Nicola Nasser: US State Department Tactics, Kerry Uses Arabs to Bully Palestinians!

A new tactic by US Secretary of State John Kerry is causing a split within the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) ranks regarding further talks with Israel. Kerry is apparently using the Arab Leagues Follow-Up Committee on the Arab Peace Initiative (FCAPI) to bully the Palestinians into accepting new ground rules for the talks to which they had objected in the past. In his sixth tour of the region as secretary of state, Kerry did something unusual. Instead of visiting Israel, as he always does, he left it out of his itinerary, deciding instead to hold most of visiting Israel, as he always does, he left it out of his itinerary, deciding instead to hold most of the talks in the Jordanian capital Amman. While there, he conferred with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as well as members of the FCAPI. As the talks progressed, it became clear that Kerry was no longer focussing on Israel, the country that has torpedoed all previous attempts at peace, but on the PLO. His aim is to get the latter to offer more concessions than they have accepted in the past. In order to do this, Kerry wanted to get the FCAPI to accept these concessions on behalf of the Palestinians, a new tactic that may not be working but that so far has succeeded in causing divisions and widespread consternation in Palestinian circles. The tactic is not totally new, for it resonates with the manner in which US diplomats have used the Arab League to justify foreign intervention for the sake of regime change in countries such as Iraq and Libya in the past. Speaking after a meeting with Kerry in Amman, FCAPI diplomats voiced their great support for Kerry's efforts to revive the talks. Their remarks were seen as a victory for Kerry, said the Associated Press. It was a success for his diplomacy, added The New York Times. Kerry, for his part, announced that the gap was narrowing between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and that all that was needed now was to iron out a few kinks. For the Palestinians, ironing out these kinks is going to be quite a job, however. PLO chief negotiator Saeb Ereikat is said to have had a stormy meeting with the PLO leadership concerning Kerry's proposals. The PLO, its back to the wall, is now forming a working committee to decide what to do about the talks. All of this is unprecedented. In the past, the FCAPI used to take its cue from the Palestinians. When the Palestinians were faced with demands for concessions they were reluctant to give, they politely said they needed to consult with the FCAPI, which was a courteous way of turning down unacceptable proposals. Now the FCAPI is getting them into trouble by agreeing to concessions before the Palestinians even have time to discuss them at length. In the absence of FCAPI support for the PLO negotiators, the latter had no option but to play along with Kerry's proposals.

Ronnie Cummins: How Monsanto Can Be Defeated!

The harder they come,the harder they fall, one and all. Jimmy Cliff, reggae classic After enjoying a year of maximum profits, record stock prices, the defeat of a major GMO labeling campaign in California, pro-industry court decisions, and a formidable display of political of political power in Washington, D.C. including slipping the controversial Monsanto Protection Act into the Federal Appropriations bill in March the Bionet Bully from St. Louis now finds itself on the defensive. It is no exaggeration to say that Monsanto has now become the most hated corporation in the world. Plagued by a growing army of Roundup-resistant super-weeds and BT-resistant super-pests spreading
across the country, a full 49 percent of American farmers are now frantically trying to kill these super-weeds and pests with ever-larger quantities of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides including glyphosate Roundup, glufosinate, 2,4D Agent Orange, dicamba, and neonicotinoids insecticides linked to massive deaths of honey bees. Reacting to this dangerous escalation of chemical farming, toxic residues on foods and environmental pollution, over a million consumers and organic farmers have pressed the Obama administration to reject anew generation of GE "Agent Orange" and dicamba-resistant crops, forcing the USDA to postpone commercizalation of these crops, at least temporarily. According to the trade press thousands of US farmers, as well as farmers worldwide, are moving away from biotech crops and searching for non-GMO genetically modified organism alternatives. At the same time US and global market demand for non-GMO organic foods and crops is steadily increasing. Compounding Monsanto's super-weed and super-pest problems, scientific evidence earthopensource.org continues to mount that GMO feed and foods, laced with Bt toxins and contaminated with ever-increasing residues of Monsanto's deadly weedkiller, Roundup, are severely damaging animal and human health. As the June 24, 2013 issue of Green Medical News puts it: "within the scientific community and educated public alike, there is a growing awareness that Roundup herbicide and its primary ingredient glyphosate, is actually a broad spectrum biocide, in the etymological sense of the word: "bio" life and "cide" kill that is, broadly, without discrimination kills living things, not just plants. "Moreover, it does not rapidly biodegrade as widely claimed, and exceedingly small amounts of this chemical in concentration ranges found in recently sampled rain, air, groundwater, and human urine samples, have DNA-damaging and cancer cell proliferation stimulating effects."         

Columnist Preston James PhD: Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions,

the Real Alien Agenda? SSG Beyond Black Arm Patch photo by Trevor Paglin. Unless Americans wake up from their slumber and take their country back from Neocon Zionist hijackers who appear to be operating according an Alien Agenda run out of the City of London Financial District, it certainly seemed that they are destined to become dead by the millions in the streets, towns and countryside of the land their forefathers conquered and then freed from England's Colonial tyranny. And the same goes for the rest of the world, especially Africa, where the first large population of aliens has been rumored from highly placed sources to be planning to migrate to if early reports are accurate. However, one thing that does seem exceedingly clear is that zionist Central Banksters from the City of London Financial District have been operating according to an apparent "Alien Agenda". They have hijacked the USG and America, and are now in the process of building up a super-massive internal police state army and surveillance system which they plan to deploy against average Americans as a Bolshevik-style NWO "Red Terror"Cheka mass-murder machine just like what happened in Russia in 1917 that resulted in the torture and murder of approximately 66 million Russians. This is a long article. Bold prints are provided as main point summaries for those that do not wish to read each part of this article. Have Americans actually been financing their own future mass murder by DHS, compliments of a bought and owned, blackmailed, human compromised, Banker controlled Congress and Executive who are serving as puppets of this offshore Bankers force? And is this City of London Central Bankers bunch being controlled by an evil Alien Force, perhaps best referred to as as the Third Force, which has been alleged to have developed a small super class of alien-human hybrids who run all Central Banking of the free world and earn enormous inhuman profits by use of pernicious usury? Doubt this, then consider the recent buildup of the Department of Homeland Security and Northcom, both created to serve a large well-armed military force which will be coordinating functions inside the continental USA to be deployed against all innocent Americans who desire to preserve the Constitution  and Bill of Rights. Is DHS, the New American Gestapo, now being morphed into the New American Cheka? DHS seems completely out of Control with US taxpayers money, spending like a drunken sailor buying up 2 billion rounds of ammo, most hollow point which cannot be used in wartime, 2700 armored vehicles, 30,000 drones which can carry air to ground missiles, and 7,000 fully automatic real assault rifles, not just semi-auto look-a-likes.      


