Dave Gahhary: Big-Name Hollywood Producer Exposed as Covert Agent for Israel

A just released book confirms what US law enforcement had suspected for decades: A Jewish Hollywood film producer was "a full-fledged operative for Israel's top-secret intelligence agency", and used his many US based companies to smuggle sensitive nuclear technology from the United States to Israel. He was also the most likely source for Iran and Libya's uranium enrichment advances. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the book, Confidential: The life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon - Arnon Milchan, recounts Milchan's life story, from his days as a boy through his friendships with Israeli prime ministers, US presidents and Hollywood stars. As far back as 1995, AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper revealed that Milchan, who bankrolled Oliver Stone's film JFK was a key figure in Israel's nuclear weapons program that Kennedy eas determined to stop. The Milchan funded film ignores this conflict. Milchan produced other films, including Pretty Woman, War of the Roses, Fight Club, and Natural Born Killers. He also funds the Israeli Network, which broadcasts Israeli TV programming to the US and Canada. Milchan, a fanatical devotee of the Zionist state, and an Israeli citizen, set up shop in Tinseltown in the late 1970's, attaining a net worth of around $4 billion. Forbes magazine listed him as the world's 268th richest person! "Milchan's services to the Israeli security industry have been made public before," says Haaretz, "but he has always denied or refused to acknowledge them. This is the first time Milchan confirms these claims."

Patrick Martin: Obama Returns to the Fraud of: Equal Sacrifice

As usual, our idiotic "President" is full of bullshit. If we compare Obama's huge salary to mine, there is nothing equal in our paychecks! The back-to-back nationally televised speeches delivered Monday night by Obama and House Speaker John Boehner were a political fraud on every level! The so-called "debate" in Washington on the federal deficit was rigged in advance! All of the participants took as their principle the imposition of massive cuts on programs that benefit our working people. The Democratic administration and the congressional Republicans were using an orchestrated crisis over the raising of the federal debt ceiling to create the conditions for an unprecedented attack on the living standards and social rights of working people! The two parties do NOT represent the American people, but the American financial aristocracy, whose wealth and income they defend at the expense of the broad masses. They will see basic social programs on which they rely: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, devastated by spending cuts!! Obama delivered a "cynical" speech, whose purpose was to appeal to the American people to support spending cuts that will drive millions of them, including our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq into abject poverty, while leaving the gargantuan wealth of the financial aristocracy untouched!! Virtually every sentence in his 15 minute address was a lie!! Obama described the two sides in the debate in terms that underscored the essential unity of the two big business parties. He noted that "both sides agree on the amount of deficit reduction" but, looking once more to "his ubiquitous teleprompter", disagree on what form that should take! One approach, he said, was based on painful cuts in spending, including basic programs like Medicare, but asked the wealthy and the corporations "to give a little," and he treated this as a "balanced approach". According to Obama, "his stubborn opponents" insist on a "cuts only approach" with nothing from the wealthy, including his own huge salary and perks as our "president". In order to conceal the dimensions of the cuts endorsed by both sides, Obama was careful to give no figures. Both the White House and the congressional Republicans have proposed cuts as high as $4 trillion over the next ten years, including devastating attacks on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, and federal programs supporting education, transportation, housing, environmental protection and consumer and worker safety and health. As for taxes on the rich, Obama has proposed only a few hundred billion dollars to serve as a "fig leaf" for the anti-working-class character of his overall budget policy.

