Why Germany is Prosperous, while the USA is going down the Drain

There is a quiet revolution in Europe: The European Union, 27nmember nations with a half billion people, has become the largest, wealthiest trading bloc in the world, producing nearly a third of the world's economy - nearly as much as the US and China combined. Europe has more Fortune 500 companies than either the US, China or Japan. European nations spend far less than the United States for universal health care, rated by the World Health Organization as the best in the world, even as US health care is ranked 37th. Europe leads in confronting global climate change with renewable energy technologies, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the process. Europe is twice as energy efficient as the US and their ecological footprint (the amount of the earth's capacity that a population consumes) is about half that of the United States for the same standard of living. Unemployment in the US is is widespread and becoming chronic, but when Americans have jobs, we work much longer hours than our peers in Europe. Before the recession, Americans were working 1,804 hours per year versus 1,436 hours for Germans - the equivalent of nine extra 40-hour weeks per year. In his new book, Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? Thomas Geoghegan makes a strong case that European social democracies - particularly Germany - have some lessons and models that might make life a lot more livable: Germans have six weeks of federally mandated vacation, free university tuition, and nursing care. According to Geoghean, since 2003, it's not China but Germany, that colossus of European socialism, that has either led the world in export sales or at least been tied for first!
As the ancient Romans used to say: "Sic transit gloria mundi"


Bob Woodward on 'Obama's Wars'

Bob Woodward's focus is on Afghanistan, the 'secret' war, Pakistan, and then the
'war on terror, tracking the events in microscopic detail. President Obama has made a lot of bizarre decisions on both of these wars, which make Hitler's mistake in his invasion of Poland look like a minor faux-pas. Among other things, Hitler was NOT honored by the Nobel Prize committee as a "guardian of peace", but Obama appears to have reveled, like a spoiled child which cannot stop his own temper tantrum, in the lack of control over his own shortcomings. Jeff Rense, in his huge web site, caught Obama's perversion superbly, when he portrayed a sign for an automobile service- station, which read: "Nobel Prize with Oil Change". In other words, he pointed to the devaluing of the most important honor in the entire universe by an oaf to whom the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing at all!! Bob Woodward tracks, in microscopic detail, the depth of Obama's depravity, painting Obama as a kind of law professor, questioning people, identifying issues. You see the dilemma of the war, as well as the intransigence of of the military that will not give him 'other options'. My advice is to read the book, and then vote Obama out of office! No matter whom you select, he, or she, has got to be a better President than Obama!


American Military Officers Against Obama!

Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, Major General Carroll D. Childers, Captain Neil B. Turner, Commander Charles Kerchner, Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, Captain Connie Rhodes, Lieutenant Colonel David Earl Graef, Major Stefan Frederick Cook, Paul Vallely, Major General (Ret) US Army, Jim Cash, Brigadier General (Ret) USAF, Harry Riley, Colonel (Ret), US Army, Michael A. Trudell, Captain, (Ret), USN, Harry Soloman, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) USAF, Carmen A. Reynolds, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) USAF, Debra A. Gunnoe, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret), USAF, Greg Hollister, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) USAF, Richard C. Morris, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) US Army, William Harker, Commander (Ret), USN. John Johnson, 1st Lieutenant (Ret) USN. John Johnson, 1st Lieutenant (Ret) USN, etc, etc. All of these people are either engaged in a legal action against Obama or, like myself, have publicly expressed their support for people in legal actions against Obama. What motivates these people to risk their lives, their freedom and their fortunes by publicly stating their position against a US President? In my case, I know: "It is their sworn duty, since all of us who served this great country swore to take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God!"

Cindy Shehan to Nancy Pelosi: How's that Liberal Agenda Working for you!

During the last four years, you have fully funded Obama's wars, rammed bankers' bailouts through Congress, supported the torture policies of George Bush, and voted for even stricter measures against "suspected" terrorists. In addition, you have obediently supported and defended the murderous Israeli oppression of Palestine, presided over the worst job hemorrhage since the Great Depression, and the only "victory" you can claim is a feeble health care "reform" bill, of which you admit that you had no idea what it contained - which, in fact, was just a massive welfare program for your corporate buddies in that industry. When you become a lame duck Speaker early next month you will at least have time to reflect about the magnitude of your sins. As they say: The saddest words from you will be What Might Have Been, but you can't say that Cindi Sheehan didn't warn you! She had literally brought that warning home to you in 2008, when she stood for election against you as an independent in your district. She even tried to send you a gift of a wake up call through her platform and candidacy, that ending the wars, increasing jobs in the United States, fully funding education, protecting people's homes from eviction and foreclosure, preventing the environment from destruction, and justice for war crimes were what the people really wanted. Though I would like to wash my hands of your problems, unfortunately we are all in this together! What the heck:
I told you so, I told you so!


Zarddari believes US behind Taliban Attacks to Gain Access to Nukes!

Zalmay Khalizad, the former US envoy to Afghanistan, once brushed off Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari's claim that the US was "arranging" the "suicide" attacks by Pakistani Taliban inside his country as "madness" and viewed that both both Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who believed in this US conspiracy theory were "dysfunctional" leaders. The account of Zardari's claim about the US hand in the attacks had been deliberately reproduced by US journalist Bob Woodward, on Page 116 of his famous book 'Obama's Wars'. Woodward's account says: 'One evening during the trilateral summit in Washington, between Obama, Karzai and Zardari had dinner with Zalmay Khalilzad, the 58-year old former US Ambassador of Afghanistan, Iraq and the UN, during the Bush presidency. Zardari dropped his diplomatic guard. He suggested that one of the two countries was arranging the attacks by the Pakistani Taliban inside his country: India or the US. Zardari didn't think India could be that clever, but the US could! Karzai had told him the US was behind the attacks, confirming the claims made by the Pakistani ISI.