Phil Greaves: "Progressive" Mainstream Media Supports the Destabilization

and Balkanization of Syria. Since the onset of the Syrian crisis, Martin Chulov of the Guardian has continuously been one of the most prominent journalists whose coverage, to put it kindly, has been skewed beyond any recognition of objective journalism. His narratives have systematically relied on sectarian overtones and cherry picked activist quotes from such bastions of objectivity as the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Chulov has gone to great lengths to portray the conflict in simplistic and sectarian terms: Assad the Alawite, versus the Sunni majority. The large part of Syrian society that ardently support their president has gone largely unmentioned in his coverage. The larger still part of Syrian society that simply want the war to end, and the militants to leave their towns and villages so they can attempt to rebuild their lives have been callously brushed aside by war-profiteers such as Chulov, who willingly ignore the much larger sections of Syrian society that don't abide his bias narrative. Chulov perniciously attempts to lead the reader to believe the whole Syrian public is fighting against a regime and its security infrastructure. The simple fact that the majority of men fighting the Salafi/Jihadi dominated rebels within the Syrian Army itself are Sunni Syrians belies his whole false sectarian narrative. Chulovs latest article is no exception. The sectarian melodrama is set in this title: Sunnis fear Assad wants to ethnically cleanse Alawhite heartland, in usual fashion, Chulov plays on manufactured sectarian fear and a growing western narrative that Assad is planning on building an Alawite enclave in the western provinces of Syria reaching to the Mediterranean coast, the heartland of Assad's Alawite sect. The sub-title, illuminates Chulovs simplistic rendering and the basis for his Alawite enclave theory: Homs land registry fire and handing out arms to villagers fuel concerns that an Alawite-Shiah enclave is being formed in Syria. Chulov lays the foundations of his theory with these basic facts, Assad is arming farmers and villagers, ie: Syrian men of military age, that are willing to fight the extremist dominated insurgency Chulov has propagated and promoted for the best part of two years. Yet Chulov is eager to portray these farmers and villagers as evil Shabiha intent on sectarian cleansing. And, lo and behold, the land registry in Homs has burnt down! It seems Chulov has forgotten Homs has been a conflict zone for quite some time, constantly under bombardment from either rebels, or the SAA attempting to remove them. This includes a massive air and artillery campaign on the SAAs part. Again, it is beyond Chulovs wildest imaginations that this particular building may well be under government auspices, therefore a prime target for his beloved rebels. Indeed, since the very first week of the crisis in Daraa, militants attacked Government buildings and offices, often setting them ablaze. In Chulovs investigative mind, there is only one explanation: the Shabiha set the land registry ablaze to remove proof of land ownership, his anonymous source, in an almost Sherlock-Watson moment of journalistic drama confirms Chulovs suspicions.

AlterNet: Shocking Extermination Fantasies By the People Running America's Empire

on Full Display at Aspen Summit. Seated on a stool before an audience packed with spooks, lawmakers, lawyers and mercenaries, CNN's Wolf Blitzer introduced recently retired CENTCOM chief General James Mattis, "I've worked with him and I've worked with his predecessors," Blitzer said of Mattis. "I know how hard it is to run an operation like this." Reminding the crowd that CENTCOM is "really, really important," Blitzer urged them to celebrate Mattis: "Let's give the general a round of applause." Following the gales of cheering that resounded from the room, Mattis, the gruff 40-year Marine veteran who once volunteered his opinion that "it's fun to shoot some people," outlined the challenge ahead. The "war on terror" that began on 9/11 has no discernable end, he said, likening it to the "the constant skirmishing between the US cavalry and the Indians" during the genocidal Indian Wars of the 19th century. "The skirmishing will go on likely for a generation," Mattis declared. Mattis' remarks, made beside a cable news personality who acted more like a sidekick than a journalist, set the tone for the entire 2013 Aspen Security Forum this July. A project of the Aspen Institute, the Security Forum brought together the key figures behind America's vast national security state, from military chieftains like Mattis to embattled National Security Agency Chief General Keith Alexander to top FBI and CIA officials, along with the bookish functionaries attempting to establish legal groundwork for expanding the war on terror. Partisan lines and ideological disagreements faded away inside the darkened conference hall, as a parade of American securitocrats from administrations both past and present appeared on stage to defend endless global warfare and total information awareness while uniting in a single voice of condemnation against a single whistle-blower bunkered inside the waiting room of Moscow International Airport: Edward Snowden. With perhaps one notable exception, none of the high-flying reporters junketed to Aspen to act as interlocutors seemed terribly interested in interrogating the logic of war on terror. The spectacle was a perfect window into the world of access journalism,with media professionals brown-nosing national security elites committed to secrecy and surveillance, avoiding overly adversarial questions but making sure to ask the requisite question about how much Snowden has caused terrorists to change their behavior. Jeff Harris, the communications director for the Aspen Institute, did not respond to questions I submitted about whether the journalists who participated in the Security Forum accepted fees.    

AlterNet: Tom Dispatch.com: Planet Earth Is a US Military Base.

