Don't Mess with Afghanistan!!!

Jane Stillwater has it RIGHT! Had we permitted George W. to treat America to a third term, our current policy in that bloody country of Afghanistan, where superpowers go to be humiliated, would be exactly the same as under the "new", and "modern" Obama regime: Please click on the title to read more, including not only Jane's perceptive report - "Don't Mess with Afghanistan", but also that of Robert Scheer: "Obama's Meaningless War". It was because of "W"that We, the Veterans of another futile war (for me it was 'Nam), formed veteransagainsttorture.com in the futile hope that our honorable service to our great nation not be dragged through our enemies' muddy interpretation of our freely-given measure of pain and torment.

Those of us who voted for Obama sincerely believed that we could now hold our head proudly among the other nations. Unfortunately, WE WERE WRONG!!


America's Most Wanted Environmental "Terrorist"

Tre Arrow, born as Michael James Scarpitti, a self -proclaimed "Tree Hugger", came from a well to do family on the outskirts of sun-drenched Palm Beach, where grandiose mansions line the streets and luxury automobiles occupy the driveways.
In his attempt to make a positive contribution to our world's society, he became a tree-hugging vegan who espouses non-violence. On August 12, 2008, he was sentenced in Federal court to six-and-a-half years for lighting three cement haulers ablaze near Portland, Oregon, as well as firebombing two trucks and one front loader owned by Ray Schoppert Logging Company near the timber town of Estacada, Oregon, in protest of the Eagle tree timber sale in Mt. Hood National Forest in the late 1990's.
His supporters point out that the area he was trying to save is located in a roadless area within Oregon's Clackamas watershed, whose streams provide drinking water for over 185,000 people in the greater Portland area. Cutting the trees Michael was trying to save would most probably lead to future landslides and mass flooding, which would most probably lead to future landslides and mass flooding.
Now the people of that area have no more defenders! Please click on the heading to read the rest of the story.