My comment about our CIA has been censored by our "free" Government!

So, OUR CIA is telling us we are no longer the land of the free or the home of the brave? We should tell that to our soldiers in Afghanistan, who are told otherwise by their commanders!!


Guantanamo Prisoner Denounces "Kangaroo" Proceedings!

On Monday, July 12, Omar Khadr rejected the "kangaroo" proceedings taking place against him at Guantanamo Bay. As I would also have, Omar refused a US offered plea bargain and fired his US military "defense" team. He had been captured in July of 2002 in Afghanistan when he was only 15, and had been held at the American base at Guantanamo Bay for eight years. Like many prisoners of our Cuban base, he had been subjected to torture and abuse and denied fundamental human and legal rights: According to Omar's Canadian attorney, the plea deal he turned down would have required Omar to falsely admit that he had committed war crimes (NO, that would have been by George W Bush, whose hired guns tortured and incarcerated Omar for many years, without due process under our US Constitution). Bottom line, unlike our former "president", Omar was not guilty of any crimes. If I am not mistaken, the courts of Germany, under the same laws applicable to German NAZI war criminals, would try and incarcerate both George "W", and his former Vice President, should they set foot on German soil.
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Why Obama fired McChrystal: The Master Magician Strikes Again!

Obama's move has nothing to do with an effort to "win" in Afghanistan: He has realized long, long ago, that even the remote possibility of a "win" in that country is utterly impossible. Instead, he sees the political need to maneuver between the positions of the 'war hawks' and the 'advocates of peace' with whom he largely agrees: While the military wants to 'win', (whatever that means), the 'Right' would be ready to pounce on him as an appeaser of 'terrorists', if he acknowledges that winning is utterly impossible. The choice of Petraeus as McChrystal's replacement solved Obama's dilemma. In choosing Petraeus, he found a way to derail a serious political rival, since Petraeus looks like a possible contender in the 2012 election. By sending him to Afghanistan, Obama has made his candidacy much more difficult. At a stroke, Obama has taken Petraeus out of the 2012 presidential race. As we learned in the "godfather" movie: "Keep your friends close, and the competition closer". Petraeus could have been the Republicans' possible messiah: His impeccable military credentials, his undoubted intelligence, his mastery of personal and professional politics had led many to see in him as the candidate to take on Obama and beat him - and now he is gone, and the name of this game is: Obama wins again!!
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The Morons in our Pentagon have done it again: Total War Against China!

According to the South China Morning Post of Monday, July 5, our idiotic government has sent the USS Michigan to Pusan, North Korea, the USS Ohio into Subic Bay of the Philippines, and the USS Florida into the strategic Indian Ocean outpost of Diego Garcia, apparently as a "show of force" not seen since the end of the Cold War. The Chinese government has properly interpreted "our" action - that is, the actions of the morons in our Obama administration - as a siege of China, from whom many of our inexpensive consumer goods now flow. The Hong Kong newspaper from which this story was gleaned was entitled: "US submarines emerge in show of military might: Message unlikely to be lost on Beijing as 3 vessels turn up in Asian ports". The story was dated July 4. Between them, the three submarines can carry 462 Tomahawks, boosting by an estimated 60 per cent-plus the potential Tomahawk strike force of the entire Japanese-based Seventh Fleet - the core projection of US military power in East Asia." The author of the article further stated that 460-odd Tomahawks is a huge amount of potential firepower in anybody's language. It is another sign that the US is determined to not only maintain its military dominance in Asia, but to be seen doing so - a message for Beijing and for everyone else, whether you are a US ally, or a nation sitting on the fence."
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