UKPA: Workers Taken off Gas Leak Platform!

Shell is removing workers from offshore installations close to a Total platform which has been evacuated after a gas leak. The leak on the Elgin PUQ platform, about 150 miles off the coast of Aberdeen, led to the evacuation of all 238 workers. Total E&P UK (TEP UK), which operates the platform, said it was taking "all possible measures" to try to identify the source and cause of the leak, and to bring it under control. It has been confirmed that there is a sheen on the water in the vicinity of the platform and Oil Spill Response (OSRL) have carried out two aerial surveillance flights to assess the situation. Shell said it is removing 85 staff from its Shearwater platform and the nearby Noble Hans Deul drilling rig as a precautionary measure. They are around four nautical miles (4.6 miles) from the Elgin platform. Drilling operations on the Noble Hans Deul rig have been suspended and the wells have been left in a safe state, Shell said. A Shell spokesman said: "While the move is purely a precautionary and primarily driven by the prevailing weather conditions, both facilities remain operational, it has been decided to reduce numbers to a more manageable level until the full situation surrounding the Elgin leak has been established." Shell said it is removing 52 workers from Shearwater, leaving 38 on board, while 33 are being taken off the Hans Deul, leaving 79 on board. Following the discovery of the leak on Sunday, 219 staff were evacuated from the Elgin platform. Nineteen core crew were initially left on board, but were taken off overnight and flown to Aberdeen. There have been no reports of any injuries.   

ATLAH Preacher Urges Christians to cover Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is of ATLAH Media Network. Manning is the preacher who previously proclaimed that Oprah Winfrey is the anti-Christ. Winfrey, President Barack Obama and Dr Jeremiah Wright orchestrated "the Trinity of Hell," according to Manning. Arpaio, at the behest of WorldNetDaily, launched an "investigation" into Obama's birth certificate and recently demanded a Selective Service System investigation into the president's selective service registration card. The Fogbow has a running report that debunks Arpaio's claims. Meanwhile, WorldNetDaily is complaining that there is a "media blackout" of Arpaio's "bombshell" findings. Squarely in the WorldNetDaily camp, ATLAH's Manning claims that Obama is using a fake Social Security number and fake birth certificate, adding that he thought Arpaio is in danger for his investigation: I'm at this moment calling upon all noble citizens and patriots to encamp and encircle Sheriff Joe Arpaio in prayer. The matter of his now having the authority of an official and law enforcement officer now pursuing this matter we know how dangerous the world is. According to Manning, "we are closer to revealing who Obama is" than ever, and if Arpaio's efforts fail,"those of us who are birthers are going to end up in jail" and "America is going to go to hell." Manning led his followers in prayer, explaining to Jesus why Obama is a tyrant, and why angels must encircle Arpaio and all other birthers!     

The Intel Hub: Full Scale Effort to Steal Ron Paul Delegates!

Doug Wead, a senior adviser to the Ron Paul Campaign, has exposed the fact that a GOP establishment director in Washington State has publicly made the claim that the Romney-Gingrich-Santorum campaigns have united to steal delegates from Ron Paul. "Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones you will hear Alex Hayes, director of mainstream Republicans of Washington State, making the claim that the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns have united behind a common slate of candidates in Washington State to block the Ron Paul machine from winning the delegates. The apparent move on the part of the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns is to block citizens favoring Ron Paul from taking over the Washington State delegation to Tampa," wrote Wead. Sadly this is not just happening in Washington State rather it has been documented across many parts of the country. In Georgia, GOP rules were completely ignored during their caucus: A list of rules that we know were violated: Delegates of the convention attempted to nominate people from the floor, yet were summarily ignored without vote by the chairman. The Athens Clarke County precinct delegates were disenfranchised by Matt Brewster, Chairman, and the county convention was closed without majority and without the proper respect to the procedural process as outlined in our party rules and Robert's Rules of Order. The initial "all in favor" request did not give a chance for the "ayes" and the "nays" to be voiced at the same time. The count of the "ayes" versus the "nays" was inaccurate. According to our count, 25 of the 37 people in attendance were Ron Paul supporters, and did not vote "aye" when a voice vote was called for. Bryan Spencer, the former St Charles County Republican Central Committeeman and Caucus Subcommittee Chairman in Missouri openly admitted to premeditated fraud.


