supply shrinks. The purpose of QE is to reverse this contraction. But if debt inflation is so easy to fix, then why have the Feds massive attempts to pull this maneuver off, failed to revive the economy? And why is Japan still suffering from deflation, after 20 years of quantitative easing? On a technical level, the answer has to do with where the money goes. The widespread belief that QE is flooding the economy with money is a myth. Virtually all of the money it creates, simply sits in the reserve accounts of banks. That is the technical answer, but the motive behind it may be something deeper. An Asset Swap Is Not a Helicopter Drop. As QE is practiced today, the money created on a computer screen, never makes it into the real, producing economy. It goes directly into bank reserve accounts, and it stays there, except for the small amount of vault cash available for withdrawal from commercial banks, bank reserves do not leave the doors of the central bank.


Gordon Duff: Fusion Projects By Lawrenceville Plasma Physics!

Company debunks DARPA Source. "We would like to update our past posts, regarding aneutronic fusion generators made by Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc, (LPP for short). We have come across an additional information, and have determined that LPP Inc., contrary to our earlier report, does not, and has not produced, exported or sold ANY "aneutronic" fusion generators, for $70,000 or for any other price. It is an R&D firm, seeking to develop such aneutronic generators. Provided adequate funding, which it is seeking, but has not obtained yet, as of February 2013, it expects such generators to be possible within five years. Once developed, LPP estimates that the generators could cost about $300,000 a piece for a 5 MW unit. In addition, we have checked and determined with our sources, that LPP has in fact never received funding from DARPA or the DOD generally. They were funded by NASA from 1994 - 2001, for aneutronic fusion space propulsion. The dense plasma focus devices in Iran, which the Iranians built themselves, are experimental devices, not power generators. Iran is indeed devoting some effort to aneutronic fusion, but, like LPP, has not received success as of yet. The agreement that LPP announced last year with the Plasma Physics Research Center in Tehran, is purely a collaboration to public scientific papers, which is allowed under the US sanctions against Iran. These aneutronic fusion devices cannot be used to produce weapons. More about this process can be seen here. "LPP is very open about its work, and many of its papers, processes and advances in science can be found at this site. One of the initiatives they have announced promotes fusion for peace." 

Tony Cartalucci: Dead French Photographer was State Department

Funded, Embedded in Syria with Al Qaeda: Further indication of the depraved nature of the West's campaign against Syria, and the depraved nature of its institutions, methods, and faux NGO's, vindicating a growing trend of ejecting Western "journalists"and NGO's from an ever increasing number of nations, it is revealed that a French photographer, recently killed in Syria, was embedded with terrorist militants in Idlib, northern Syria, and was working on behalf of the US State Department's National Endowment for Democracy (NED), funded "Reporters Without Borders." The UK Daily Mail revealed in their article, "French photographer killed by flying shrapnel in Syria, as rebels launch fresh offensive on police academy in Aleppo,"that: A French photographer has been killed by flying shrapnel in Syria, while covering operations of an armed opposition group. The French government said today, Olivier Voisin had been working for Reporters Without Bordersnear the northwestern city of Idlib. Idlib, Syria, along with much of northern Syria, is admittedly overrun with Al Qaeda. In fact, a recent Washington Post article stated that northern Syria was so overrun with Al Qaeda, that Western nations, along with its Arab partners, have decided to ship weapons in from Daraa in southern Syria. Of course, Daraa too is along time hotbed for extremist activity, including Al Qaeda, years before the so called "uprising" even began. The Post article titled, "In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad," admits: A surge of rebel advances in Syria, is being fueled at least in part by an influx of heavy weaponry, in a renewed effort by outside powers to arm moderates in the Free Syrian Army, according to Arab and rebel officials. The new armaments, including anti tank weapons and recoilless rifles, have been sent across the Jordanian border into the province of Daraa in recent weeks, to counter the growing influence of Islamist extremist groups in the north of Syria, by boosting more moderate groups fighting in the south, the officials say. Despite the rampant extremism in the north, French photographer Olivier Voisin found himself among these very militants, in the midst of what we are told, are waves of "rebel gains." Apparently these "gains" are being made at high costs. 

