911 Truth, NOT 911 Lies!! NO Involvement of Moslems!!

The World Trade Centers, all of them, including the two twin towers, as well as Building 7, were destroyed by controlled demolition, and NOT because a few "high-jackers" with box cutters allegedly forced their way into a commercial airliner's cabin. The idiotic fairy tale of Arab involvement is just that: A fairy tale to lure Americans into a war in Iraq, and now Afghanistan, allegedly to seek revenge for an Arab "atrocity" against our USA. Our unprovoked attack against the citizens of Iraq was made by two US Administrations to rob that country of its oil, while our invasion of Afghanistan was sanctioned to build a pipeline from a former Soviet Republic toward the south of that country. Check on the "worldwideweb" under 911 Truth, and, as they say: "Read it and weep!" Our unprovoked attack against nations which have done us no harm, but which now have struggled to thwart our invasion into their world, and their way of life have succeeded in making America a pariah among civilized nations and cultured. May God forgive us for our trespasses. The US Has Lost in Afghanistan - We Have to Come to Grips with What That Means: Wars are rarely lost in a single encounter. Defeat is almost always more complex than that. The United States, despite the help from its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies have lost the war, but not just because we failed in the battle for Marjah or our decision that discretion is the better part of valor in Kandahar. We lost because we should never have invaded in the first place, because we never had a goal that was achievable, because our blood and capital was finite. The face of that defeat was everywhere during the past month: According to the Afghanistan Rights Monitor, in terms of insecurity, 2010 was the worst year since the demise of the Taliban regime in late 2001. More bad news: A recent US government audit found that despite $27 billion spent on training, fewer than 12 percent of Afghan security forces were capable of operating on their own. Some 58% of Afghan "security" forces were capable of operating on their own. Besides, some 58% of the American public also think that the war is a lost cause, and 60% think the United States should begin to withdraw in July 2011. What more, after all of these damning statistics, can any of us say?

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