The Telegraph: North Korea Begins Fuelling Satellite

North Korea has begun fueling a rocket for a launch condemned by the West as a banned missile test, a Japanese newspaper reported, citing a source "close to the government" in Pyongyang. "The launch is coming closer. The possibility is high that the launch date will be set for April 12 or 13," the source said, according to the Tokyo Shimbun in a report from Seoul. It cited the source as saying that North Korea had begun injecting liquid fuel into the rocket. The paper also said a diplomatic source had confirmed that North Korea has moved the rocket to a launch pad in "Tongchang-ri in the country's far northwest. Japan's newspapers pay close attention to North Korea, and often lead the international media in breaking stories on the hermit state, sometimes ahead of their South Korean counterparts. The Tokyo Shimbun in particular is known for its connections with Kim Jong-Nam, the older brother of Pyongyang's new leader, Kim Jong-un. South Korea's defense ministry had no immediate comment on Thursday's report, but was scheduled to hold a press briefing later in the day. The military in Seoul said it had no information on whether the rocket was being fueled. The report came after North Korea insisted on Tuesday it would go ahead with what it insists is a satellite launch, snubbing a call from US President Barack Obama to drop the plan and accusing him of a "confrontational mindset". The United States has suspended plans to send food aid to North Korea, saying it has broken a promise to halt missile launches, and cannot be trusted to give help to those who need it, a Pentagon official said Wednesday. Under a deal reached last month, North Korea had agreed to a partial nuclear freeze and a missile test moratorium in return for US food aid.

Fredrik Dahl: Could Bombing Iran Push it to Build the Bomb?

Pre-emptive military strikes aimed at forcing Iran to abandon its nuclear activities may end up having the opposite effect: Convincing the Islamic Republic's leaders they need an atomic arsenal to secure their hold on power. That is the argument from those in the West and elsewhere, who say the negative impact of an Israeli or US attack would eventually outweigh any gains, pushing Iran towards a decision that Western intelligence services believe it has not yet been taken. "It is difficult to see a single action more likely to drive Iran into taking the final decision to acquire nuclear weapons than an attack on the country," the foreign ministers of Sweden and Finland said in an opinion piece in the New York Times. "And once such a decision is made, it would only be a matter of time before a nuclear-armed Iran became a reality," Carl Bildt and Erkki Tuomioja added. Israel says Iran's nuclear ambitions are a threat to the Jewish state's very existence, and that time is running short to stop Tehran taking the irreversible step of acquiring the bomb. But an attack may delay Iran's nuclear drive only by a few years, and would probably lead to an acceleration of the atomic program, the expulsion of UN inspectors and the Iranian people rallying around their leaders, the International CrisisGroup think-tank said in a report citing unnamed US officials. "Once UN inspectors are expelled, Iran could reconstitute its nuclear infrastructure, this time unambiguously geared to producing a bomb," ICG analyst Ali Vaez told Reuters. A similar message came from former CIA director Michael Hayden, who said the George W Bush administration had concluded that a strike on the Islamic Republic's nuclear sites was a bad idea, according to a Foreign Policy magazine blog.   