Charlotte Silver: How Israel Gets Away With Torturing

Palestinians to Death? Six days after Arafat Jaradat was arrested by the Israeli army and the Shin Bet, he was dead. Between the date of his arrest, February 18, and the day of his death, February 23, his lawyer Kamil Sabbagh met with Arafat only once: in front of a military judge at the Shin Bet's Kishon interrogation facility. Sabbagh reported that when he saw Jaradat, the man was terrified. Arafat told his lawyer that he was in acute pain from being beaten and forced to sit in stress positions with his hands bound behind his back. When it announced his death, Israeli Prison Service claimed Arafat, who leaves a pregnant widow and two children, died from cardiac arrest. However, the subsequent autopsy found no blood clot in his heart. In fact, the autopsy found no blood clot in his heart. In fact, the autopsy concluded that Arafat, who turned 30 this year, was in fine cardiovascular health. What the final autopsy did find, however, was that Jaradat had been pummeled by repeated blows to his chest and body, and had sustained a total of six broken bones in his spine, arms and legs, his lips lacerated, his face badly bruised. The ordeal that Arafat suffered before he died at the hands of Israel's Shin Bet, is common to many Palestinians that pass through Israel's prisons. According to the prisoners' rights organization Addameer, since 1967, a total of 72 Palestinians have been killed as a result of torture, and 53 due to medical neglect. Less than a month before Jaradat was killed, Ashraf Abu Dhra died while in Israeli custody, in a case that Addameer argues was a direct result of medical neglect. The legal impunity of the Shin Bet, commonly referred to as the GSS, and its torture techniques has been well established. Between 2001 and 2011, 700 Palestinians lodged complaints with the State Attorney's Office, but not a single one has been criminally investigated. Writing in Adalah's 2012 publication, On Torture, PDF, Bana Shougry Badame, an attorney and the Legal Director of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, wrote, "The GSS's impunity is absolute." Israel's High Court has been extravagantly helpful in securing the Shin Bet with its imperviousness to accountability to international law, and thus enabling widespread and lethal torture. In the first week of February, two weeks before Arafat was killed, the High Court of Justice threw out Adalah's petition, that demanded the GSS videotape and audio record all of its interrogations, in order to comply with requirements of the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT), to which Israel is a signatory.


Alexander Zaitchik: Right Wing Groups Spent Over $1 Million

bankrolling Fox News Host's Propaganda in Schools! Two foundations that have been described as the dark money ATM of the right, have spent more than $1 million combined, funding a non profit organization, whose primary function is distributing libertarian education materials, featuring Fox Business host John Stossel. Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, the affiliated funding groups, were until recently obscure entities, but over the past month, a series of reports have detailed how those organizations have paid out more than $400 million, to over 1,000 conservative groups since their 1999 founding. Those reports have described how the two organizations have allowed wealthy individuals to discreetly underwrite tending conservative causes, like climate change denial. the groups have also been the the primary "funders" behind an effort to flood American classrooms with packaged libertarian lessons, branded with John Stossel's mustachioed face. In 2011, Donors Trust gave $540,000 to the Philadelphia based Center for Independent Thought (CIT), with the funds earmarked for the distribution of free "Stossel in the Classroom" videos, DVDs and discussion guides, which the program claims, are currently used by more than 150,000 teachers in middle school, high school, and classrooms around the country. The 2011 Donors Trust donation made up more than two thirds of CIT's $750,581 revenue, according to IRS filings. The Center spent $360, 872 on the "Stossel" program that year, making it by far the largest of three active programs listed on is website. "Stossel in the Classroom" began in 1999, when Stossel was still with ABC News. It was seeded with financial support from the libertarian Palmer R Chitester Fund, and grew slowly, until CIT took over the program in the mid 2000s. CIT was a natural home for "Stossel in the Classroom." Founded with Koch money, as the Libertarian Review Foundation in the 1970s, real estate developer Howard Rich took control of the organization in 1990, and gave it its current name. Rich is part of the libertarian donor elite, founded Americans for Limited Government, and sits on the board at Cato, the Club for Growth, and the Friedman Center for Educational Choice. Rich's wife, Andrea, runs CIT, but does not draw a salary.

