Tennessee Courts Sidestep Obama Eligibility Case

Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III got nowhere in a Knoxville, Tennessee federal court last year in his attempt to expose Barack Obama's alleged foreign birth, so he was forced to resort to his local grand jury, only to find out that there was even more corruption at the county level. Then there was the illegal case of Gary Pettway, who had been sitting as grand jury foreman for two decades, in breach of Tennessee law, but it was Fitzpatrick who went to jail for a few days, while the "good-ol'-boy system decided what to do with him. Ten days later, Fitzpatrick's friend Daren Huff of Georgia was charged with crossing a state line with "intent" to incite a riot and illegal trafficking in firearms. He later faced trumped-up charges in Monroe County, Tennessee, namely: 1) participating in a riot, 2) disrupting a meeting, 3) causing an annoyance in a public place by an act that served no legitimate purpose, 4) obstructing a law enforcement officer attempting to make an arrest, 5) threatening to harm grand jury foreman Gary Pettway by an unlawful act, and finally 6) intentionally coercing and intimidating Mr. Pettway. Trial for both men has been set for Dec. 1
In retrospect, I wonder why I decided to serve our country in Vietnam as Advisory Team Leader!


Anonymous said...

I suggest you read this blog for the truth about Walt's actions. Walt was wrong.


Then ask yourself what kind of guy has a history like Walt?


Maybe he's not the hero you think he is? Walt see corruption everywhere he goes. Always has. Nothing is Walt's fault. Not his court martial.

Years later he found corruption in Washington state. Enough for him to write a 600 pages of allegations.

"Fitzpatrick sees his 600-page allegation of criminality against other public officials thrown out of court due to lack of evidence."

Maybe Walt is just nuts.

(Of course I've never found a birther leader is isn't.)

Anonymous said...

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