You Can't Handle the Truth!

Lt. Colonel Dan Marvin, a former Green Beret, recently won a court battle against the US Government, over the release of his book: "Expendable Elite". Please click HERE to read sample pages. Apparently, the Johnson administration had been funneling weapons to our "enemy", the Vietcong, and was providing safe havens for them in Cambodia.

He further accused the Pentagon and President Johnson of leading our soldiers to the slaughter, in order to keep the war going at any cost, with the intent of losing, not winning the war. Why? Wolfgang P. May, Advisory Team Leader in the Iron Triangle, says: "Two Thumbs up - Check it out!"


The Roots of Haditha

Few of us are rational creatures, though we always like to pretend that we are. Did you really buy that car you are now driving based strictly on its appearance, horsepower, and fuel consumption? Chances are that the advertising agency, which knows how to pull your emotional strings, was able to bypass these rational considerations,and appealed directly to your "feelings", your unconcious mind.

I can tell you from my personal experiences in Vietnam, that combat pulls a lot of very complex strings in your psyche, which is at least the sum total of everything that you have ever experienced in your lifetime: Your joys and sorrows, your fears and hopes, your irrational prejudices. Get the picture?

In many cases, you survive because your adrenalin helps to facilitate those split-second decisions, which your conscious mind would weigh in the balance just long enough to get you killed. Unfortunately, that same "unconscious" mind which has just saved your life, also has a dark side: It will sometimes encourage you to make decisions to make judgments, that Abe Lincoln called "the better angels of our nature" would soundly condemn.

I believe that, which caused the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, is the same disease, which overpowered the rational judgment of those Marines in Iraq. You can certainly blame the commander. Our Armed Forces doctrine states that he is responsible for "everything his unit does or fails to do", BUT:

Having met my own dark side in Vietnam, I know how hard this is to make a rational and compassionate judgment, when you have just been through a firefight. Therefore, I prefer to transfer the required accountability to the President, who sent these men into harms way. After all, as President Truman acknowledged: "The Buck Stops Here!"


The Thoughts are Free (MP3 - sing along with George)

If you will click HERE:(MP3-sing along with George, you will be able to download this very well done satyrical song, which is based on an old German protest song, which has its roots in past centuries. The song was forbidden during the Nazi days. This recording is courtesy of the RajaDefNet Singers, from Louisville, Kentucky:

Oh, the thoughts they are free, but that's not true for oil
so the things we must do, will make your blood boil
you might think it's wacky to kill an Iraqui
for my new SUV, but the thoughts they are free.

The contracts are gone, they went to Halliburton
They'll do the job best, George Bush says he's certain
Dick Chaney's a'cheerin', he loves war profiteering
I'll tell you no lie, he's a very rich guy.

So why did we go? George says cause of terror
and the weapons we'll find, but of course he's in error.
And if you ask old bin Laden, his Freude is Schaden
there were no al-Quaeda ties, so we killed the wrong guys.

Die Gedanken sind frei, but don't start to talkin'
If you disagree, John Ashcroft is watchin'
and if you'll sit for a spell, I'll go on and on about Orwell
and 1984, 'cause we ain't free no more.