Why do we have a outrageously high gas prices?

A May 1 article in Germany's largest News Magazine - "Der Spiegel", indicates that since our invasion, the Iraqi oil industry is on the verge of collapse, leading to more world shortages. When Saddam was in power, he tried to sell as much oil as possible to whoever wanted to buy, whether friend or potential foe.

Because its northern pipeline into Turkey has been out of commission for months as a result of continuing insurgent attacks, Iraq now processes all of its oil exports through its two terminals on the Gulf, which are in deplorable shape, and have not been properly repaired. This means less oil, higher prices at the pump, dismal approval ratings for the Bush regime which lied us into our invasion of Iraq. During this deception, President Bush's regime succeded in "outing" the CIA's agent handler for Iran. I will take many years to replace the agents in Iran who reported to him, and meanwhile, we may lack "human" intel (vs electronic, etc.), which is now severly needed, if an ill-advised invasion is in the planning process.

If we now commit the additional folly of attacking Iran, the two Gulf terminals, pathetic as they are, will be at risk, and Iran is likely to quit selling oil on the world market, and our crisis will then become a catastrophy, from which we are unlikely to recover in the foreseeable future. Many of us may be walking many miles to work, if our workplace survives the inevitable world-wide economic depression, which is certain to follow a severe oil shortage. It will take years to replace oil with other fuel sources in sufficient quantities to avert this catastrophe.

Even the many citizens of the United States, who are unable to find Iran or Iraq on a world map, will soon understand the impact of our misadventure into the Middle East. It has been, and will continue to be a massive tragedy for the Iraqi as well as the American people