USA Thwarts Israeli Attack on Iran

In two carefully coordinated events, the USA put an end to Israel's plan to attack Iran. On March 28, 2012, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak publicly praised himself and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: "The decision to cancel the attack was the result of contacts between the USA, the Israeli Defense Ministry and the Pentagon."At that moment, the poker game between the USA, Israel and Iran came to an abrupt end. There was no winner, but one loser: Israel. About a week ago, I published Obama Bluffs Netanyahu, just after President Obama's video appeal to the Iranian people on the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year. He told them that there was "no reason for the United States and Iran to be divided from one another." This was a sharp deviation from the belligerent Israeli-American discourse in recent months. Moreover, it was a clear end to Netanyahu's desire to force the USA into attacking Iran. "Netanyahu needs a war with Iran. The only way Netanyahu could prevent a deal between between the USA and Iran is by attacking Iran before an agreement is signed, or by performing a false flag attack on American soil. Obama bluffed Netanyahu," I summarized the event. A week later, the American administration hit Israel twice. The first event was private in nature, a war -simulation conducted at the Pentagon. The second was public and brutal: the USA formally disclosed secret information about Israeli plans, which has effectively put an end to any possibility of carrying out an aerial attack on Iran by Israel. Tuesday 27, Pentagon. This Tuesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak was a special invitee of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at the Pentagon. He was rushed to a secure  underground bunker, where stray planes couldn't cause undesired damage. He was expecting a nice cup of coffee and maybe a piece of chocolate cake. Nothing was too shabby for him. He would show the world his nickname "Napo" (for Half-Napoleon) was undeserved.   


Brother Nathanael: Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill?

Hillary Clinton's current stint as US Secretary of State, by all appearances, has all the earmarks of being a 'Jewish-run' operation. Even the seal of the US State Department affixed on every door of every office at this Bureau affords "proof-enough" that Zionist-Jewry has marked out America's foreign policy as its own exclusive turf, and had done so, quite some time ago. And now, with Hillary Clinton, a prime candidate for Zionist shillery, now in the driver's seat, the Jewish agenda that motors through every street, avenue, and curve of the State Department's policies, is running on all four gears, indeed, on overdrive. But don't take MY word for it: Hillary herself has confessed her own submission to her Zionist masters when speaking before the powerful Jewish-run Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR, at a Conference last year. In Hillary's own words: "It's good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won't have this far to go to be told what we should be doing." Well, Hillary, with CFR's OWN Jewish President, Richard Haass, and Board of Directors' Jewish bankers Robert Rubin of CitiGroup/Stephen Friedman of Goldman Sachs and Hyatt Hotels Jewish heiress, Penny Pritzker, currently special adviser to Obama, what you're being "told to do" is coming STRAIGHT from the Jewish horse's mouth! Now, if you think the Jewish neocons have disappeared from the face of US policy-making, better think again: You see, just last summer, Clinton appointed Victoria Nuland as the US State Department's official spokesperson.        

A Tale of Two Trips, Some Fantastic Gasoline Facts

"It was so cold in Europe this winter that one environmentalist was seen with his hands in his own pockets." To save gas, plan your next trip in kilometers. Kilometers are shorter than miles."The Worst Job in the world: White House Press Secretary. For every WH 'joinder' these days there are ten conservative rejoinders. Jimmy Carter all over again. Our leaders wanted to make our interstate highway signs "look more like Europe" so they had them converted to kilometers, and bank thermometers changed to Centigrade. Energy Secretary Chu is willing to let us keep measuring our gasoline in gallons as long as we pay as much as the Europeans pay. Oh, and you have to buy a $43,000 electric car. In the UP of Michigan, our answer to climate change is "throw another log on the fire and kwitcherbellyachin. Stop the whining and start the mining. Drill, Barry, drill." And stop calling us "folks." We are not "folks", that is an F-word. The only people who say "folks" are clowns, as in "seriously, folks."So, seriously, I want to tell you a true tale of a trip I made in 1963 from Wisconsin to Jekyll Island, Georgia. I got over 40 mpg in my Renault 4CV, so with gas around 25 cents a gallon, I could go 160 miles on a buck's worth of gas, or 1,600 miles on ten dollars' worth. I made that round trip for $14 worth of gas, or 1,600 miles on ten dollars' worth. I made that round trip for $14 worth of gas and one quart of oil. Another buck's worth of gas would have taken me well to Florida and back. The cost of gasoline per mile on that 1963 trip was about half a penny. It currently costs me about 20 cents per mile for gasoline alone, and that's 40 times as much per mile.       


