US and Pakistan created the "TALIBAN"!

YES: Now we know. According to a recent edition of the Times of India, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardani revealed to our NBC on May 7, that the US Central Intelligence Agency and his own country's ISI together created the "Taliban". To your left you see the Taliban busy gathering their Opium harvest, thereby supplementing their already enormous funding of by our United States Congress.
Of course, this revelation is not exactly news to readers of this blog: As I pointed out earlier, in reviewing the IMPORTANT book: "America's War on Terrorism" the second edition, by Michel Chossudovsky, page 5, "Western Media.. fail to mention that the Taliban's coming to power in Afghanistan 1996 was the result of US military aid, channeled to Taliban and Al Qaeda forces through Pakistan's ISI. This was confirmed by Jane Defense Weekly, stating that "half of Taliban manpower and equipment originate in Pakistan under the ISI."
The hidden agenda was oil: As soon as the Taliban had taken Kabul in 1996, and formed a government, a delegation was whisked off to Houston, Texas for meetings with officials of the Unocal Corporation regarding the construction of the strategic trans-Afghan pipeline.