What Should we have learned from the Vietnam War??

Since I served as Civil Affairs Officer there, and later as Advisory Team Leader north of Kontum, and then in the so-called "Iron Triangle", I am uniquely qualified to answer that vital question, lest my fellow Americans follow in my footsteps and repeat my mistakes:
Was the US trying to bring freedom and democracy to South Vietnam? NO! The US prevented the nationwide election scheduled for 1956 and the 1954 Geneva Conference. According to then President Eisenhower: "I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indo- Chinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held at the time of the fighting, possibly 80 percent of the population would have voted for the communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader.
By 1965 nothing had changed, according to US "pacification" chief John Paul Vann:
A popular base for the government of South Vietnam does not now exist - The existing government is oriented towards the exploitation of the rural and lower class urban populations - the dissatisfaction of the agrarian population is expressed largely through alliance with the National Liberation Front, which the American politicians and the press call the 'Viet Cong'.


German Anti-Partisan Guide - Warfare Against "Bands", Dated 6th May, 1944

This old document by the "evil" Germans might be used by "our" US armed forces today, merely by changing a few dates and eliminating, as usual, any concerns about killing any innocent civilians:
"Actions against bands necessitates close co-operation between the military authorities, the Reichsfuehrer-SS, and the civil authorities. In actions against bands, the following techniques have been used so far with success: Encirclement of the bands and "cleaning out" of the encircled area. (To me, that seems to include any civilians, including any women or children, which had the audacity to take up arms against our glorious army and its obviously superior government) But I digress: "In the fight against bands territorial borders are to be disregarded. If during a battle, the undertaking spreads over adjoining territory, it has to be continued without fail. The early participation of adjoining units in the planning of larger actions secures their timely intervention."
"Destruction through surprise attack and hunt. If the forces or time are not sufficient for encirclement, or difficult ground makes it impossible, the bands, even without previous encirclement, have to be attacked, defeated and hunted until they are completely destroyed."
If you dig out an old copy of "Lawrence of Arabia", and you go to the part where the "noble" Englishman screams: "NO PRISONERS" to his indigenous army, you get the picture of what we are doing to the innocent families of Afghanistan!
May God have mercy on your souls, if you choose to participate in this murderous war.


More News from the "Afghanistan Resistance"

The so-called "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" has issued another bulletin about their progress in destroying our coalition forces in their country: Allegedly, for the last two weeks, a 15,000 man army of NATO, British and American forces has been carrying out military operations in Marjah, which is located in the Nad Ali district. We moved into that area with Abram and "Sifton" tanks, but according to this source, our losses were more than 100 soldiers. Using skilled snipers, the enemy forces have destroyed 53 of the coalition tanks, shot down two unmanned drones, as well as one helicopter.
Including the tank crews, the Afghans believe that they have killed more than one hundred of our coalition soldiers.
Apparently, we have twice attempted to drop highly skilled parachutists into the rear of our enemy forces, but after the "Mujahideen" inflicted substantial losses in their ranks, Major General Nick Carter, the NATO commander in Helmand Province said it will take three months to indicate whether his operations were successful.
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The New American Dream!

Check out: THE NEW AMERICAN DREAM: Dear America, I quit - Please Click on the headline, to see Obama's newest revelation! Hopefully, Obama REALLY MEANS IT THIS TIME - My wife and I voted for McCain in the last Presidential election. Either way, the country we believe in was VERY likely to be screwed.
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Sanity Prevails: The Dutch are pulling out of Afghanistan!

The Dutch coalition government has collapsed amid a political disagreement over the continued war in Afghanistan. The left-leaning Labor Party has left the government because it wants the Netherlands to adhere to a scheduled military withdrawal of most of its 1600 troops from the Afghan province of Uruzgan by the end of August. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen had asked the Netherlands to maintain a smaller presence.
The Dutch withdrawal is another challenge for NATO. The Western defense alliance is already struggling to assemble 10,000 additional troops that General Stanley McCrystal DEMANDS to accompany the 30,000 extra American troops being deployed there.