Curtis Dahlgren: Trickle Down Corruption

A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies. "Might as well cast a little light on the subject," my dad used to say, when he turned on the kitchen light. Current events these days are one part horror, one part wishful thinking, and one part darkness, so let's at least throw a little light on the problem. Too often these days people confuse the symptoms and the root causes of our problems, in the vain attempt to find the scapegoat outside ourselves. Your first clue - the metrosexuals of Academia haven't just taken over the secular institutions, but also the theological seminaries. I knew a man who used to call them "cemeteries" a place where the semi-religious, semi-intellectuals go to bury the truth. I'm re-reading a book that backs that up, 100 percent. In a 1955 book, The Communist Menace, the Present Chaos and our Christian Responsibility, an Estonian by the name of Arthur Voobus described the Soviet slave system from up close, and analyzed the reaction of the "Academic Establishment" in the West, including the seminaries. If the Academy were 180 degrees wrong about Communism, it is safe to conclude that they are just as naive about America's current enemies, so here are some excerpts: "How often have we heard among Christians the talk that the present situation is a demonstration of how far secularism can lead us. Secularism only is made responsible and Christian conversation washes its hands over the sinner. Certainly life without God has revealed its true nature and has shown where it can lead. But it is not only secularism that has been in action in the formation of the present chaos, but the Christians also have been present and belong to the picture. Therefore, it would be wrong if Christians should try to acquit themselves by throwing all the blame for the development upon the secularized world. 

CNN Money: Dow Jumps on Dovish Bernanke!

US stocks rallied Monday after Fed chairman Ben Bernanke's comments on the job market gave investors reason to believe interest rates will stay low. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 161 points, or 1.2% to end at 13,242. American Express led gainers on the DOW after the company hiked its quarterly dividend payment 11% to 20 cents per share. It was the biggest one-day gain for the DOW since January 3, when the index rose to nearly 180 points. In a speech to fellow economists, Bernanke said: "We cannot yet be sure that the recent pace of improvement in the labor market will be sustained." He added that the Fed's "accommodative monetary policies" should help reduce high unemployment over time. The comments reaffirm investors' expectation that the central bank will keep interest rates low for a long time, and that the Fed will act if the economy deteriorates. "We got some clarity on what Bernanke believes the economic cycle will look like," said Frank Davis, director of sales and trading at LEK Securities. While stocks have rallied this year on growing optimism about the economy, the Fed has maintained a cautious outlook. The central bank has pledged to keep interest rates near historic lows until late 2014. Traders said stocks are being supported by the combination of improving economic data and tacit support from the Fed. So far in 2012, the S&P 500 has gained 12%, the Dow is 7% higher, and the Nasdaq is up nearly 18%. But the gains were exaggerated by positioning ahead of the quarter's end, said Boockvar, chief market strategist with Miller Taback & Co. 

Ron Paul: A Fistful of Euros!

This week, my congressional committee will hold a hearing to examine how the Federal Reserve bails out European banks, propping up spendthrift European governments in the process. Unfortunately this bailout comes at the expense of American citizens , in the form of higher prices and diminished savings down the road. A good analysis of the Fed's "swap" scheme first appeared in the Wall Street Journal back in December, in an article by Gerald O'Driscoll entitled, "The Federal Reserve's Covert Bailout of Europe." Essentially, beginning late last year the Fed provided US dollars to the European Central Bank in exchange for Euros, sometimes as much as $100 billion at a time. The ECB then funneled those dollars to the European Central Bank in exchange for Euros, sometimes as much as $100 billion at a time. The ECB then funneled those dollars to European banks to provide liquidity and prevent crises from bank insolvencies. Since the currency swap was not a technical loan, the Fed did not have to embarrass itself by openly showing foreign bank debt on its balance sheet. The ECB meanwhile did not have to print new Euros and expose the true fragility of big European banks. The entire purpose of this unholy arrangement was to obscure the truth: Namely that the Fed was bailing out Europe with US dollars. But why is it the business of the Federal Reserve to bail out European banks that find themselves short of dollars to pay their dollar-denominated contracts? After all, those contracts often were hedges taken to protect banks against weakness of the Euro. Hedges are supposed to reduce risk, but banks that miscalculate should suffer their own losses accordingly. It's not our business if the ECB chooses to create moral hazards by providing liquidity to European banks, but why should the Fed prop up Europe's bad decisions? The Fed has promised to provide unlimited amounts of dollars to the ECB, should circumstances require it. It boggles the mind!