Stuart Littlewood: After Andreasen Defection, Wanted: more impossible women for UK

Independence party: A number of readers expressed shock and disappointment at my recent article, 'Rising star UKIP: another tool of the Zionist lobby? They had high hopes of UKIP hauling us out of the EU cesspit, and injecting commonsense into the bloated backside of Westminster politics. Furthermore, they admired Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader. That was before they saw UKIP's foreign policy on the Middle East, set out word for shameful word in the party's statement 'Out of the EU, into the world' UKIP foreign affairs.pdf, from which it appears that UKIP has quietly turned itself into another of Israel's stooges, despite that regime's illegal occupation of Palestine, its endless crimes against humanity and, not least, the arrogant disregard for its obligations under the EU-Israel Association Agreement. This unwelcome cosiness is reinforced by the mission statement of the party's 'Friends of Israel' fan club Foi-ukip.org/mission, which we're told has "tremendous' support within UKIP. MEP Marta Andreasen's sudden defection to the Conservatives is another warning that things are not as they should be at the heart of UKIP. While employed as the EU's Chief Accountant, she famously refused to sign off the 2001 accounts, and was viciously persecuted for her pains. The gaping maw of the EU swallows an annual budget of 88 billion. This year the Court of Auditors again refused to sign off the accounts for the 16th year running. an indication of how deeply mired in fraud and evil the whole ludicrous enterprise is. In her farewell, Marta said UKIP's leader Farage treats any views other than his own, with contempt, and UKIP is "his plaything to mould and shape in any way he sees fit, regardless of the views of others. His actions, surrounding himself with an old boys' club of like minded sycophants, are dictatorial." A couple of weeks earlier, she had described Farage's leadership as "Stalinist", and said that he promotes people who will never contradict him. Farage dismissed all this, by saying the Conservative Party deserves what is coming to them. "The woman is impossible." Then there's UKIP's worrisome attitude towards Iran, against which it is prepared to use "military means". However, there is still no evidence from intelligence sources or the IAEA, that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, and Iran has repeatedly said it does not intend going that far. The trouble is that few in the West want to believe what the mullahs say!

Dean Henderson: Afghan History Suppressed, Part III.

The Central Asian Grand Chessboard. In 1997, the Trilateral Commission founder to Abiigniew Brzezinki, the godfather of the Afghan mujahadeen, wrote a book titled, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geo-strategic Imperatives. In the book, Brzezinski, who sat on the board at BP Amoco, argues that the key to global power is control of Eurasia, and that the "key to controlling Eurasia, is controlling the Central Asian Republics". Brzezinski's plan to assassinate  called for ruling Central Asia via control of Uzbekistan, which borders Afghanistan to the north. In 1997, Enron attempted to negotiate a $2 billion deal with the Uzbek state owned Neftegas, with help from the Bush White House. When that effort, and other privatization attempts were rebuffed in 1998, CIA backed Islamist attacks on Uzbekistan's government were ratcheted up. In 1999, a series of explosions rocked the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, Islamic Party of Turkistan, attempted to assassinate socialist President Islam Karimov. They attacked the fertile Fergana Valley, in an attempt to disrupt harvests and the Uzbek food supply. Karimov was also attacked by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Hizb ut Tahrir. The US government gave $43 million in aid to the Taliban in 2000, and $132 million in 2001. The Taliban were told by the Bush White House to hire a Washington PR firm to scrub up their image. The firm was headed by Laila Helms, niece of former CIA Director and BCCI crony Richard Helms. Big Oil representatives were present at the Bush Taliban negotiations, where one official told the Taliban at that last August meeting,"You either accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs." After the "carpet of bombs" began raining down on neighboring Afghanistan in October 2001, Uzbekistan, along with neighbors Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan, were coerced into accepting new US military bases. In 2005, Kyrgyztan's nationalist President Askar Akayev was deposed by Islamists in the Tulip Revolution. Within days, Donald Rumsfeld was meeting with the new leaders. Karimov had seen enough, and ordered US troops out of Uzbekistan.