It could be any week on yjat great US Military base we know as Planet Earth and here's the remarkable thing: there's always news. Something/s always happening somewhere, usually on more than one continent, as befits the largest, most destructive, most technologically advanced and in many ways least successful military on the planet. In our time, the US military has been sent into numerous wars, failed to win a single one, and created plenty of blow-back. But hey, who has to win a specific war when it's "wartime" all the time? These last weeks were the American military equivalent of a no-news period. Nothing really happened. I mean, yes, there was the war in Afghanistan, the usual round of night raids, dead civilians, and insider attacks. Nothing worth spending much time on, other than whether the US might, in frustration over Afghan President Hamid Karzai, exercise the "zero option" after 2014 and leave, or not. And yes, there was that drone attack last week in the tribal borderlands of Pakistan that killed three "militants" or so we're told, despite the complaints of the country's new government. I mean, what say should it have in the matter? And there was the news that Washington was seeking an "expanded role" for its military in the Philippines, where the question of the month was: Could the Pentagon "position military equipment and rotate more personnel" there, while avoiding the contentious issue of reestablishing American bases in the country" so said "officials from both countries," according to the New York Times. After all, if we call the places where our troops are stationed "Philippine bases," what's the problem? And believe me, no one wants to hear a lot of whining about it from a bunch of Filipinos either! And don't forget about those American drones now flying over Mali, from a base recently established in Niger, part of a blowback generating set of Pentagon operations on the African continent. They got a little attention last week. And one more thing, conveniently on the same continent: since Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey put in calls to their Egyptian counterparts as they has, it seems, never been less than in touch with its Egyptian military pals, a crew significantly trained, advised, and paid for by Washington. And that's just what made it into the news in the most humdrum military week of 2013. On the other hand, in "Iraq Invades the United States" Eduard Galeano, one of the great global writers, offers a little upside-down tour of US military history, from 1916 to late tomorrow night, via eight little excerpts from his new book, Children of the Days: A  Calendar of Human History, reminding us what some really newsworthy moments were like. Think of it as a kind of highlight reel from almost a century of the American way of war.  


Dr. David Halpin: The Unnatural Death of Dr. Kelly, the Subversion od Due Process Continues!