Dr. Orly Taitz: White Ribbons in America. Will Russians March With US ?

In the US we've watched protests in Russia, claims of election fraud and white ribbons of solidarity with dissidents. But what about the United States of America? The irony is that we, all 311 million Americans are victims of the biggest fraud in the history of this nation. Specifically, this is the fraud committed by one, Barack Hussein Obama. Unfortunately, the level of corruption among our governmental bureaucrats and judges and heavily censored and manipulated puppet US "main stream" or truly black-water media is enormous. Even with the undeniable evidence of fraud committed by Obama, we are yet to get a court ruling removing him from the ballot and prosecuting him to the full extent of the law for election fraud, use of a computer generated forgery, claiming it to be a true and correct copy of his valid birth certificate, use of a computer generated forgery, claiming it to be a true and correct copy of his valid birth certificate, use of a stolen Social Security number and hiding his identity under the last name Soetoro and Soebarkah. Well, I had better start from the beginning. As Obama started running for the US Presidency, I could tell that much of what he was saying did not ring true and did not check out. Probably the most troubling was the fact that he is using a Social Security number assigned to another individual. In the United States the Social Security number assigned to another individual. In the United States the Social Security numbers were assigned by states. The first 3 digits of the number that Obama is using, (042) were assigned to the state of Connecticut. Obama was never a resident of Connecticut and there is no legitimate reason for him to have that number. I can disclose this number and make it public in this article for two reasons: 1. Inadvertently Obama himself made it public when he published his tax returns on line and did not flatten the PDF file. Thousands of individuals around the world opened the file using Adobe Illustrator program and got the number 042-68-4425. 2. We know that this number was assigned to a resident of Connecticut born in 1890. In my research I was able to secure assistance of three licensed investigators: Retired Scotland Yard senior officer Neil Sankey, licensed investigator Susan Daniels and recently retired senior Deportation Officer John Sampson. All of them searched different national databases, which are routinely used by licensed investigators and attorneys and came to the same conclusion: Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States and commander in Chief does not have a valid Social Security number. 


pravda.ru: Hillary Clinton is Despicable!

Hillary Clinton is an interesting case study. She started four years ago as a charming Secretary of State, the smile on the snout to wipe out the snarl of her predecessor Condoleezza Rice and four years on, she appears on camera butch, a trucker-type probably complete with tattoos, insolent, inconsequential and incompetent. We now understand Bill. What happened to Hillary Clinton? Her credentials for the position of Secretary of State were never that great. Let us be honest. Someone who lied on camera for all to see about getting off an aircraft in the middle of a war zone in Bosnia in the 1990s when in fact she arrived to a red-carpet complete with a band playing. Since when is a red carpet and a band a war zone? Right! And now, the Chief of Diplomacy of the United States of America imitates her representative at the UNO, Susan Rice, in insolence, calling Russia and China "despicable" for spoiling her war plans in Syria and beyond. Insolence is indeed the mainstay and the keyword behind US diplomacy, intrusion ditto and hypocrisy has to be the toothpick in the throat of those who try to expound Washington's virtue on the world stage,and let us be perfectly frank. Hillary Rodham had a very easy passage before her as the outwardly visible sidekick of Barack Obama, elected after eight years of a Bush regime which confirmed all the worst nightmares of the conspiracy theorists. Did she pull it off? No she didn't. For someone in her position, to label the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China as "despicable" because they exercised their right to block NATO's evil desire to make another Libya out of Syria, is a clear sign of how low US diplomacy has sunk.    