Ten Things Americans Can Do: Lower the Debt, End Military Aid to Israel

When I served as the US Intelligence Operations Officer in Goeppingen, our "friends", the Israelis, thought it would be "fun" to sink the USS Liberty, and machine gun all Americans on board. At the time, General Sherrer, the commander of our 4th Armored Division commented: "With friends like these, we have no need of enemies!! As the President and Congress grapple with a formula to raise the debt-ceiling by next Tuesday to avert a default on our loans, we offer this suggestion to our elected officials: Cutting off the $30 billion in weapons pledged to Israel from 2009 to 2018 won't completely solve our debt problem, but it sure would help. From a moral and financial perspective, we cannot afford to provide Israel with the weapons it misuses to sustain its illegal 44 year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. In addition, you can educate your friends and neighbors about the true cost of arming Israel, and mobilize them to end our country's military support for Israel's violations of Palestinian human rights. Learn from experts how to place an ad in your community to oppose military aid to Israel. US Campaign member groups have purchased such ads in at least nine US cities. Find out how to make your city the next! Join us in a conference call on Thursday, August 4, at 9:00 pm Eastern time. 1. To join the call, dial (760) 569-7676, and use access code 545802#. No RSVP needed. 2. Join more than 2,000 people in more than 800 cities and 49 states, who are educating and mobilizing people in their communities. If you sign up to receive a packet in the mail, it will include postcards, petitions, flyers, fact sheets and stickers. 3. Get your city council to pass a resolution opposing military aid to Israel. Read our brand-new organizing how-to guide, download templates and resources, and let us help you publicize your campaign. 4. Find out the staggering amount of money that people in your state, congressional district, county and city give in weapons to Israel, and what that same amount could purchase instead for unmet needs like housing and health care. 5. Use the numbers on our website to write President Obama and your Members of Congress a letter opposing military aid to Israel. 6. Use those numbers to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or call in to your local talk show. Reference a recent story on the debt-ceiling negotiations, and make the point that we could reduce our debt and improve our moral and financial standing by ending military aid to Israel.
7. Learn more about the more than 670 million weapons transferred from the United States to Israel, and the devastating impact these weapons make on Palestinians living under Israel's brutal military occupation. 8. Sign up to arrange a local meeting with your members of Congress during the August recess, to discuss with them ending US military aid to Israel, and other policy issues. 9. Help end the US military and diplomatic support for Israel that enables it to deny Palestinians their freedom and self-determination.


Forrest Jones: Home Depot Founder Langone: Obama's Unpresidential Behavior Destroying Economy and Country!

Though the United States will work its way through the debt ceiling crisis and probably avoid a default, President Obama's "un-presidential" behavior during the process has fueled division and suspicion to the extent that the damage of his actions will endure, says Home Depot co-founder and former New York Stock Exchange director Ken Langone. "He's NOT bringing us together. He's willfully dividing us. He''s petulant," Langone told CNBC. "This guy worked like hell to be president Behave like a president. Let me look to you as a model of how we should behave. So what does he say: fat cats, jet airplanes, what's the purpose?" That purpose, Langone says, is to divide the nation by accusing others of not doing their fair share to contribute to the country's finances, says Langone, now chairman and CEO of investment bank Invemed Associates. "Divide us, and we all lose. And this has got to stop! And if he's listening, or one of his people are listening, and you can quote me exactly for what I say, he is not acting presidential, he is behaving in a way designed, in my opinion, to divide us, and make us look at each other with skepticism, with suspicion. That's the end of America, as we know it!" Turning to the debate over lifting the government's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling to avoid default, Langone says both sides of the political spectrum will agree to lift it: "The deficit, we're going to get through, the debt limit, it will all come through. The destruction he is inflicting by his behavior will carry on long after we have settled the debt limit," he told CNBC.

To Paraphrase Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya: YES! THERE IS SOMETHING ROTTEN in AMERICA!!e

The division of Libya into three separate countries is part of the US-NATO imperial design, a project shared by the US, Britain, Italy, and France. The NATO war launched against Libya in March of 2011 was really geared toward the breakup of the country into three separate entities. However, this NATO war is now backfiring: The Libyan people have now united to save their county, and Tripoli is exploring its strategic options. You are now witnessing the NATO led war back firing, since the Libyan people have united to save their country, and what's more, Tripoli is rapidly exploring its strategic options. The "mainstream media" has been a major force in this war! Having endorsed and fabricated the news, they have endorsed and fabricated the news, and these false fabrications have justified an illegal and criminal war against an entire population. Passing through the neighborhood of Fashloom in Tripoli, it is apparent that NO Jets have attacked it, as Al Jazeera and the BBC have falsely claimed. Now, the same media networks, newspapers, and wire services claim on a daily basis that Tripoli is about to fall, and that the "Transitional Council" is making new advances to various cities. Unfortunately for these idiots, Tripoli is nowhere near falling, and it is relatively peaceful these days! Foreign journalists have been taken to all of these affected areas, and they are all peaceful and quiet! The mainstream media reporting from Tripoli have deliberately painted a false picture of Libya as a country on the brink of collapse, and Colonel Qaddafi as a despot with very little support. Strangely, a journalist was filmed wearing a bullet-proof vest for his report in a peaceful area, where there was no need of that sort of defensive armor. Not only are the foreign media actively misreporting, but they are gladly, and deliberately serving the interests of the military coalition.


Madison Ruppert: Direct Attacks near Gaddafi's Residence in Tripoli!