Andrew Watt ended his article with the post-mortem examination being carried out by Dr Nicholas Hunt on the evening the body was found 18 July 2003. It was the penetrating smell of Lysol, lights and stainless steel in the mortuary of the John Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford, as well as the remains of a fit husband and father. Nine police officers were in attendance, the most senior being Detective Chief Inspector Alan Young who was in charge of the investigation. He was at the scene on Harrowdown Hill where the unidentified body was found by Louise Holmes. In spite of his lead position in the inquiry into a missing person, and then a suspicious death, he was neither called to the Hutton Inquiry which started sitting 13 days later, nor did he submit a statement to it (1). There is no obvious explanation for the presence of nine police officers at this very morbid autopsy given that the police had sprayed the word ‘suicide’ about earlier that day. The size of the squad would surely have fitted better if murder was foremost in the minds of the investigating authorities.
The examination finished just after midnight. Dr Hunt wrote up his report of his findings at the scene and of his post mortem examination the next day, the 19th of July. He would have come to preliminary conclusions as to the cause of death and been helped in that by the early findings of Dr Allan the toxicologist. That first report has never been published; it was not referred to by Dr Hunt when he gave evidence at the Hutton Inquiry (2) The only report, and that is entitled Final Post Mortem Report – 25th July 2003, was published in October 2010, by the Ministry of Justice. The only original copy of this in existence is a very poor ‘scan’. An OCR and tidied version of this is here (3). That the findings in the first report have never been made public was one among three important concerns brought by this author to the General Medical Council in 2011, established by the Medical Act of 1858. (4) This will be discussed later but suffice to say they were dismissed.
Dr Nicholas Gardiner, HM Coroner for Oxfordshire, opened an inquest as the law demands for all violent, unnatural or unexplained deaths on the 21st July. It is surprising that transcripts of coronial hearings are seldom made. The hearing would have been attended by Dr Hunt, the coroner’s officer and the police. It would have been adjourned until more evidence had flowed in. However, it can be inferred that the cause of death had been given by Dr Hunt. (5 )
Whilst this mouse of an inquest moved ever so quietly, an elephant had been trampling the undergrowth for the three previous days, starting at Harrowdown Hill. Within three hours of the body being found, my Lord Hutton had been engaged to chair an ad hoc inquiry, by my Lord Falconer as Dr Watt has already described. Miles Goslett recently reported in the Mail that Hutton had confirmed in a letter to Norman Baker MP that he had been asked to meet Lord Chancellor Falconer in his Lord’s office around noon of the 18th July and that he agreed to serve.(6) At that point the subject, David Christopher Kelly CMG DSc had not been identified and no cause of death had been established. This fixer was a friend of Blair’s when they were in chambers studying law! He had assisted his friend the PM in bolstering the claim that there was a legal basis for a massive bombardment and invasion of Iraq rather than it being a supreme war crime as defined at Nuremberg.
It is salutary to consider that it took six and half years for the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq ‘War’ to be set up in which over one million Iraqi humans died, at least two million were maimed by customary calculation and four million were made refugees in Syria and Jordan. It took the New Labour high command, the sofa cabinet, just three hours after the death of just one man to set up Hutton with the clear intention of containing the inquiry and ensuring safe conclusions. The instruction given to Hutton was to ‘…urgently to conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr Kelly’. ‘Urgently’ can be interpreted as ‘nail this promptly’, ‘consider’ as ‘without especial accuracy’ and ‘circumstances’ as equalling the ‘media furore’ which obviously drove Kelly to an inevitable suicide. It was not who the deceased was, and how, when and where he died which are the plain duties of a coroner. It was the ‘circumstances’; and if anything showed the mind and the motives of this most evil cabal, that word is the nub.
The words of the two conversations (6) between Falconer in Westminster and his pal Blair on wing to Tokyo in the hour after noon that day have not, of course, been revealed. That it was to do with an awkward corpse in a wood it is fair to assume. After all, it was a central topic at the press conference in Tokyo where blood, or other medium, drained from Blair’s face with ‘Have you got blood on your hands Mr Blair’ from a Daily Mail journalist. The obvious answer was that he had the blood of thousands upon thousands of people on his hands whereas the European only had one white man in mind at that moment.
Correspondence by Ms Albon of Falconer’s other office (he was also the Secretary of State in the Department of Constitutional Affairs – Mikado style) with the Oxfordshire coroner has a dictatorial ring to it. It was recognised he had to reconvene his inquest in law but this mouse then had to be silent until the elephant had trumpeted the findings. All this was engineered by the mechanism of Section 17a of the 1988 Coroner’s Act. It had been applied for multiple deaths of common cause – Shipman, the Ladbroke rail crash and the sinking of the trawler Gaul. It had at its root – efficiency in investigation, thoughtfulness towards loved ones and verdict as to the common cause. There was no justification for invocation of Section 17a on top of this ad hoc inquiry other than to shackle the coroner and thus to subvert due process. With a few ‘phone calls Falconer had made certain with this ad hoc ‘judicial’ inquiry that there would be no evidence under oath, no ability to subpoena witnesses, no cross examination and no ability to call a jury. The last thing he wanted was twelve good women/men and true.
The coup de grace for the mouse was this Section 17a. There was a further hearing on the 14th of August at which an extraordinary death certificate was conjured up and registered four days later. The hearing was not publicised and again there was no transcript or reportage. This officer of the Crown whose authority and duties stretched back to the 13th Century had been made into a small creature by power and cunning. “The use of these powers to oust the Coroner’s jurisdiction …” is how Frances Swaine of Leigh Day & Co put it an excellent memorandum to the Attorney General in October 2010. (7) (Leigh Day were initially instructed by Dr Frost; they did a large amount of excellent work without charge.)
A letter that Mr Gardiner wrote 6th of August to Ms Albon includes “The preliminary cause of death given at the opening of the inquest no longer represents the view of the Pathologist and evidence from him would need to be given to correct and update the evidence already received.”
(5 – section ONE). This was brushed aside in a letter from lawyers acting for Dr Hunt who were reacting to this long letter from the author to the GMC listing his concerns about Dr Hunt’s performance.(5) Whether his opinion had been changed or not, there was an absolute professional and legal requirement on him to reveal his initial report with its conclusions and his train of thought.
This principle has been tested in the case of Dr Kenneth Shorrock who is currently suspended for unknown reason from the Home Office list of forensic pathologists which was last updated 15th May 2013. This extract from (5 – section ONE) - “He was charged with serious professional misconduct by the General Medical Council on eight counts I believe. He had produced a second post-mortem report on a hospital patient which was indicative of negligence by the surgeon without any reference to his first report which had exonerated the surgeon.’
The surgeon was charged with manslaughter but was cleared. He complained to the Home Office whose Scientific Standards Committee of the Policy Advisory Board opined that he had not ‘maintained the standards required’ and simply issued advice, its interest ending in July 2004. The surgeon then complained to the General Medical Council. Mr Vernon Coaker, Minister of State at the Home Office, said in a letter to the author 22 November 2008 “The GMC had been considering the complaint for, I believe, many months (prior to July 2005) and had, similarly, taken no steps to restrict Dr Shorrock’s practice.”
Of the greatest importance is the fact that he was called from Sheffield to examine the remains of Jean Charles de Menezes who had been shot with six hollow point bullets in the head as he sat in a ‘tube’ carriage 22nd July 2005. Sheffield is 150 miles from London which has at least 8 forensic pathologists available. The call to attend a headless Jean Charles was in spite of the fact that a charge of serious professional misconduct was hanging over him; the first hearing by the GMC Fitness to Practice Panel was only six weeks after the killing of Jean Charles. There had been several adjournments of the GMC hearings of this charge which was first heard 5th of September 2005. The nine page summary of the final hearing 19 February 2007 found him guilty of serious professional misconduct. (8 -HALPIN website)
This author wrote to five relevant authorities before the 22nd September 2008 inquest at the Oval, Kennington about this most improper instruction given to Dr Shorrock to take this case in the summer of 2005. There were no replies from any one of the five; this included the Public Solicitor to the inquiry and Justice4Jean. Dr Shorrock’s evidence would be central at this inquest and would include the position and identity of each bullet prior to ballistic studies, and would thus indicate which weapon and which agent had injured Jean Charles beyond recognition IF the evidence had not been contaminated. The Independent Police Complaints Commission does not have a reputation for being just but it did not take possession of the scene until 48 hours had elapsed.
The final hearing of five altogether took place on the 5th of February 2007. The GMC panel found him guilty of the charge of serious professional misconduct. It found his actions “unprofessional, inconsistent, unreasonable, not based upon the medical and pathological information and likely to bring the medical profession into disrepute”.
Two professors of forensic pathology advised the panel:-
Vanezis – ‘He further stated that if a pathologist had reason to change his conclusions or opinion, an explanation should be given as to why he has deemed this necessary.’
Pounder – ‘ Dr Shorrock had a duty to make reference to the existence of the first report. In addition, the second report should have given the reasons for his change of view.
Many had written in support of Dr Kenneth Shorrock. He was simply issued with a reprimand.
The reader has two forensic pathologists in examine.
One was lecturing at the Police Staff College, Bramshill, Hampshire when he was called to a corpse on Harrowdown Hill which was all about a supreme war crime.
The other was called from Sheffield to a most high profile unlawful killing at Southwell Tube Station, London.
Should the second have been on gardening leave until the GMC had considered the serious charge against him? Or did Jean Charles not deserve the best within our law?
Should the first not have fully revealed the first post mortem report he wrote up on Dr Kelly on the 19th of July? It is certain there was a FIRST report and Lord Hutton referred to it in his introduction. Were the opinions as to the causes of death different in important ways between the 19th of July and the FINAL Post Mortem Report of the 25th of July. It is clear the Coroner thought so. That this gross defect slipped through is typical of much that happened at Hutton. His professional and legal duty was made completely clear later in the case of Dr Shorrock.
We move on next to the Hutton Inquiry and its many defects.