Prensa Latina: We Must Fight, says Fidel Castro to World Intellectuals

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, reiterated the need to keep fighting and keep the population informed, in a meeting with intellectuals of the Network in Defense of Humanity. "We must fight" asserted Fidel Castro in a talk of more than nine hours with several personalities from 22 countries invited to the 21st International Book Fair. He commented on world events in the last three days. For Fidel, "the least we can do is keep the public informed,"he said, while confirming by reading the news of the last three days the gravity of the alarming situation for which they were gathered there. Fidel Castro also proposed to publish a book with all the ideas and proposals raised in this dialogue, which held that "we cannot give in to pessimism. It is our duty." The newspaper Granma and the digital portal Cuba-debate enumerated some of the reflections of the participants in the meeting, such as Zuleica Romay, House of the Americas Award and president of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL). Romay recalled the warning that the leader of the Cuban Revolution launched 20 years ago at the Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the risk of extinction that threatens the human species, at present much more severe, he said. The Spanish writer and journalist, Ignacio Ramonet, denounced the practices of the media system globally, in which information serves as a rarely free commodity and people are sold to advertisers. Equally, the intellectuals demanded action to avoid a planetary catastrophe and to oppose manipulation or silence. The Brazilian intellectual, Frei Betto, asked for an assessment of "our social inclusion" and to generate projects, not only outrage, because this is not enough to solve global injustice.

Jon Hellevig: Time And the Incredible Shrinking Brain

In its latest edition the US magazine Time did its own bit of pre-election ranting about Russia and Putin with its cover story "Russia's Incredible Shrinking Prime Minister." The message is in the subhead which reads: "His grip on power is shakier than ever. That makes the world a more dangerous place." Intrigued by this caption, I signed on to Time's website to get the whole story, but there was none. In vain I searched the whole site over and over again, but all I found about Putin and Russia was a story by Simon Shuster under the heading "See Putin Run: How the Prime Minister is Relying on Russia's Heartland." After all this must be it. I thought. Begrudgingly I read the stuff a couple of times hoping to detect the analysis by which Time motivated its bombastic claims. But all I found was an insipid diatribe focusing on Putin's campaign trip to Kurgan, one of the provincial towns of Russia with a population of 300 thousand people. It turns out that either Mr. Shuster wrote the wrong story, or the editor in charge of the front cover did not read Shuster's story. Whatever, but in the article nothing much about Putin's "shrinking support," and why the world would be a "more dangerous place" for that. Shuster's article is written in the evergreen style of American exploring journalism. In this genre the gallant and unrelenting journalist is placed in a setting of ordinary people whose sentiments the journalist with his keen and receptive mind catches as his material goes about their everyday life. This style is eminently well suited for propaganda, because here you can ignore all the facts. No analysis will be needed for you are supposedly just reporting what you observe, and being an "independent journalist" representing the "free press" you are a trusted source. And this precisely overcomes the problem that the anti-Putin propaganda otherwise bumps into: it is so difficult to bend the facts to suit the story line as Russia's achievements under Putin are so truly remarkable.      


Adam Hochschild: "The Story of the War Horse"

Well in advance of the 2010 centennial of the beginning of "the war to end all Wars," the First World War is suddenly everywhere in our lives. Stephen Spielberg's War Horse opened on 2,376 movie screens and has collected six Oscar nominations, while the hugely successful play it's based on is still packing in crowds in New York, and a second production is being readied to tour the country. In addition, the must-watch TV soap opera of the last two months, Downtown Abbey, has just concluded its season on an unexpected kiss. In seven episodes, its upstairs-downstairs world of forbidden love and dynastic troubles took American viewers from mid-war, 1916, beyond the Armistice, with the venerable Abbey itself turned into a convalescent hospital for wounded troops. Other dramas about the 1914-1918 war are on the way, among them an HBO-BBC miniseries based on Ford Madox Ford's Parade's End quartet of novels, and a TV adaptation of Sebastian Faulk's novel Birdsong, from an NBC-backed production company. In truth, there's nothing new to this. Filmmakers and novelists have long been fascinated by the way the optimistic, sunlit, pre-1914 Europe of emperors in plumed helmets and hussars on parade so quickly turned into a mass slaughterhouse on an unprecedented scale, and there are good reasons to look at the First World War carefully and closely. After all, it was responsible for the deaths of some nine million soldiers and an even larger number of civilians. It helped ignite the Armenian genocide and the Russian Revolution, left large swaths of Europe in smoldering ruins, and remade the world for the worse in almost every conceivable way, above all, by laying the groundwork for a second and even more deadly, even more global war.   

