Say NO to more troops in Afghanistan!!!

All of us, including our new, "virgin" president, are not immune to Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion, as I found out while serving as Advisory Team Leader in the "Iron Triangle" of Vietnam: "To every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction" Please click on the picture to enlarge, and read my "important" message.
The more troops we send, to be mutilated, or to die in the military morass that is Afghanistan, the more our enemies are going to insist that the desperate peasants of that poor country sacrifice many more of their sons and daughters to counter our escalation. In the end, both sides will lose, and more of our mutilated soldiers will grace the veterans' hospitals in the United States, while more one-legged Afghanis will suffer in the ramshackel huts of the "enemy".
Mr. President, read your bible before you engage in more useless and dangerous folly, and please fire the advisor who got you into this mess. And, for god's sake, and I mean this literally, try making peace for a "change"!