Tony Cartalucci: Destroying a Nation State: US Saudi Funded Terrorists

Sowing Chaos in Pakistan. Baluchistan, Target of Western geopolitical interests, Terror wave coincides with Gwadar Port handover to China. The hidden agenda is the breakup of Pakistan. Queatta, the capital of Pakistan's southwest Baluchistan province, bordering both US occupied Afghanistan, as well as Iran, was the site of a grisly market bombing, that has killed over 80 people. According to reports, the terrorist group Lashkar e Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the attack. Billed as a "Sunni extremist group," it instead fits the pattern of global terrorism sponsored by the US, Israel, and their Arab partners Saudi Arabia and Quatar. The terrorist Lashkar e Jhangvi group was in fact created, according to the BBC, to counter Iran's Islamic Revolution in the 1980's, and is still active today. Considering the openly admitted US Israeli Saudi plot to use Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups across the Middle East, to counter Iran's influence, it begs the question whether these same interests are funding terrorism in Pakistan, to not only counter Iranian sympathetic Pakistani communities, but to undermine and destabilize Pakistan itself. The US Saudi Global Terror Network: While the United States is close allies with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is well established that the chief financier of extremist militant groups for the past 3 decades, including Al Qaeda, are in fact Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While Qatari state owned propaganda like Al Jazeera apply a veneer of progressive pro democracy to its narratives, Qatar itself is involved in arming, funding, and even providing direct military support for sectarian extremists from northern Mali, to Libya, to Syria and beyond. France 24's report: "Is Qatar fueling the crisis in north Mali?" provides a useful vignette of Saudi Qatari terror sponsorship, stating: "The MNLA, secular Tuareg separatists, al Qaeda linked Ansar Dine, and MUJAO ( movement for unity and Jihad in West Africa) have all received cash from Doha." A month later, Sadou Diallo, the mayor of the north Malian City of Gao, which had fallen to the Islamists, told RTL radio: "The French government knows perfectly well who is supporting these terrorists. Qatar, for example, continues to send so called aid and food every day to the airports of Gao and Timbuktu."

Richard Eskow: Washington's Stupid, Destructive Game!

It's Monday morning in America. That means we're about to endure another week of pointless debate over the precise methods by which Federal government will impose more needless misery on the hapless population, instead of addressing its eminently fixable economic problems. Readers of our nation's newspapers might be forgiven for believing that the citizens of our nation have been condemned to some sort of quotidian hell, as punishment for our collective crimes, where we must suffer the pangs of deprivation, while listening to endless debates about how best to compound our misery. Which reminds me: Is it time for Meet the Press yet? The sequester debate is the latest stage of an ongoing hostage crisis, that's forcing austerity economics on an unwilling population, cloakin it in a false debate about how to do it, not why we shouldn't do it at all. "The president says he has to have tax increases to head off the sequester," says Republican Rep. Martha Roby. "Well, he already got his tax increase." Rep Roby is referring to the last crisis negotiation over the national budget, which occurred way back in, let's see when was that? Oh, yeah, seven weeks ago. Time flies, except when it doesn't. The tax increases that the President already got, were less than the ones which would have taken effect automatically, if there had been no deal at all. Well played, Sir!  Meanwhile austerity continues to devastate the economies of Europe, sapping the wealth and well being of the majorities, and increasing rather than lowering, those deified deficits. Austerity's beginning to weave its dark magic here, too. So surely we're finally having the debate we should have been having all along, right? Wrong. The President is once again boasting of past spending cuts, even as their harmful effects ripple throughout our economy. He's giving immediate deficit reduction a higher priority than much needed investment, and he's proposing two dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in revenue, which is a pretty right wing way of going about it. A White House web page lays out the President's "pre-conservatized" negotiating position, thereby ensuring the final result will be even worse, and the web page's heading speaks of a "Last Offer to Speaker Boehner," a phrasing which linguistically places the nation's Chief Executive in the position of supplicant, to the leader of the lower chamber of the legislature. Well played, Sir!  