theufochronicles: Unraveling the Age of the Pyramids and Sphinx:

Today with the use of computers and software its possible to track the stars of the heavens back thousands of years to determine their location on particular ancient dates. Many of those locations do in fact align with certain structures in Egypt, such as the three Pyramids of Giza being in the same alignment as the 3 stars of Orion's belt, the fact that the Sphinx faces directly toward the eastern sunrise at certain times of the year, and that the shafts of the Kings and Queens chamber align perfectly with certain stars, and other astronomical occurrences in the sky. As an example, during the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, at Giza the sub rises about 28 degrees south of due east and 28 degrees north during those two times of the year, thus being an equinoctial marker when the Sphinx faces perfectly to the east at sunrise during the spring equinox. The technology side of how the Pyramids were built is to me, some of the most amazing information to come forward thus far. Fourteenth century Arab commentators tell us the Great Pyramid and the second one were both covered with smoothly-polished Tura limestone that glowed in the Egyptian sun, and were shaken loose by an earth quake in 1301 AD, and most then used to build mosques and temples. Only the second Pyramid still has any of the limestone casing stones at the top. Those casing stones consisted of an estimated 22 acres of 8-foot thick blocks, each weighing about 16 tons, and so closely joined that they appeared to be a single slab from top to bottom. As determined in 1881 by Sir W M Flinders Petrie, the mean thickness of the joints is 0.020 of an inch, giving a variation of the cutting of the stone from a straight line and a true square but 0.01 of an inch on a length of 75 inches up to the face.

PRESSTV: Holocaust Blackest Lie!

Arthur Jones, who hopes to challenge Democrat Dan Lipinski in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, noted that the claim of killing millions of Jews and other people by Nazis during World War II "is nothing more than international extortion racket by the Jews," Huffington Post reported. "It's the blackest lie in history. Millions of dollars are being made by Jews telling this tale of woe and misfortune in books, movies, plays and TV," he said. "The more survivors, the more lies that are told," the 64-year-old candidate said. Jones said he hopes to win the Republican primary nomination and move on to challenge Democrat Dan Lipinski next November. He also questioned Lipinski's strange affiliation with powerful pro-Israeli lobby group in the US-American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Jones underlined that the pro-Israeli lobby "was bragging on their website" on how Lipinski is "spearheading an effort in the US House of Representatives with a Jewish Congressman from Virginia named Frank Wolf to get tough with Iran, including closing off any oil exports to China that could lead to World War III." Jones, a Vietnam veteran, also compared current conditions in the US to the situation in Germany following the end of World War 1 and insisted that "our country is falling apart economically, politically, culturally, militarily." "We are going down," he noted angrily. "These war-mongering fools in congress like Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, we can't let Iran have one nuclear weapon but we let Israel have all the nuclear weapons they want," Jones said. "This is ridiculous." Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on a number of occasions for a historical examination of 'the Holocaust' in an effort to uncover realities of the much publicized World War II event. His remarks, however, have sparked outrage among pro-Israeli Western powers, labeling him as a "holocaust denier." 


Adrian Salbuchi: The Russian Wall!