Tennessee Courts Sidestep Obama Eligibility Case

Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III got nowhere in a Knoxville, Tennessee federal court last year in his attempt to expose Barack Obama's alleged foreign birth, so he was forced to resort to his local grand jury, only to find out that there was even more corruption at the county level. Then there was the illegal case of Gary Pettway, who had been sitting as grand jury foreman for two decades, in breach of Tennessee law, but it was Fitzpatrick who went to jail for a few days, while the "good-ol'-boy system decided what to do with him. Ten days later, Fitzpatrick's friend Daren Huff of Georgia was charged with crossing a state line with "intent" to incite a riot and illegal trafficking in firearms. He later faced trumped-up charges in Monroe County, Tennessee, namely: 1) participating in a riot, 2) disrupting a meeting, 3) causing an annoyance in a public place by an act that served no legitimate purpose, 4) obstructing a law enforcement officer attempting to make an arrest, 5) threatening to harm grand jury foreman Gary Pettway by an unlawful act, and finally 6) intentionally coercing and intimidating Mr. Pettway. Trial for both men has been set for Dec. 1
In retrospect, I wonder why I decided to serve our country in Vietnam as Advisory Team Leader!

Russia's Sapphire Missiles Bother Israel's Nerves

Russia's announcement to sell anti-ship missiles to Syria have caused "some concern" in the US and Israel. The arms deal is worth at least $300 million, and with this purchase Syria obtains two missile systems: the anti-ship ASM Yakhont, which, according to Russia, is purely defensive, since it is designed to reflect possible aggression from the sea. Nevertheless, both US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his Israeli counterpart Uhud Barak said it might "destabilize" the entire region, warning Russia about arms trade with countries with which Washington has "no understanding". According to Gates: "Though Russia has the right to sell weapons to other countries, Gates hopes that the Russian side takes into account the strategic implications of this transaction. On September 19, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netenyahu voiced his concerns about the deal - according to him, Russia's intention to supply Syria with weapons "that can change the strategic situation in the Middle East is not conducive to stability and peace." The AMS X-61 Yakhont is intended to counter enemy fire and electronic countermeasures. Its combat radius is 300 km, which allows it to effectively defeat an enemy at great distances and minimizes the possible chance of it's own losses.


Bizarre Proposals for stimulating the US Economy

As unbelievable as it sounds, some top Federal Reserve officials have come up with a REALLY bizarre proposal for stimulating the US economy: According to Michael Snyder, what they really propose to do is to purposely raise the rate of inflation so that Americans will stop saving so much money and will start spending wildly again. If the inflation rises a couple of percentage points, but consumers are only only earning half a percent - or less - on their savings accounts, there will be an incentive for consumers to spend that money as the value of it deteriorates sitting in the bank. Several decades ago, Americans typically saved between 8 and 12 percent of their incomes, but over this decade the personal saving rate got down to near zero a number of times as Americans were living far beyond their means. Once the recession hit, Americans very wisely started saving more money, and so now the personal savings rate has been hovering around the 5 to 7 percent range. This is well beyond historical levels, but the folks at the Fed apparently are eager for Americans to pull that money out and start spending again.

The Peasants are Revolting! - You can certainly say that Again!

Pakistani, European Officials Charge US Manufactured Terror Scare: Only a few days ago, Britain's Guardian newspaper published comments from a "high-ranking" Pakistani government official and European intelligence officials, stating that the recent US terror alert was politically motivated. Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan's high commissioner to Britain, told the "Guardian" newspaper that the recent US terror alert was politically motivated. In fact, it was being used by "our" United States to justify an escalation of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At last, an honest man! His statement follows those by several leading European politicians publicly denying the claim by the Obama administration that the threat of terrorist attack was imminent somewhere in Europe. On October 3, the US State Department issued an 'amorphous' statement warning American citizens in Europe of the danger of attacks by organizations linked to the mythical Al Qaeda. No specific country was mentioned, and there only existed "the potential for terrorist attacks". Britain, Japan, Sweden and Canada promptly issued alerts to their own citizens in Europe to "take extra precautions". Sic Transit Gloria Mundi! Please click on my headline to read the rest of this horror story, just in time for Halloween!"


Mass Murder in Afghanistan: 4.9 Million Afghans Dead!

As of 7 October 2010, the 9th Anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, the human cost of the Afghan War has been estimated as about 4.9 million violent deaths from our Occupier-imposed deprivation. As Dr. Gideon Polya points out in his enlightened analysis of that gruesome war, a detailed and documented Afghan War Human Cost Fact Sheet has been prepared to assist humane public discussion of this ongoing US Alliance-imposed Afghan Holocaust and Genocide that has now reached the dimensions of the WW2 Jewish Holocaust of 5-6 million dead, with 1 in 6 dying from deprivation. The US Alliance is involved in an Afghan Holocaust and an Afghan Genocide as defined by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention, which states: "In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, such as: a) Killing members of the group, b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part, d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group, e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. It must be noted that mass murderers rarely confess and "intent" is typically established by sustained , remorseless conduct (for 9 years in the case of the US Alliance in the Afghan War).
Please click on my title to read the rest of this well-documented story by Dr. Gideon Polya!