Prof James Petras: Israel's Coming Civil War, The Haredi Jews

confront the militarized secular Zionist State: Israel is heading towards a profound internal crisis: a Jew on Jew confrontation, which has major implications for its relations with the Palestinians, as well as its Arab neighbors. The conflict is between the highly militarized Zionist state, and the Haredi religious movement over a number of issues, including recent proposals by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, to end the religious exemption of Haradi youth from serving in Israel's colonial armed forces. Even before the forcible imposition the founding of the state of Israel, the Haredim in Israel remain staunchly opposed to the Zionist state for religious, ethical and political reasons. Haredi religious teaching claims that the Jewish people are bound by three oaths: (1) not to settle in Israel by using force or violence. (2) not to make war with other nations and (3) not to act as if the other nations of the world would persecute Israel. Haredim opposed Israel's violent ethnic cleaning of over 850,000 Palestinians in the course of establishing the Israeli State, and continues to oppose Israeli settlers' violently land grabs against Palestinians. Unlike other so called ultra Orthodox sects, who support Zionist colonialism and bless the Israeli military, the Haredim maintain that militarism corrupts the spirit, and that Zionists have transformed Jews from righteous followers of the Torah, into rabid ethnocentric supporters of a militarist state. For the Haredim, 'state worship', especially the waving of the Israeli flag in the temple, is a sacrilege comparable to the renegade Jews condemned by Moses for worshiping the Golden Calf. The majority of Haredim boycott elections, organize their own schools, encourage students to deepen their religious studies, emphasize community and family values of a profoundly patriarchal sort, with numerous children, and strongly reject the Zionist state's efforts to conscript Haredi youth into their occupation army, the so called Israeli Defense Force. All major Zionist political parties, and the ruling colonial regime unite to demonize the Haredim, claiming they are shirking their patriotic military responsibilities.   


Veterans Today: Israel Sues Citizens For Slander,

and apologies to Turkey. "The Sixth Commandment says 'Though shalt not kill,' so why are you killing us here?" Privacy and Libel Law: The Clash with Press Freedom. Israel sues citizens for slander and apologizes to Turkey. Few newspaper editors have the capability to see the large picture, buried in their tactical manipulation of information, they often miss the odd links created by their uncoordinated decisions, sometimes to the extent of hitting their own masters. On February 23, 2013, Israeli newspaper Haaretz did just that. Its Hebrew version grouped two strangely complementing pieces. One reported on an expected apology of Israel to Turkey, due to the Freedom Flotilla crimes committed by Israel. A few days ago, Turkey and Israel became friends again, after Israel agreed to supply spying equipment that had been frozen since 2011. In parallel, the two former allies are holding negotiations to end the rupture between them. Apparently, Israel would apologize for its crimes, and would indemnify the hurt Turkish citizens, while Turkey would drop its demand of Israel to end the siege on Gaza. If an agreement would be reached, it would be announced soon after a new government is formed in Israel. The last time Israel surrendered to such pressure, was after it attacked Khaled Mashal. As often reported here, Israel understands only brute force as a negotiating tactic. After Turkey became a serious contestant to the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields, Israel decided to sue those criticizing the State. This was the topic of the article placed next to the one on Turkey. This odd mix portrayed Israel's real face, a bigot seeking to take advantage of the weak, but subservient of those holding the real power. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel published a report on an unusual topic. It was titled Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. It deals with a new trend, the State, its various organizations, corporations, and large companies are systematically suing citizens criticizing them. The process is designed to maximize the harassment of the citizens, including trials for comments placed on innocuous internet forums. David Perl is a real estate consultant. In 2011, he published several warnings in orange fruit, a popular Israeli portal, against the Eisenberg Group. The latter was selling agricultural terrains, claiming that they will be thawed for urban construction shortly afterwards. The claim was a lie!  

