Teens in Nazi "game" face penalty!

Once more, there are innocents involved, who are forced to atone for the barbaric practices of others: I do NOT condone such behavior, and neither should those who dislike the Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people: Seven seniors at a Southern California high school are facing disciplinary action for participating in a game called: "Beat the Jew", in which losers were subject to "incineration" or "enslavement", a school administrator said Friday. The "game" involved some students playing the role of Nazis who blindfolded and dropped off other students playing Jews, who had to find their way back to the campus, said Sherry Johnson, assistant superintendent of personnel for Desert Sands Unified School District. Seven seniors at the high school could be suspended or barred from graduation, among other measures. "This is appalling to us," she said "We want our students to understand the horror of a title like this." Yet, for all that, was that "game" a reflection of the horror the Palestinians who are driven from their homes, and whom the Israeli government ejects from their ancient land and tortures them on a regular basis have any bearing on this matter? Think about it!!

The Gaza Flotilla: How Israel Fakes Photos of "Seized Weapons"

My evidence is from an excellent website, appropriately called politicaltheatrics.net. Its all there, for those who have eyes to see, and who refuse to be blinded by Israeli Government bullshit: First, a little humor, from the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs' Flickr page, who swear, if we are foolish enough to believe them, that the so-called weapons seized on the ships taking part in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla provide ample evidence of the deviousness of those darned anti-semitic terrorists. But be forewarned: the pictures on that web page are NOT for the faint-hearted, and some of these pictures are not from the "so-called" weapons which these brave Israeli soldiers had allegedly found. In fact, many go back as far as February 2006, and most were made on even farther dates. Perhaps there are even some from the Israeli murder of the crew of our American ship, the USS Liberty, before the brave Israeli Airforce machine-gunned the entire crew, and sent those who somehow managed to survive to the bottom of the ocean. Our American sailors were probably rabidly anti-semitic, and therefore deserved to die.


God Help us, if Netanyahu has his way, and begins a Nuclear War.

By now, it has become increasingly clear that Israel, now dominated by "Fundamentalists", and armed with over 200 nukes, has become a dangerous failed state. There are many in the world who now ask whether Israel can now be considered a danger to our entire world. Of course, this question can never be posed by the American mainstream media, or our congress, since fear of the pro-Israeli lobby remains extremely powerful. If the fundamentalists in Israel succeed in consolidating their political power, which now seems extremely likely, our fragile world will soon be facing an isolated and paranoid religious state with some 200 to 400 nuclear warheads, along with a sophisticated collection of chemical and biological weapons. One Israeli, who spent his childhood working for the Israeli government, indicates that Israel is becoming like North Korea, except for its advanced collection of highly lethal weapons. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still appears convinced that Israel's sophisticated propaganda network, and its American "neoconservative" allies will overwhelm any criticism of Israeli actions in Washington, and ensure eventual US backing for a military strike on Iran. Should his judgment be correct, God help us all, for the future of our small and fragile planet will now become the plaything of a madman!


Israel's Plan was to kill the Activists and Deter Future Convoys!

Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi's who governed Germany would have been proud of the current Israeli Government, who had the temerity to kill the unarmed civilians on board of the international flotilla which tried to take humanitarian aid to Gaza. Haneen Zoubi, one of the eye-witnesses of that massacre, said that Israeli naval vessels had surrounded the flotilla's flagship, the Mavi Marma, and fired on it a few commandos descended from a helicopter directly above them: Terrified passengers had been forced off the deck when water was sprayed at them. Within minutes of the beginning of the descent of the Israeli Storm-Troopers, three bodies had been brought to the main room on the upper deck. Two had gunshot wounds to the head, in what may have been executions at very close range. Two other passengers slowly bled to death, after Israeli soldiers ignored messages in Hebrew, which the frantic occupants of the vessel had held up at the window, calling for medical help to save them. Eyewitnesses also saw seven other passengers who had been seriously wounded. It seemed clear that Israel had several days to plan this massacre. Apparently, the Israelis wanted as many deaths as possible, in order to terrorise the activists on that ship, so that no future aid convoys would try to break the siege of Gaza. When I served as the Intelligence Operations Officer of our US 4th Armored Division in Goeggingen, Germany, I was the first man to receive the horrible news of the Israeli massacre of our USS Liberty. Colonel Aakkula ordered me to bring the news to General Sherrer, the commander of our division. The General's only comment was: "With friends like these, we have no need of enemies!!" Well, it seems our "friends", to whom so much of our aid money goes, have once more proven the value of their "friendship"!
Yet, at the same time, Pro-Israel Democrats are defending this immoral, and entirely unjustifiable murderous raid: New York Democratic Reps Anthony Weiner, Jerold Nadler, Gary Ackerman, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Rep Ron Klein (D-Fla) have vigorously supported Israel's boarding of an aid ship bound for the blockaded Gaza - an act that has resulted of more than ten deaths, and a UN condemnation. The comments expose the hatred between the White House, and some 'staunch' defenders of Israel in Congress. On the one hand, Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, said that the administration is "greatly supportive" of Israel's security. Though the White House said that the administration (the guys that are whacking innocent civilians in Afghanistan) suddenly found religion, and are now promising an "investigation". Our weak-kneed Obama administration, as long as Israel is not involved, also said that "the United States Congress understand why the blockade was in place against Hamas and support it, Weiner said - we obviously had a bad weekend. Mr. Weiner - I can assure you that the entire human race agrees with your opinion, as long as you do not seek to rule out a decent life style for the unfortunate Palestinians, who are trapped in your murderous Jewish Country, which your rabid commandos have held hostage by force of arms.
"Sieg Heil"dem Israeli Fuehrer.


