Guantanamo Prisoner Denounces "Kangaroo" Proceedings!

On Monday, July 12, Omar Khadr rejected the "kangaroo" proceedings taking place against him at Guantanamo Bay. As I would also have, Omar refused a US offered plea bargain and fired his US military "defense" team. He had been captured in July of 2002 in Afghanistan when he was only 15, and had been held at the American base at Guantanamo Bay for eight years. Like many prisoners of our Cuban base, he had been subjected to torture and abuse and denied fundamental human and legal rights: According to Omar's Canadian attorney, the plea deal he turned down would have required Omar to falsely admit that he had committed war crimes (NO, that would have been by George W Bush, whose hired guns tortured and incarcerated Omar for many years, without due process under our US Constitution). Bottom line, unlike our former "president", Omar was not guilty of any crimes. If I am not mistaken, the courts of Germany, under the same laws applicable to German NAZI war criminals, would try and incarcerate both George "W", and his former Vice President, should they set foot on German soil.
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