Letter to Another Dishonest "Peace" Broker,bent on bypassing the justice process

bent on bypassing the justice process by Stuart Littlewood. Well John-boy do you think history will judge you? The whole world has heard about your brilliant breakthrough, persuading trigger happy US subsidized Israel and the strangulated, unarmed Palestinians to agree in principle to resume the one-sided negotiations abandoned three years ago. The reason they were abandoned, you'll remember, was simple. The talks were fundamentally bogus, pursued in bad faith and going nowhere, just like all the other talks over the last 20 years. It was talk, talk, talk while the Israelis build, build, build their illegal settlements, illegal annexation wall and Jews-only highways. The rest of the world, watching from outside the ludicrous peace process circus, will be forgiven for wondering why any of it was necessary when the key issues have already been defined, decided and ruled on by international law and a whole heap of UN resolutions. In spite of that, John-boy, you're frantically yrying to restart a failed and discredited process that has little to do with peace. The aim is plainly to bypass the justice process afforded by international law and UN resolutions and push the Palestinians into pleading for their rights and property directly with the criminals that seized their land, ethnically cleansed it and still have their jackboot on the necks of the Palestinians who remain in the disconnected remnants of their homeland. Has it not crossed your mind, John-boy, that this charade won't work because there can be no lasting peace without justice? Didn't they teach you that at law school? But never mind. The great thing is that it buys more time for the Israelis to establish even more irreversible facts on the ground that will help make the illegal occupation permanent. Remember what Miko Peled, the Israeli general's son, said: "The name of the game is eracing Palestine, getting rid of the people and de-Arabizing the country". Nice game, huh? Do tell us where there's a shred of nobility or honesty in what you're doing, John-boy, we'd love to know. And what bent you to the Zionist cause in the first place? The heroic partners for peace. Noew let's meet the lovely people you're bringing together for these historic negotiations. In the Israeli corner we have the thug regime's pin-up, Tzipi Livni. Her parents were both members of the Irgun, the notorious Jewish terror group. Her father, Eitan, was its chief operations officer. In 1946 the Irgun blew up the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, which housed the British mandate administration, murdering 91. She served in a Mossad unit and became a member of the Knesset in 1999. As Israeli foreign minister she was responsible for the slaughter and maiming of thousands, including women and children, when she launched Operation Cast Lead against the overcrowded civilians of the tiny sealed-off enclave of Gaza. Tzipi Livni is up to her pretty neck in Palestinian blood and shredded body parts.      

Jim W. Dean: Jim Dean Debates Choudary, Radical Salafist Cleric!

Anjen Choudary, Who is the man behind the eyes? and who does he really work for? I got a call Sunday morning about doing this Press TV show, debating Choudary on Syria. So it was Christmas in July for me with Santa coming early. The transcript below is just my part. PTV does like to do full show transcripts as that is too long a format for their news section. Choudary is an old street fighter, but he made his first goof early in the show when he put the entire 100,000 dead from the Syrian war all at Assad's doorstep, like we all live on another planet and are not aware of what his Salafist buddies have been doing there. I could not hijack the show from the host and turn in into a mugging of Choudary as the topic was the Kurds and al-Nusra fighting in northern Syria. But I went ahead and submitted an article to Press TV's Viewpoints. Sunday night where I used the interesting material I had found on the man behind the Foster Grants with the twinkle in his eye, like he is enjoying the role he is playing immensely. The longer commentary format gave me room to get some needed licks on the Salafist Jihadi crazies and their international supporters, which incredibly include us as our Gulf proxies and arming these religious thugs. Enjoy the show. I surely did. West, Israelis exploiting divisions in Syria case: Dean. Chournary pushing Sharia for Britain, January 12, 2010, Sometimes that looks like a classical psychological operation to stokes people's fears of Muslims,, better to fight them over there, than here. Press TV has invited Jim W. Dean, the editor of the Veterans Today from Atlanta, to shed more light on the latest developments in the political scene in Syria. Following is an approximate transcription of the interview. Choudary's Salafists, Chop people's heads off, blame it on Assad. Press TV: Mr. Dean why do you think that we are starting to see a growing role in the Syrian conflict by the Kurds at this time? Dean: Well, I am not surprised because you have had a lot of major developments with some of these ongoing battles with the Kurds, particularly with Iraq basically coming to an arrangement with them to try to end the longstanding, never-ending fights going on there. And then of course with al-Nusrah, basically, trying to carve off a northern part of Syria, so they can establish a quasi-Islamic state there, that is going to run head to head against the Kurds because these Islamist, radical crazies, they do not respect or honor anyone's rights, interests, or whatever. Once they get control, It is going to rule via the knife and getting your head chopped off if they have any problems with you. Press TV: Mr. Dean, why do you think that we are starting to see a growing role in the Syrian conflict by the Kurds at this time? Dean: Well, I am not surprised because you have had a lot of major developments with some of these ongoing battles with the Kurds, particularly with Iraq basically coming to an arrangement with them to try to end the longstanding, never-ending fights going on there. 

Syria turning into a center of global jihad IDF Intel Chief!

Israeli Military Intelligence chief said that Syria is becoming a 'center of global jihad' right on Israel's border, with extremists trying not only to topple President Bashar Assad, but also create a state governed by the Islamic religious law. Director of Military Intelligence Major General Aviv Kochavi warned that Syria is posing a regional threat as it attracts thousands of global jihadists and Muslim extremists from around the world. A center of global jihad of vast proportions is developing on our very doorstep, Israeli media quoted Kochavi as saying. It is liable to affect not only Syria or Israeli borders, but also the borders of Lebanon, Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula, and have implications for the region as a whole, he said at a graduation ceremony for Military Intelligence commanding officers. Kochavi argued that the extremists will not stop at toppling Assad, but will go further and try to establish a state based on Islamic religious law, or Sharia law. Free Syrian Army (FSA) spokesperson Zaky Mallah's interview with RT confirmed Kochavi's concerns, saying that Syrian opposition is willing to accept support from anyone, be it Bin Laden or Hitler. The situation in Syria with the opposition is complicated. Al-Qaeda took the advantage and they thought: we are going to step in, if their own brothers are being killed by this tyrant and the world is not doing anything about it, Mallah said. Some Western states, including the UK, have so far backtracked on their arms supply to the opposition voicing concerns about the threat of extremist in Syria. But Mallah explained that the opposition does not fear losing Western support. Because a prime minister of some Western country says there is extremism within the opposition, it is not a justifiable reason not to help the moderates, he argued. Fighters of the jihadist group Al-Nusra Front arrive to hold positions on April 4, 2013 in the Syrian village of Aziza, on the southern outskirts of Aleppo. AFP Photo Guillaume Briquet. The Syrian president's cousin Ribal Assad earlier said that Syrian rebels are led by jihadists who are "worse than Nazis." Jordan officials also spoke out back in December 2012, describing Syria as a black hole that will lure jihadists from all over the world. In the meantime, the House and Senate intelligence committees gave a green light to send CIA weapons shipments to opposition fighters in Syria, spokesperson for the United States Department of State Jen Psaki confirmed on Tuesday. The US will use the money already in the CIA's budget and transfer it to the Syria operation. The plan was announced last month by the Obama administration and involves giving small arms ans ammunition to some of the 1,200 groups of Syrian rebels, some of which have known affiliations with Al-Qaeda. The arms are expected to start coming in the next several weeks.

