The Morons in our Pentagon have done it again: Total War Against China!

According to the South China Morning Post of Monday, July 5, our idiotic government has sent the USS Michigan to Pusan, North Korea, the USS Ohio into Subic Bay of the Philippines, and the USS Florida into the strategic Indian Ocean outpost of Diego Garcia, apparently as a "show of force" not seen since the end of the Cold War. The Chinese government has properly interpreted "our" action - that is, the actions of the morons in our Obama administration - as a siege of China, from whom many of our inexpensive consumer goods now flow. The Hong Kong newspaper from which this story was gleaned was entitled: "US submarines emerge in show of military might: Message unlikely to be lost on Beijing as 3 vessels turn up in Asian ports". The story was dated July 4. Between them, the three submarines can carry 462 Tomahawks, boosting by an estimated 60 per cent-plus the potential Tomahawk strike force of the entire Japanese-based Seventh Fleet - the core projection of US military power in East Asia." The author of the article further stated that 460-odd Tomahawks is a huge amount of potential firepower in anybody's language. It is another sign that the US is determined to not only maintain its military dominance in Asia, but to be seen doing so - a message for Beijing and for everyone else, whether you are a US ally, or a nation sitting on the fence."
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