Jill Carroll and the idiotic propaganda from both sides

I join the many Christians and Moslems, as well as the multitudes from other religions, who are joyfully celebrating Jill Carroll's release. Unfortunately, my joy is tempered with sadness, when I consider the degree to which she has succumbed to the crude, irrational propaganda of the evil forces of our world.

Jill is right in condemning those who killed her friend Alan, and thereby devastated his family. I would gladly pull the trigger of my .45 Colt Commander, or the M-16 I carried in combat during my assignment in Vietnam, to avenge their untimely deaths, even though my Christian religion prohibits such acts of revenge. Unfortunately, unlike Jesus, I am only human, and have a great deal of difficulty in sublimating my anger. I suspect that Moslems, including my friend Samir Farah, who, with my help, argued for the Arab cause so fervently on the Ed Bush talk show many years ago, are burdened with similar problems of our imperfect humanity, for only God is great.

Though I am only one insignificant person, I humbly thank those who sacrificed to make her freedom possible. I know that God will reward them for their kindness, which He demands of us.