Zabiullah Rashidi: Fawzia Koofi: 2014 Afghan Presidential Candidate!

Fawzia Koofi, born in 1975 or 1976, is an Afghan politician and women's right activist. Originally from Badakhshan province, she is currently serving as a Member of Parliament in Kabul, and she is the Vice President of the National Assembly. She has also announced her intention to run as a presidential candidate in the 2014 elections in Afghanistan. Born into a polygamous family of seven women, she was first rejected by her parents because of her sex. Her father, a member of Parliament, had married a younger woman, and Koofi's mother sought to have a son to maintain her husbands' affection. The day she was born, Koofie was left out to die in the sun. She managed to persuade her parents to send her to school, making her the only girl in the family to attend school. She subsequently graduated from Preston University in Pakistan with a master's degree in business and management. Her father was a Member of Parliament (MP) for years, but died at the end of the first Afghan war (1979-1989), killed by Mujahideens. Koofi originally wanted to become a physician, but chose to study political science, and become a member of UNICEF. She worked closely with vulnerable groups, such as Internally Displaced People (IDP) and marginalized women and children, and served as a child protection officer for the organization from 2002 to 2004. Koofi began her political career in 2001, after the fall of the Taliban, promoting the right to education of girls in her "Back to school" campaign. In the parliamentary elections in 2005, she was elected to the Wolesi Jirga, the lower house of the Afghan National Assembly, for the Badakhshan district in the north eastern part of the country, and became its Vice President. She was the first female Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament in the history of Afghanistan. She was re elected in the parliamentary elections of 2010, and then elected MP from a total of 69 female members of the Assembly. She has survived several assassination attempts, including one on March 8, 2010, near the town of Tora Bora. Koofi is currently running as a candidate in the upcoming 2014 Afghan presidential election. She is running on a platform of equal rights for women, promoting universal education and the opposition to political corruption. Koofi has made it a priority to defend women's rights in Afghanistan.   

Allen L Roland: Global Warming is Here and Now

Climate Change a Step Behind. Many experts claim we will see a near ice free arctic within 10 years. That would usher in rapid permanent climate change, resulting in extreme weather events such as severe drought, massive flooding, prolonged cold spells and insufferable heat spells. Rapid global warming and the sea ice collapse will also lead to the disintegration of the Greenland ice sheet, and the release of the vast amounts of carbon, currently locked in the permafrost, which will in turn intensify global warming. The facts are there, see Arctic Sea Ice Collapse 1979 to 2012 (PIOMAS). We are all interconnected on a soul level, and that particularly applies to Nature. Nowhere is that more obvious than when you watch the recent NOVA special, "Earth from Space". This space based vision of our planet is a spectacular story of interaction and connectivity, but when you see through the heart, that same interaction and connectivity exists on a human heart based soul level. But we humans have devastated our planet Earth, and our karmic debt is coming due. It will come in the form of severe climate change, and it will eventually force us to surrender to our deepest innate urge to cooperate and unite with each other. So let's explore the human cost of climate change, and no one does it better than than Andrew T Guzman in his recently published book, overheated, The Human Cost of Climate Change. In Overheated, Guzman takes climate change out of the realm of scientific abstraction, to explore its real world consequences. He writes not as a scientist, but as an authority on international law and economics. A hotter world, writes Guzman, will bring unprecedented migrations, famine, war, and disease. It will be a social and political disaster of the first order. Already we can see how it will work: The ten warmest years since 1880 have all occurred since 1998, and one estimate of the global death toll caused by climate change is now 300,000. That number might rise to 500,000 by 2030. Guzman shows in vivid detail how climate change is already playing out in the real world. Rising seas will swamp island nations like Maldives, coastal food producing regions in Bangladesh will be flooded, and millions will be forced to migrate into cities, or possibly "climate refugee camps." Even as seas rise, melting glaciers in the Andes and the Himalayas will deprive millions of people of fresh water, threatening major cities, and further straining food production. Prolonged droughts in the Sahel region of Africa have already helped produce mass violence in Darfur.