Gruesome Harvest: American Casualties in Iraq

In his book: "A Republic, Not an Empire", Pat Buchanon, reminded Americans that by abandoning the foreign policy rooted in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the giants of American statesmanship - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and Andrew Jackson will always have extremely serious consequences, which are inevitably borne by our nation's sons and daughters. So far, they have paid a very high price for ignoring Pat's warning. Since our war against the people of Iraq began, they have suffered at least 4237 deaths, and over 100,000 wounded. In Afghanistan we are now up to 644 military deaths, plus 317 deaths of our coalition partners in Iraq, 422 other military deaths, and at least 446 deaths of our contractors in Iraq.

Unfortunately, this is only part of the story, and we continue to slide down a slippery slope. If we continue to stumble along in that politically sensitive region and Pakistan's nuclear weapons fall into the hands of our enemies, who knows what horrors we will then be forced to confront? Check out the January 11, 2009 New York Times story: "The Worst Pakistan Nightmare for Obama" by David E. Sanger about the problems that country has in keeping those nukes out of the hands of Islamic Militants, if you don't mind losing several nights. If you REALLY want to know, click on http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/11/magazine/ Enjoy your sleep tonight!