The Foolishness of Israel's War

First, a history lesson about the limits of air power: On January 29, 1944, Allied bombers dropped 453 tons of bombs on the Abbey at Monte Cassino, thus turning the abbey from a building into a fortress, because the defense of a rubble heap mixed with ruins is a lot easier than the defense of a building. Not only can the loose rubble be used to protect the otherwise vulnerable infantry defenders, but there are no roofs or walls to fall on the defenders. Thus, according to the brilliant historian General J.F.C Fuller (The Second World War, the bombing of the abbey at Monte Cassino was not so much an act of vandalism but an act of sheer tactical stupidity.

The same goes for the bombing of houses, commercial and residential high-rise buildings and bridges by the IDF, with one important difference: The homeless victims of the Israeli bombings, especially those who have lost friends and loved ones, are now lining up to fight for Hezbolla. What would YOU do, after losing friends and members of your family?

Arab Freedom? We have made the residents of Lebanon REALLY free: "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose!"

As Martin Luther King once said: "War is a poor chisel to carve out tomorrows". In the United States, we shall now be faced with problems from Hezbollah as well as Al Quaida. As Richard Armitage said on April 18, 2003: Hezbollah, not Al Quaida, is the "A" team of terrorists.