Pro-Israel Dems Defend Raid

First of all the "normal" bullshit, a constant flow of "disinformation", as the Russians used to call it, to the gullible morons who believe the American newspapers, most of whom are controlled by Jews. "Some" democrats in congress stand "firmly" behind Israel's raid, and the resulting massacre of innocent civilians in international waters, far from the shores of Israel. Of course Ackerman, who, unfortunately, chairs the House Foreign Affairs sub-committie on the middle east, fully supports Israel's right to "defend itself". Mr. Ackerman, does that include whacking innocent civilians? Apparently, so! Had you been a German citizen during the dark days of Nazi Germany, you would probably have also sanctioned the murder of Jews, had they not been relatives of yours. While my father and Grandfather did what they could for those unfortunate victims of a society out of control, would you have stood up and supported these unfortunate human beings? My father did. His sacrifice, and that of my mother's step-brother, who was incarcerated in one of the darkest dungeons in Breslau, where ignorant and illiterate Nazis used medieval torture devices to recreate the times in which they had been used by the demented followers of Adolf Hitler. Next time, as your countrymen whack another innocent representative of those humans your people despise so much, please try to put yourself in their shoes, and shout "Sieg Heil" for the good times, which are now so very, very, far away!!


We - the UnitedStates are the only friends the murderous Israelis have!!

Due to their unmitigated control of our television stations, and other news media, the Israelis OWN America, though they like to deny that fact. When the Jews ask our news media to jump, the only response has to be: How High, and the same applies to "our" Presidents, and even those of us who claim to be independent of their enormous clout - let's say "total control" of our otherwise great nation. When I served as the Intelligence Operations Officer of our 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, the other officers made no bones about their extreme hatred of this evil empire. As I recall, after I gave General Sherrer the news about the Israeli sinking of our "Liberty" ship, the General commented: "With friends like these, we have no need of enemies!" His opinion was fully shared, not only by our Intelligence Section, but by all of the officers and men in our headquarters. In fact, since they had done us no harm, we liked our Soviet "enemies" a lot more than the Jewish "friends" who had the temerity to murder our sailors and other soldiers, though they claimed us as "friends". As the General commented to me, as well as to the other officers: "With friends like these, we have no need of enemies."


Israeli Commandos Murder unarmed Civilian Protesters

An Australian journalist and photographer on an aid boat headed for the Gaza Strip is among the many wounded or dead, after Israeli commandos once again decided to massacre unarmed civilians. The "commandos" boarded the ships, led by a Turkish vessel with 600 people on board, in international waters. Israeli commandos boarded the ships in international waters overnight, backed by warships and heavily armed military helicopters. Communication with the civilian victims of this unprovoked Israeli attack was not available, since the Israelis apparently jammed all communications, in order to prevent the civilized world from hearing about yet another Israeli atrocity against innocent civilians. Mr. McGeough, one of the Australians on that ship, reported that the Israeli massacre was unprovoked, and was representative of the usual disregard for the lives of civilians by the Israeli military. Turkey reportedly has "strongly protested" against Israeli's action, and the European Union has called for an inquiry into the deaths aboard the Gaza aid ships. In a statement, the EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton expressed her regret for the loss of life by this unprovoked attack of the Israeli military, and called for an immediate and unconditional opening of the crossing into Gaza to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid, while the Arab League has condemned Israel's actions as
a terrorist act!



Robert Naiman, Policy Director of Just Foreign Policy, has just posted an important news flash: Eighteen Senators now Back an Ironclad Timetable for Withdrawal from Afghanistan. In all, eighteen of our Senators voted for Senator Feingold's amendment to the war supplemental, requiring the "President" to establish a timetable for the "redeployment" of US military forces from Afghanistan. This could be a turning point in US policy on the war in that wretched, war-torn country. On Tuesday, Senator Boxer added her name to S.3197, Senator Feingold's bill that would have the same effect. The other sixteen Senators who voted yes were Baucus (D-MT), Brown (D-OH), Cantwell (D-WA), Dorgan (D-ND), Durbin (D-IL), Gillibrand (D-NY), Harkin (D-IA), Leahy (D-VT), Merkley (D-OR), Murray (D-WA), Sanders (I-VT), Schumer (D-NY),
Specter (D-PA), Tester (D-MT), Udall (D-NM), and Wyden (D-OR). A special thanks to Senator Franken and Denator Feinstein, and my friends in our group: Veterans Against Torture, and Veterans for Justice, who worked so very, very hard to make this vital miracle happen. Also, a special thanks to Senator Feinstein: Last September, she called for a specific date for the withdrawal of American forces. Unlike the trigger-happy other remnants of our senate, those of us who served in Vietnam in combat assignments know precisely what a military confrontation means against a determined enemy means to our soldiers!