911 Truth, NOT 911 Lies!! NO Involvement of Moslems!!

The World Trade Centers, all of them, including the two twin towers, as well as Building 7, were destroyed by controlled demolition, and NOT because a few "high-jackers" with box cutters allegedly forced their way into a commercial airliner's cabin. The idiotic fairy tale of Arab involvement is just that: A fairy tale to lure Americans into a war in Iraq, and now Afghanistan, allegedly to seek revenge for an Arab "atrocity" against our USA. Our unprovoked attack against the citizens of Iraq was made by two US Administrations to rob that country of its oil, while our invasion of Afghanistan was sanctioned to build a pipeline from a former Soviet Republic toward the south of that country. Check on the "worldwideweb" under 911 Truth, and, as they say: "Read it and weep!" Our unprovoked attack against nations which have done us no harm, but which now have struggled to thwart our invasion into their world, and their way of life have succeeded in making America a pariah among civilized nations and cultured. May God forgive us for our trespasses. The US Has Lost in Afghanistan - We Have to Come to Grips with What That Means: Wars are rarely lost in a single encounter. Defeat is almost always more complex than that. The United States, despite the help from its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies have lost the war, but not just because we failed in the battle for Marjah or our decision that discretion is the better part of valor in Kandahar. We lost because we should never have invaded in the first place, because we never had a goal that was achievable, because our blood and capital was finite. The face of that defeat was everywhere during the past month: According to the Afghanistan Rights Monitor, in terms of insecurity, 2010 was the worst year since the demise of the Taliban regime in late 2001. More bad news: A recent US government audit found that despite $27 billion spent on training, fewer than 12 percent of Afghan security forces were capable of operating on their own. Some 58% of Afghan "security" forces were capable of operating on their own. Besides, some 58% of the American public also think that the war is a lost cause, and 60% think the United States should begin to withdraw in July 2011. What more, after all of these damning statistics, can any of us say?


War is VERY Personal - Even if you are not a combatant

During my assignment as Advisory Team Leader in Trung Lap, in the heart of the enemy's "Iron Triangle", my team and I were mortared by enemy forces continually. Usually, this wasn't a big problem: The previous team had structured our sleeping quarters to make them "almost" mortar proof. In order to kill us, the mortars were first greeted by our corrugated metal roof, and they always exploded there harmlessly. Our Vietnamese hosts were only too happy to repair any damage on the following morning, since our presence meant American artillery fire from our heavy guns at the huge 25th Infantry Base. Had one of the shells penetrated our roof, it would have been stopped by the solid steel planking, resting solidly over sand-filled ammunition crates surrounding our beds. In order to harm us, the mortar round would have had to make two turns from our entrance, and so would have the cooler outdoor air. No matter: Always tired from our constant patrolling, we always fell asleep quickly, after we showered. Ann Jones, in her excellent report on "embedding" during combat missions with US troops, was struck by the bravado with which our news media reported combat - somewhere between the legends of Wyatt Earp and Robin Hood! I suppose we all have our fading memories! Please check out her report: "In Bed with the US Army", published 02 August 2010 on TomDispatch.com


The State of Israel Israel has NO SHAME!!

Torture of captured Palestinians has long been practiced by the Israeli military. Now, this outlaw country, which lives from the tax dollars of our corrupt Obama government, has decided to grab us by the neck and stick our face into their slimy and illegal practices: Photos from the discharge album of the former member of the Israeli Defense Force Eden Aberdzhil, which she proudly posted on her personal page on Facebook suddenly turned into a serious scandal of international scale. Several images from the series "Army: the best days of my life" depict a girl in an IDF uniform posing next to Palestinian "detainees" who are blindfolded, and whose hands are tied. The photos reminded many of similar photos of prisoner abuse by "our" US military in Baghdad's Abu Graib prison, which became "famous" throughout the world in April of 2004, when CBS published pictures of prisoner abuse by US soldiers. The current photos illustrate the idiotic mentality of our Israeli "buddies", who appear to be proud of the fact that they can humiliate Arabs at will. Jawad Amawi, responsible for the prisoners' rights in Palestine, said that the Israeli soldier took these pictures while serving in the IDF, and therefore the Israeli state should be held accountable for her actions.
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Number Two Taliban Figure Arrested by US Army!

The arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar may be America's turning point of our otherwise desolate war in Afghanistan: Mullah Baradar was considered to be the Number 2 figure after the movement's spiritual leader Mullah Omar. The operation to seize Baradar was conducted by Pakistani Special Services and CIA agents in Karachi Pakistan. The news of Baradar's arrest coincided with the offensive conducted by the International Coalition Forces in the southern provinces of Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the "rumor" about the arrest had been made up by the West to undermine the Taliban resistance to the offensive of occupying forces in southern Afghanistan. Mullah Baradar had been the head of one of the three councils of the Taliban leaders since 2007. He was in charge of military actions, which the Taliban had conducted against the international coalition in Afghanistan's most dangerous provinces. If the capture is confirmed, the arrest may seriously affect the morale of the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan: Baradar was the initiator of the mine war in his region. He had served as Deputy Defense Minister in the Taliban government, which the US troops overthrew in 2001.
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Pravda: The Mother of All Battles in Afghanistan

As NATO gets ready for a massive troop surge in Helmand Province, the local population flees ahead of what both sides promise to be the "Mother of All Firefights". Operation Moshtarak, which means "Together" in Dari, is about to be unleashed by NATO in the southern Helmand town of Marjah, the largest population center under Taliban control in the region and the largest counter-insurgency operation since the Afghanistan campaign began in 2001. 15,000 NATO and Afghan troops, plus Special Forces are poised to attack a force of about 1,000 Taliban fighters, who have been warned to lay down their arms or leave the area, but they have refused. The result is a mass exodus of tens of thousands of civilians, who fear being caught up in what promises to be a bitter fight. According to sources, the impending engagement constitutes a critical moment in Afghanistan, where the Taliban gains have gathered momentum, and the increased firepower on the battlefield is certain to result in a greater number of civilian casualties, as well as a greater war cost for all belligerents.
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