According to an AFP journalist, two blasts rocked the area near Muammar Gaddafi's residence in Libya's capital city, Tripoli, around 12:50 AM Sunday local time. NATO confirmed that its war planes struck one of Gaddafi's military command centers, claiming responsibility for seven strikes. In a Times of India report, it was said that a column of smoke was observed over Gaddafi's residential complex itself. The article also claims that it had been directly targeted by NATO bombers on Saturday. An AFP article states the same, but fails to cite any official sources for this claim that NATO was directly targeting Gaddafi. NATO has been directly targeting Gaddafi since the beginning of the campaign, evidenced by their attack on one of his compounds that resulted in the death of his family members. However, it would be bombshell news if NATO openly admitted to attempting to assassinate a leader with the peoples' support. A Reuters report, however, cites "one Tripoli resident" who said that one of the NATO strikes appeared to hit a formerly untouched intelligence building in Tripoli, though it did not mention Gaddafi's residential compound.

Judy Andreas: BRING 'em HOME

Judy Andreas recalls that Friday, April 15, 2005, she stood in front of her local Court House protesting the War in Iraq. At the time, it was tax day, and she and her comrades were trying to make a point about how their tax dollars were being used. Many cars passed by, and gave them an approving honk, while other drivers gave them a disapproving 3rd finger. Some of these cars had "support our troops" proudly displayed on their rear bumpers. Though it was 2005, it seemed like only yesterday. Did their protests do any good? Today, there are still people in our country who stand on a street corner every week protesting "the war". My question is "which war". "Support our troops"? Does anyone question those words when they mindlessly slap the bright yellow sticker on their vehicle? Back in 2005, after I returned from my tour as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, our country had its first fatality in Iraq. His name was Army Specialist Manny Lopez. Because he expected to be in Baghdad for 18 months, he made a video for his daughter, Isabella. After the tragedy hit the newspaper, grief-stricken people called the local radio station to give voice to their pain, and one woman uttered, through her tears,"He died for our freedom." Perhaps I have been sufficiently "dumbed down", but as I stumble around in my flouride induced fog, I hoped that someone would help me to understand how killing innocent people in Vietnam or Iraq is helping to keep us "free"! What has sending soldiers to be poisoned and diehave to do with our freedom? In my lexicon of of logic, the belief that "he died for our freedom" is just about as meaningless as "support our troops." On that particular April 15, we carried signs in front of the Court House. I chose a sign that featured a picture of an Iraqi Vet named Herold Noel. Unlike Manny Lopez, Herold came home from the war, just as I did from that one in Vietnam!


Associated Press: Romney Blames Obama For Economic Uncertainty!dt

There is no one running for president who understands economics and the way jobs are created like Governor Romney, and it's not even close! He has executive experience, both running Bain Capital in the private sector, and the state of Massachusetts in the public sector. He did well in both, even in spite of a legislature overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats in the latter. Noon the job training needed for this man. The problems of our economy are diverse and complex, and there is no single solution to solve them all. Housing, energy, manufacturing, health care, you name it. You can't solve them all with the same medicine. Romney understands that. He is smart, very smart! Some people think he is not conservative. He is! That is the basis of his thinking. That's why I am strongly supporting Governor Mitt Romney for President. I want this country to grow again. I want to have confidence in the future again. I want to be willing to take business risks again. I want Americans to to have good jobs again. I want the rest of the world to treasure our debt again, and not fear it. I want my kids to live better and have more opportunity than I did. I think Mitt Romney is far and away our best chance at accomplishing these goals in the coming four years. He will lead! He will solve problems. He can achieve the consensus to make things happen. His administration will work. He is the competent, proven conservative in the race. Please join me in supporting Mitt Romney for President!

Steven D. BooMan Tribune: Social Security is NOT an Entitlement!

Last night in Youngstown Ohio, 200 or so people, seniors and activists and politicians, met at a town hall event at the United Baptist Church. Senator Sherrod Brown appeared and spoke at the event that was sponsored by the Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. The message from the people of Youngstown who attended was clear: "Social Security is NOT an entitlement; it is a promise to the American people who have paid into the system," Williams told the audience. "Proposed cuts will force recipients to pay higher insurance premiums and co-pays, and deny us money for essentials like prescription drugs and groceries." Williams has reason to be angry, with all the talk in Washington about cutting Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. She had to take an early retirement as an X-Ray Technician who worked hard for 24 years because of an injury. She now depends on benefits to survive, but she wasn't the only person last night to tell her personal story, and express her anger at official Washington's out of touch attitude toward the suffering of working people who rely on our "social safety net". These people paid for these benefits with their taxes, and now our government is "pulling the rug out from under their feet". Now, they don't want the wealthy and corporations to avoid paying their share of the deficits brought about by the Bush tax cuts, the needless and illegal wars he fought, and the borrowing by the Treasury to fund the deficits. They haven't forgotten what former Vice President Dick Cheney said about deficits to the Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, when the GOP was in control of the government: "Fired in a shakeup of Bush's economic team in December of 2002, raised objections to a new round of tax cuts, and said the "president" balked at his more aggressive plan to combat corporate crime after a string of accounting scandals, because of opposition from "the corporate crowd". O'Neill said he tried to warn Vice President Dick Cheney that growing budget deficits were expected to top $500 billion this fiscal year alone, which posed a threat to the economy. Cheney cut him off: "You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don't matter". A month later, Cheney told the told the Treasury Secretary that he was "fired"!!

