Letter to Another Dishonest "Peace" Broker,bent on bypassing the justice process

bent on bypassing the justice process by Stuart Littlewood. Well John-boy do you think history will judge you? The whole world has heard about your brilliant breakthrough, persuading trigger happy US subsidized Israel and the strangulated, unarmed Palestinians to agree in principle to resume the one-sided negotiations abandoned three years ago. The reason they were abandoned, you'll remember, was simple. The talks were fundamentally bogus, pursued in bad faith and going nowhere, just like all the other talks over the last 20 years. It was talk, talk, talk while the Israelis build, build, build their illegal settlements, illegal annexation wall and Jews-only highways. The rest of the world, watching from outside the ludicrous peace process circus, will be forgiven for wondering why any of it was necessary when the key issues have already been defined, decided and ruled on by international law and a whole heap of UN resolutions. In spite of that, John-boy, you're frantically yrying to restart a failed and discredited process that has little to do with peace. The aim is plainly to bypass the justice process afforded by international law and UN resolutions and push the Palestinians into pleading for their rights and property directly with the criminals that seized their land, ethnically cleansed it and still have their jackboot on the necks of the Palestinians who remain in the disconnected remnants of their homeland. Has it not crossed your mind, John-boy, that this charade won't work because there can be no lasting peace without justice? Didn't they teach you that at law school? But never mind. The great thing is that it buys more time for the Israelis to establish even more irreversible facts on the ground that will help make the illegal occupation permanent. Remember what Miko Peled, the Israeli general's son, said: "The name of the game is eracing Palestine, getting rid of the people and de-Arabizing the country". Nice game, huh? Do tell us where there's a shred of nobility or honesty in what you're doing, John-boy, we'd love to know. And what bent you to the Zionist cause in the first place? The heroic partners for peace. Noew let's meet the lovely people you're bringing together for these historic negotiations. In the Israeli corner we have the thug regime's pin-up, Tzipi Livni. Her parents were both members of the Irgun, the notorious Jewish terror group. Her father, Eitan, was its chief operations officer. In 1946 the Irgun blew up the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, which housed the British mandate administration, murdering 91. She served in a Mossad unit and became a member of the Knesset in 1999. As Israeli foreign minister she was responsible for the slaughter and maiming of thousands, including women and children, when she launched Operation Cast Lead against the overcrowded civilians of the tiny sealed-off enclave of Gaza. Tzipi Livni is up to her pretty neck in Palestinian blood and shredded body parts.      

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