Bankers Own the World: And are ultimately destroying it!

Chris Martenson. In every era, there are certain people and institutions that are held in the highest public regard as they embody the prevailing values of society. Not that long ago, Albert Einstein was a major public figure and was widely revered. Can you name a scientist that commands a similar presence today? Today, some of the most celebrated individuals and institutions are ensconced within the financial industry; in banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms. Which is odd because none of these firms or individuals actually make anything, which society might point to as additive to our living standards. Instead, these financial magicians harvest value from the rest of society that has to work hard to produce real things of real value. While the work they do is quite sophisticated and takes a lot of skill, very few of these firms direct capital to new efforts, new products, and new innovations. Instead they either trade in the secondary markets for equities, bonds, derivatives, and the like, which perform the 'service' of moving paper from one location to another while generating 'profits.' Or, in the case of banks, theycreate money out of thin air and lend it out, at interest of course. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in.. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money. Josiah Stamp, Bank of England Chairman, 1920. Because these institutions and individuals accumulate vast sums of money for their less-than-back-breaking efforts, they are well respected if not idolized by most. Many of the most successful paper accumulators are household names. They get invited to the best parties, are lured by major networks to appear on their shows, speak at the biggest conferences, and their views and words find an easy path to the ears of millions. But this is more than just an idle set of observations for the curious. It's actually a critically important phenomenon to be aware of. For the current configuration of financially powerful entities has, at the tail end of a decades long debt based money ecperiment, achieved an astonishing concentration of power, money, and influence. We raise this topic because our work centers on changing the conversation towards the things that really matter while there is still time to engineer a betteroutcome, and that requires illuminating the status quo and having a conversation about whether it needs to be modified. Unforunately, those at the center of the status quo are not at all interested i having any such conversation, because all of their accumulated power depends on maintaining things as they are. Money is power. And history has shown that power is never ceded spontaineously or willingly.


Boehner Brags About Turning America Into Detroit

Over the weekend, CBS’ Bob Schieffer asked Speaker of the House John Boehner very bluntly about the current gridlock in Congress, its failure to pass any important legislation and its record-low approval ratings among the American people.
Boehner responded by saying [1] that, “We should not be judged by how many new laws we create, we ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.”
In other words, “Laws are bad and government is bad, so who needs either.”
Instead of working to pass the legislation that this nation desperately needs to get back on its feet and to rebuild its economy, Boehner would rather see our great nation end up like the now bankrupt Detroit. And boy is Boehner’s wish coming true.
Detroit used to be the industrial capital of America, and really the world. But, starting with Reagan, our industrial and trade policies began to change. As a result, our nation moved from a manufacturing based economy to a banking and serviced based economy. Instead of making things, we now say “would you like fries with that,” “welcome to WalMart,” and “there’s a $5.00 fee for using your credit card that way.” We embraced free trade deals, and jumped head first into outsourcing policies that vastly increased corporate profits while shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas.
As a result, many of the jobs that were once done in factories in Detroit are now done in factories in China and other nations. And the same holds true for the rest of America.
When given a chance to stop the outsourcing of American jobs overseas, Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues balked. In September of 2010, Republicans in Congress killed a bill that would have eliminated tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs.
But outsourcing isn’t the only problem that Detroit and the rest of America have in common.
In Detroit, thanks to a severe lack of funding, public education is failing that city’s children. Only 7% of Detroit public school 8th-graders are proficient in reading, while just 4% are proficient in math [2]. And, in 2008, Detroit’s high school graduation rate was just 24.9 percent [3].
In the rest of the United States, public education is just as underfunded as it is in Detroit. As a result, in 2008, the US’ high school graduation rate was lower than [4] the rates of the UK, Switzerland, Norway, South Korea, Japan, Italy and a host of other developed nations.
And, according to multiple reports released in December of last year [5], fourth and eighth-grade students in the U.S. lag behind students in many East Asian and European nations when it comes to math and science. And those same reports revealed that European and Asian nations spend far more money and spend it more wisely on education than we do here.
But Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues must be content with these stats, because they have done next to nothing to boost funding for public education in America.
And Republican inaction in Congress doesn't stop at refusing to address public education, gun violence, infrastructure and jobs in America. Since John Boehner has been Speaker of the House, Republicans have voted nearly 40 times to repeal Obamacare, they've refused to address climate change, they've refused to reel in the big banks on Wall Street, and they've refused to address the home foreclosure crisis.
Meanwhile, in Detroit, that city’s infrastructure is literally crumbling to the grown. Streets are littered with potholes, power outages have become the new normal, and the buildings that once housed America’s booming automobile industry now look like scenes out of a horror movie.
And, in the rest of the United States, things aren’t much better.
Each year, the American Society of Civil Engineers releases a “report card” for America’s infrastructure. And, in its 2013 report card [6], the ASCE gave a D to America’s roads and highways, a D to America’s transit system, a D to America’s aviation system, a D+ to America’s energy infrastructure, and a C+ to America’s bridges.
But, despite America’s crumbling infrastructure, Speaker Boehner and the rest of Republicans in Washington have repeatedly refused to provide the funding needed to bring America’s infrastructure out of the 1800’s and into the 21st century.
Back in Detroit, that city is also dealing with increases in violent crime and gun violence.
In 2012, there were 386 homicides in the city [7]. There were 54.6 homicides per 100,000 residents in Detroit in 2012, the highest homicide rate that city has seen in nearly two decades.
Nationwide, there were nearly 8,600 homicides by firearms in 2011 [8], which accounted for more than two-thirds of all homicides in 2011. And, as we know, mass shootings like the ones in Aurora and Newtown have become the norm.
But again, Speaker Boehner and Republican lawmakers in Washington have failed to pass any comprehensive legislation to address the gun violence epidemic in America, or the inequality and poverty that are driving it.
So, while Speaker Boehner may be content with being at the helm of the worst Congress in history, and with the fact that surveys show more Americans prefer lice and colonoscopies [9] over their elected lawmakers in Washington, the results, or lack thereof, speak for themselves.
Thanks to the record-breaking inaction and gridlock in Washington, the entire country is following in the path of Detroit, and that’s a very dangerous and devastating path to be on.
We the people deserve an economy that keeps jobs in America, roads that don’t crumble, schools that our children can excel in, and neighborhoods that we can live safely in.
Call your elected officials, and tell them to get to work and save our country.