Gordon Sturrock: Returning to American Indian Ways of Democracy and Ecology!

Those of us whose roots lie in Europe, Africa or Asia are new arrivals to this American land. Our connections are to other places, other soils. Some of us may have some Indian blood, but only those whose forefathers came here so long ago that they have no ancestral memory of anywhere else on the globe can truly said to belong to the land we now all live upon. Unfortunately, we have forgotten this, or never knew it. In their pride and arrogance, most of our white ancestors ignored this tie to the land, a tie that native Americans have felt so deeply that it seems almost part of their physical being. Our grandfathers may once have felt this way about the lands from which they came - from County Cork or Manchester, from Senegal or Canton - but nothing like what American Indians clearly feel for theirs, for among native Americans there is a mystical element that few Westerners can claim to experience, but it is present in the rituals, the teachings, the spirit of American Indian ways. If we could only recapture that spirit! For our latecomers' society is destroying the Earth that American Indians treasured and preserved for thousands of years. The survival of all life on the planet may indeed depend on our regaining it.
In his classic history of Indian law, In the Courts of the Conqueror: The Ten Worst Indian Law Cases Ever Decided, Walter Echo-Hawk discusses the modern struggle of Indians to preserve the sanctity of their ancient sacred sites. That the land was held sacred was true throughout the Americas. One scholar tells us, for example, about the highlands of central Mexico, where the most important sites had a spiritual meaning accumulated over centuries of occupation: The hill named Huizachtlan, the great urban pyramid of Tenochtitlan, the ritual Hill of Tetzcotzingo, and the shrines upon the heights of Mt Tlaloc and at Pantitlan in Lake Tezcotzingo, and the shrines upon the heights of Mt Tlaloc and at Pantitlan in Lake Tetzcoco were principal icons of Aztec sacred geography, designed to manifest the inherent power of things seen and unseen in the natural environment. (Richard Townsend, The Aztecs)

Michel Chossudovsky: Who Really Benefited by our 911 Attack?

Look at reality, and not so-called conspiracy theories. Dare to ask who actually benefited from our nation's 9/11 calamity. It is now time to ask who actually benefited from America's disaster. Here are the troubling facts: 1) The New York Port Authority was having difficulty renting space in the Twin Towers. In addition, there was a huge asbestos liability. The Towers were sold to new owner Larry Silverstein just three months prior to the tragic event. He, in turn, managed to get an insurance contract for a big payout, if any of the Tower buildings were hit by an airplane. Our first move, after the towers were hit, was to bomb Afghanistan, based on the assumption that people there were involved. Thus, the local heroin industry of that country was reactivated, and local and international drug cartels rediscovered a "gold mine" of money supply. Bin Laden and the Taliban closed down that trade to a trickle, but after the bombing shake-up people connected with the heroin trade in Central Asia, reaping billions of dollars. This is fact, and NOT fiction. Investors of profitable corporations connected to the military-industrial complex reaped enormous profits. War has always been profitable for some industries, though for public consumption, they always say that profits are NOT their motives! (Since the Vietnam War, in which I served as Advisory Team Leader, my team and I, in addition to killing the enemy, did use enormous quantities of small arms ammunition, and requested many air force missions to keep us out of hot water.) Prior to 9/11, some US corporate stocks immediately went up in value, as did some military contracts.


