A Warning to Jill Carroll's Kidnappers!

Jill Carroll's kidnappers are rapidly diminishing the tiny reservoir of sympathy for the Iraqi resistance movement, which still exists in this world. As a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, who has been humbled by his inability to prevent "collateral damage" to innocents, when such restraint might cause death or injury to his advisory team, I have spoken against the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has brought almost unimaginable pain to the Iraqui people, since before its beginning, and I have helped to found VeteransAgainstTorture, because I fervently believe in the justice of that cause.

My profound sympathy for the plight of the Iraqui people does not extend to the vile kidnappers of this innocent girl. My message to them: "Keep it up, and you will count the destruction of our antiwar movement among your accomplishments.

Even God will not forgive you, if you do!

Wolfgang P. May
Captain, Armor
Advisory Team Leader
Republic of Vietnam


Veterans Against Torture

I am proud to be a founding member of Veterans Against Torture
When I served as Intelligence Operations Officer of the 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen Germany, I was proud to work with some of the highly trained professional interrogators of our MI company.

If we want reliable intelligence, we cannot use shortcuts in that business. It takes a few days, but the result is always information on which our armed forces can act with confidence, and produce positive results. For an inside look at these wonderful, underpaid professionals of our military intelligence, read: "Talking with Victor Charlie" by Sedgwick D. Tourison, Jr.

Torture may satisfy some perverted instincts, but the result is useless garbage.