As a foreign observer writing from Argentina, we too are awaiting with keen expectations the results of the Russian Elections. As happens with all elections when observed from far away, save for the incumbent and maybe one or two other names, the rest are often a bewildering series of unknowns and the local issues are also unfamiliar to us. I am not Russian. I do not live in Russia. I do not speak Russian, and I must confess that I have a patchy knowledge about Russia. But I can tell you this. As a Geopolitical analyst I know that Russia is crucially important to Mankind at the crossroads we find ourselves in these very dark times. Politics are never black or white, good guy versus bad guy. In politics "truth" always lies in some subtle shade of grey. What political opponents normally fight, argue and bicker about is that "correct" shade of grey. Of course, they never reach any agreement. Why? Because there is no "correct" shade of grey. It's like beauty, always in the eyes of the beholder. In addition, just as the fundamental rationale of Economics its bottom line or acid test, so to speak lies in distinguishing between "profitable" and "not profitable" and that is what will drive a final decision in the economic sphere, and just as the fundamental rationale of Morals lies in distinguishing between absolute Good and absolute Bad, so the fundamental rationale of Politics its absolute "bottom line" lies in distinguishing between Friend and Enemy. While neither the US nor the UK nor Europe are in anyway 'the Enemy' of mankind, the private Global Power Masters who have hijacked those nations and embedded themselves deep into their private and public power structures are!   

Jim Kirwan: Crossing The Threshhold!

Today the world crossed over into the free-fire-zone that has been created to finish off this place and change-the-world from a place into a permanent prison for any who will survive the coming days and weeks. The congress of the USA has been moving at light-speed to create so many different new pieces of new legislation that are aimed at making ordinary Americans into SUSPECTS and or actual Enemy Combatants inside their own country. This unceasing flood of Anti-American legislation that are aimed at making ordinary Americans into SUSPECTS and or actual Enemy Combatants inside their own country. This unceasing flood of Anti-American legislation is all the more remarkable for the fact that nothing which this country needs is being met by the congress, the courts or the Tarnished House. Yet bill after bill is passed with no discussion or debate and the public only discovers what has happened to us after the critical votes are taken. Americans are the most highly taxed nation on the planet, and yet we derive no benefit from all that money for ourselves. Instead, every one of those entities that are looting this country are handsomely rewarded, well beyond any criminal's wildest dreams of booty and unearned wealth, yet the public remains completely cut off from the government that we are paying through the nose to maintain, on the one hand, and on the other we are being ripped apart anew each and every week by this series of criminally inspired bits of legislation that are fired into our faces as if we were all just a bunch of paper-targets to be destroyed at will by the armies of traitors that were created by this latest rash of unimaginable legislation.

Stephen Lendman: Daily Israeli State Terror!

Major media scoundrels suppress reports about the daily Israeli state terror. Most Americans, and many others, can't imagine what Palestinians endure. Every imaginable depravity's included. Torture and murder are state policy. So are forced dispossessions, violence as a weapon of choice, collective punishment, apartheid worse than South Africa's, isolation, home demolitions, land theft, mass arrests, economic strangulation, and much more. Rule of law principles are systematically spurned. Rogue state policies ignore them. Even Jews face risks. However, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs live under constant threats, especially besieged Gazans facing slow-motion genocide. Except for death camps, Israel treats Arabs like Nazis treated Jews. Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer was outspoken, saying: "The Israelis try to dehumanize the Palestinians, just like the Nazis did to me. Nobody should dehumanize any others, and those who do it are not human." "It may be that Israel is not the most cruel country of the world, but one thing I know for sure is that it's the world champion in pretending to be civilized and cultured." He also said: "Formerly an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews because they were Jews and had a Jewish soul. But nowadays an anti-Semite is someone who is hated by Jews." He added that criticizing Israel isn't denigrating Jews. A German native, Meyer survived 10 months at Auschwitz. His parents weren't so fortunate. He fled, went into hiding, but was caught and imprisoned. Post-war, he because a physicist, political activist, and wrote three books on Judaism, the Holocaust, and Zionism. He now lives in the Netherlands, is a member of the Dutch Green Left and International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, and supports the global BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement for Freedom, Justice and Equality.