The Grapes of Wrath

If you really want to know what is going on in Iraq, what our "free" press cannot, or does not want to tell us, please click on the pretty lady's photo. Most Americans do not really want to hear the truth, nor can they handle the implications of our current demented foreign "policy".

You will never read her commentary in our newspapers, for if they lose their most lucrative advertisers, they cannot continue to exist. In their constant fear of the continuing decline of their advertising revenue, they have become little more than prostitutes for the irresponsible politicians which now hold this nation hostage. Tied to an ill-fated foreign policy, which enriches a very, very few power brokers, we contiue to make bitter enemies among those who were once our closest friends.

The desperate sadness which you see in this Iraqi woman's portrait reflects her insight, on the occasion of this new year. Though the future is full of hope for some of us, her nation continues to descend rapidly into that hell, in which the residents of her country will soon surpass the horrors of "ethnic cleansing" and perhaps, just perhaps, even the nightmares of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

At the end of this turbulent year, she provides a candid evaluation of the state of her ever deepening nightmare. She writes: "You know you are in trouble, when
1. The UN has to open a special branch (UNAMI) just to keep track of the chaos and bloodshed.
2. This branch (UNAMI) cannot be safely administered from Iraq.
3. The politicians who put your country into this sorry state have hastily fled to safety in other nations.
4. Though now openly hostile to each other, the US and Iran can agree on one thing: The continuously deteriorating situation in Iraq.
5. Iraqis now look at an earlier 8-year war and a 13-year blockade as the country's "Golden Years".
6. Though Iraq is supposedly selling (That would erroneously imply that the nation's citizens derive some benefit from such sale) TWO million barrels of oil a day, Iraqi citizens are standing in line for four hours to obtain black market gasoline for their generators.
7. For every HOUR of public electricity, Iraqis suffer at least FIVE hours abandoned by their nation's public utilities.
8. Iraqi citizens are grateful, and consider themselves "lucky", if they can actually find and identify the corpse of a relative, who has been missing for two weeks.

My fellow citizens: In Iraq, you see OUR tax money at work. Is that what "WE, THE PEOPLE" as our Constitution reads, REALLY want? Why are these atrocities then being perpetratated against against the innocents of our planet. Must their agony continue to torture and burden our souls in the JUDGMENT which will expose all of us to the wrath of GOD?