Bob Woodward on 'Obama's Wars'

Bob Woodward's focus is on Afghanistan, the 'secret' war, Pakistan, and then the
'war on terror, tracking the events in microscopic detail. President Obama has made a lot of bizarre decisions on both of these wars, which make Hitler's mistake in his invasion of Poland look like a minor faux-pas. Among other things, Hitler was NOT honored by the Nobel Prize committee as a "guardian of peace", but Obama appears to have reveled, like a spoiled child which cannot stop his own temper tantrum, in the lack of control over his own shortcomings. Jeff Rense, in his huge web site, caught Obama's perversion superbly, when he portrayed a sign for an automobile service- station, which read: "Nobel Prize with Oil Change". In other words, he pointed to the devaluing of the most important honor in the entire universe by an oaf to whom the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing at all!! Bob Woodward tracks, in microscopic detail, the depth of Obama's depravity, painting Obama as a kind of law professor, questioning people, identifying issues. You see the dilemma of the war, as well as the intransigence of of the military that will not give him 'other options'. My advice is to read the book, and then vote Obama out of office! No matter whom you select, he, or she, has got to be a better President than Obama!

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