Cindy Shehan to Nancy Pelosi: How's that Liberal Agenda Working for you!

During the last four years, you have fully funded Obama's wars, rammed bankers' bailouts through Congress, supported the torture policies of George Bush, and voted for even stricter measures against "suspected" terrorists. In addition, you have obediently supported and defended the murderous Israeli oppression of Palestine, presided over the worst job hemorrhage since the Great Depression, and the only "victory" you can claim is a feeble health care "reform" bill, of which you admit that you had no idea what it contained - which, in fact, was just a massive welfare program for your corporate buddies in that industry. When you become a lame duck Speaker early next month you will at least have time to reflect about the magnitude of your sins. As they say: The saddest words from you will be What Might Have Been, but you can't say that Cindi Sheehan didn't warn you! She had literally brought that warning home to you in 2008, when she stood for election against you as an independent in your district. She even tried to send you a gift of a wake up call through her platform and candidacy, that ending the wars, increasing jobs in the United States, fully funding education, protecting people's homes from eviction and foreclosure, preventing the environment from destruction, and justice for war crimes were what the people really wanted. Though I would like to wash my hands of your problems, unfortunately we are all in this together! What the heck:
I told you so, I told you so!

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