Michael Shrimpton: The Zimmerman Case!

Yes I know everyone else is calling it the Trayvon Martin Case, but he wasn't the guy on trial. The verdict of the petit jury did not take me by surprise. Indeed I hinted at it in previous comments on this website. Right from the day one it looked as though the Sanford Police Department got it right when they decided not to charge George Zimmerman. His injuries were consistent with his account of being attacked by Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was clearly not a racist and Trayvon was clearly not a racist and Trayvon was clearly not the butter wouldn't melt in his mouth' young teenager portrayed in the mainstream media, using carefully selected out of date photos. Why not go the whole hog and use cute baby photos? Of course Zimmerman may have profiled Martin initially, but so what? It's standard intelligence technique. The trick is not to take it too far. Most police officers and INS agents use it, even if they deny it. Pretending it doesn't happen is just silly. As long it's based on fact not prejudice profiling is fine. It fit certain profiles, English barrister etc. The Injuries. There seem to me to be two critical pieces of evidence. The first was the injuries to George Zimmerman. These were consistent with his account that Trayvon was violent towards him and put him in fear of his life. If that account was right, then Zimmerman was entitled to use force, lethal force if necessary. All the vaporing and posturing by civil rights and African American groups doesn't alter the facts as presented to the jury. The 911 Call. Someone is heard screaming and shouting for help. That person was mostly likely the victim. The prosecution had to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was Trayvon Martin appealing for help. They couldn't. It doesn't sound to me like a case which turned on the onus of proof however. My impression is that the jury decided that it was George Zimmerman shouting for help. That was a view they were entitled to form. Is George Zimmerman Racist? There is no evidence that he is, either from the facts of the incident itself, or his life story. He isn't white, he had no priors for racist assault or abuse and he isn't a vigilante. He was a neighborhood watch captain, looking out for the community, for which he deserves credit. The attempt to portray him as a racist comes across a character smear, an attempt to put Zimmerman in the frame if you like. It was almost as though Thames Valley Police were investigating! The Jury's Verdict. It comes across as a true verdict according to the evidence. The jury saw and heard the witnesses and considered all the evidence. Their verdict has to be respected. I am not bothered by the racial profile of the jury. Far too much is made in my view of diversity on juries. In my experience as a trial lawyer most juries are fair and reach verdicts according to the evidence.

Roi Tov Columnist: Strategic Sewage!

The chances that the sewage system of Tel Aviv would be featured here a third time were slim, yet, after a deep-kept secret, literally underground kept, was disclosed on July 20, 2013, the topic was unavoidable. Hebrew media are suspiciously obsessed with the topic, suspiciously so, until one remembers Prime Minister Netanyahu's nickname. If asked, he probably would claim that it was derived by duplicating the first two letters of his name in Hebrew, Binyamin became Bibi. Having grown up in the USA and being more Republican than Israeli, he probably failed to see that most Hebrew speakers would analyze the word differently. Bib is a hole in the ground, bib shofchin is a sewage hole, though the second word is usually skipped. Bibi can be understood as my sewage. Humbly, Hebrew media are secretly laughing at the stained, stinky leader. Sunken Bus, Tel Aviv's Crumbling Infrastructure, Sewage Sludge Management. A Short but Stinky Introduction. Crumbling infrastructures are one of the most evident signs that a terror attack took place. Nowhere was that as evident as in the 9/11 attacks. The rubble and the dust left behind by the twin towers on what used to be the world's largest financial center were an undeniable and large testimony of the perpetrators' violence. The USA government was fast, incredibly fast, in the destruction of the evidence, thus sabotaging any credible investigation of the event. Too bad for the Afghani and Iraqi people. Ayalon Highway, January 8, 2013. The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Crumbling infrastructures are one of the most evident signs that a terror attack took place, however, sometimes they appear far away from the attack site, and do so in an unpredictable way. In Israel, crumbling infrastractures are a reminder that the State is spending incredible amounts of money attacking humanity. Little is Ayalon Highway, January 8, 2013. Superstorm Sandy: A Diary in the Dark. In mid-2011, a bus parked on the busy intersection of Derech Namir and Arlosoroff fell into the ground after the sewage system below it collapsed Crumbling Testimony of Terror. On January 1, 2012, a water main burst underneath Shaul Hamelech Street and Derech Namir blocking the north bound lanes of the latter, which is the main road out of the city. The result was a traffic jam that probably will be remembered for the rest of this young century. These and other events lose significance compared with the Superstorm in Tel Aviv. On January 7, 2013, 60mm of rain fell on the city in a few hours. This is unusual. The images show the dramatic result. Ayalon Highway was flooded. Secret Sewage. On July 20, 2013, the drivers using the Ayalon Highway while listening to the radio were surprised to find out that in the last three years, a sewage tunnel had been activated under the highway.

Gordon Duff: Israel Hit with EU War Crimes Sanctions!