Michel Chossudovsky: Somalia - The Real Causes of Famine

For the last twenty years, Somalia has been entangled in a "civil war" amidst the destruction of both its rural and urban economies. The country is now facing widespread famine. According to reports, tens of thousands of people have died from malnutrition in the last few months. The lives of several million people are threatened. The mainstream media casually attributes the famine to a severe drought without examining the broader causes. An atmosphere of lawlessness, gang warfare and anarchy is also upheld as one of the major causes behind the famine, but who is behind the lawlessness and armed gangs? Somalia is categorized as a "failed state", a country without a government, but how did it become a "failed state"? There is ample evidence of foreign intervention as well as covert support of armed militia groups. Triggering "failed states" is an integral part of US foreign policy. It is part of a military intelligence agenda. According to the UN, a situation of famine prevails in southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle, areas in part controlled by Al Shahab, a jihadist militia group affiliated with Al Qaeda. Both the UN and the Obama administration had accused Al Shahab of imposing a ban on foreign aid agencies in its territories in 2009. What the reports do not mention, however, is that Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) (Movement of Striving Youth) is funded by Saudi Arabia and supported covertly by Western intelligence agencies. The backing of Islamic militia by Western intelligence agencies is part of a broader historical pattern of covert support to Al Qaeda, affiliated in a number of countries, including more recently Libya and Syria. The broader question is: What outside forces triggered the destruction of the Somali State in the early 1990's?
Somalia remained self-sufficient in food until the late 1970's despite recurrent droughts. As of the early 1980's, its national economy was destabilized and food agriculture was destroyed. The process of economic dislocation preceded the onset of the civil war in 1991. Economic and social chaos resulting from IMF economic medicine was a precondition for the launching of a US sponsored civil war. An entire country with a rich history of commerce and economic development was transformed into a territory. In a bitter irony, this open territory encompasses significant oil wealth. Four US oil giants had already positioned themselves prior to the onset of the Somali civil war in 1991. According to The Times, nearly two-thirds of Somalia was allocated to the American oil giants Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillips in the final years before Somalia's pro-US President Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown and the nation plunged into chaos in January 1991.

Global Research: Propaganda and the War on Truth

This past weekend, news outlets across the world have turned their lenses to focus on the horrific events that took place in Norway on Friday, July 22. The picture which emerges is of a lone gunman opening fire at a children's camp, following a bomb explosion that claimed anywhere between 76 and 93 deaths in Oslo, the nation's capital. Already we see mainstream media indiscriminately putting its spin of choice on this tragic event and, not surprisingly, buzzwords are being tossed around without regard for the truth or facts, which include everything from "Muslim terrorists" to the omnipresent propagandistic "war on terror". In his article on "News Without Facts", Edward Teller lists several specific examples: "As the story developed Friday, almost every news outlet was quick to provide "experts" ("X" is at best an unknown quantity, and a "spurt" is usually defined as a "drip" under pressure). Within hours of Norway's deadly bomb and gun attacks claiming the previously mentioned victims, it has become clear that the horror was perpetrated by a Norwegian loner, with right-wing Christian fundamentalist affiliations, yet President Barack Obama reacted immediately to the news of the atrocity to insinuate an Islamic connection, and to justify America's "War on Terror". Obama is reported to have been briefed by "intelligence" officials before he spoke on the matter, which makes his untimely, and incorrect response an all the more odious bit of politicking to turn a horrific, tragic event into a propaganda stunt to stir up anti-Islamic fears, and shore up Washington's illegal "wars on terror". Such neglectful and downright manipulative reporting of a devastating event will undoubtedly be used in the future to justify further US/NATO aggression against "perceived threats", long after the truth may be revealed and rumors exposed as false speculations.


Michel Chossudvsky: Somalia:The Real Causes of Famine

For the last twenty years, Somalia has been entangled in a "civil war" amidst the destruction of both its rural and urban economies. The country is now facing widespread famine. According to reports, tens of thousands of people have died from malnutrition in the last few months, and the lives of several million people are threatened. The "mainstream media" casually attributes the famine to a severe drought without examining the broader causes: An atmosphere of lawlessness, gang warfare and anarchy is also upheld as one of the major causes behind the famine, but who is behind the lawlessness and armed gangs? Somalia is categorized as a "failed state", a country without a government, but how did it become a "failed state"? There is ample evidence of foreign intervention as well as covert support of armed militia groups. Triggering "failed states" is an integral part of US foreign policy. It is part of a military intelligence agenda. According to the UN, a situation of famine prevails in southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle, areas in part controlled by Al Shabelle, a jihadist militia group affiliated with Al Qaeda. Both the UN and the Obama administration had accused Al Shahab of imposing a ban on foreign foreign aid agencies in its territories in 2009. What the reports do not mention, however, is that Harakat al-Shabaab al Mujahideen (HMS) (Movement of of Striving Youth) is funded by Saudi Arabia and supported covertly by Western intelligence agencies.