EU Sanctions keep Israel guessing. Palestinian protesters confront Israeli Occupation Forces' soldier near the West Bank town of Idna.In a surprise last last minute move, the European Union set forth a strong set of economic sanctions against Israel, leaving that nation both surprised and reeling. The sanctions, stimulated by what the EU refers to as "Israeli intransigence" regarding peace talks with the Palestinians, cover all financial dealings, loans, awards, transfer of instruments and severely limiting economic cooperation between Israel and all EU member nations starting in 2014. The sanctions are against any Israeli "economic activity," not just within what has been referred to as the "occupied territories" but broad areas of Israel that had been designated for the establishment of an Arab State in 1949. Those territories extend in an almost contiguous line from Lebanon border to the Red Sea. Israel has referred to these territories as Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. The term Judea alone could refer to the entire Roman province including large regions of Lebanon and Jordan. Thus, one might question why the European Union would include such broad territories, clearly intended to offset Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu's demands for defensible borders. The EU has gone much further than imagined, an act Israel sees as an ambush. Israeli Response. Israel has responded with a number of objections citing, initially that they feel the EU attacks us because we are small, as cited by Gil Ronen with Arutz Sheva, Israel National News. The sanctions, to be published Friday, July 19, 2013, will prohibit all European Union member states from any economic contacts with Israeli entities that operate outside the 1949 Armistice lines. These territories differ greatly from the ceasefire lines of the 1967 war and include up to 25% of the territory of Israel, according to an article in Arutz Sheva. According to that publication, the EU has made further differentiations based on the 1967 truce lines, clearly delineating territories seized as occupied and requiring Israel to identify any economic activity originating from those regions for exclusion. EU officials have commented that there has been significant pressure to modify and limit the approved sanctions prior to their upcoming publication. Syria: The decision to move against Israel falls on the eve of announcements from France and then Britain to hold back material support for pro-Israeli factions fighting against the Syrian government. Germany had previously announced that no aid would would be forthcoming. The United States, although announcing, in June, that arms would be supplied, has withheld promised military aid through through the Syrian government has made significant advances against rebel held enclaves. 


Israel Hit with EU War Crimes Sanctions

In a surprise last minute move, the European Union set forth a strong set of economic sanctions against Israel, leaving that nation both surprised and reeling.
The sanctions, stimulated by what the EU refers to as “Israeli intransigence” regarding peace talks with the Palestinians, cover all financial dealings, loans, awards, transfer of “instruments” and severely limiting economic cooperation between Israel and all EU member nations starting in 2014.
The sanctions are against any Israeli “economic activity,” not just within what has been referred to as the “occupied territories” but broad areas of Israel that had been designated for the establishment of an “Arab State” in 1949.
Those territories extend in an almost contiguous line from the Lebanon border to the Red Sea.
Israel has referred to these territories as “Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.”  The term “Judea” alone could refer to the entire Roman province including large regions of Lebanon and Jordan.
Thus, one might question why the European Union would include such broad territories, clearly intended to offset Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s demands for “defensible borders.”
The EU has gone much further than imagined, an act Israel sees as an “ambush.”
Israel has responded with a number of objections citing, initially that they feel the “EU attacks us because we are small,” as cited by Gil Ronen with Arutz Sheva, Israel National News.
The sanctions, to be published Friday, July 19, 2013, will prohibit all 28 European Union member states from any economic contacts with Israeli “entities” that operate outside the 1949 Armistice lines.
These territories differ greatly from the ceasefire lines of the 1967 war and include up to 25% of the territory of Israel, according to an article in Arutz Sheva.
According to that publication, the EU has made further differentiations based on the 1967 truce lines, clearly delineating territories seized as “occupied” and requiring Israel to identify any economic activity originating from those regions for exclusion.
EU officials have commented that there has been significant pressure to modify and limit the approve sanctions prior to their upcoming publication.
The decision to move against Israel falls on the eve of announcements from France and then Britain to hold back materiel support for pro-Israeli factions fighting against the Syrian government.
Germany had previously announced that no aid would be forthcoming.
The United States, although announcing, in June, that arms would be supplied, has withheld promised military aid though the Syrian government has made significant advances against rebel held enclaves.
Quoting a high ranking Israeli official:
“The attack by the EU disproportionate and is likely to have no positive effect on restarting meaningful dialog over the Palestinian question.  When it comes to disputed territories, the Europeans prefer to attack a small country like Israel instead of taking on more powerful states, because they are afraid of retaliation.
We were only informed at the last moment.”
Israel’s position was confirmed by Deputy Foreign Minister, Ze’ev Elkin.  In a statement to the press, Elkin referred to the EU directive as a “mistake” likely to undermine any progress already made.
“We are not ready to sign on this clause in our agreements with the European Union.”
Elkin also cited Israel’s failure to get in front of the issues that led to this confrontation which will, as he also stated, “halt all cooperation in economics” and be extremely harmful to Israel’s economy.
Speaking for the European Union, David Kriss is quoted:
“These are guidelines on the eligibility of Israeli entities and their activity in the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 for grants, prizes and financial instruments funded by the EU from 2014 onwards.
(Sanctions)It makes (sic) a distinction between Israel and the entities in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights.”
It’s a very worrying initiative launched at a bad time, because it only reinforces the Palestinians’ refusal to restart negotiations.”
Kriss then called for Israel to cooperate fully with the sanctions, threatening Israel with defunding of joint projects already scheduled, projects that would otherwise not be impacted by sanctions.
Arutz Sheva reports that Palestinian leaders will only negotiate based on pre-1967 lines and “if Israel freezes all settlement activity in Judea and Samaria.”
Thus far, the world press has been unaware of these expanded Palestinian demands that would require Israel to not only stop all settlement activities in areas referred to as “occupied” but over wider areas now settled by up to 1.8 million Israelis.
There are already over 550,000 Israelis living in the “occupied zones,” primarily eastern Jerusalem, known as Al Quds, and the West Bank.
The EU position impacts nearly one third of Israel’s population, one third of its economic base.
The real impetus for increased pressure on Israel has been the failure of western economies and their disastrous currencies.
The real subtext for scaling back support for Israel has been seen in the strangely unreported change in America’s deficits.
During the last fiscal quarter, the United States has shown a net budget surplus for the first time in decades.  Two of the last three months have yielded surpluses in excess of $100 billion.
The message has been clear to EU leaders, as America has drawn down its role as “policeman of the world,” the real security issue, potential economic collapse, has become less of a threat.
What is unlikely to be admitted is the simple fact that the projection of military power to secure resources, when those resources are exploited by multi-national entities, offers a very poor return.
Thus, Israel’s current dilemma is much more rooted in its role as an economic liability than in any concerns regarding human rights.