"Friends" Abandoning George Bush

"It's Twilight at the White House" says Der Spiegel, Germany's most influential news magazine. (Please click on the title for the full story).

George may be presiding over the White House for another 14 months, but, judging by the mood of his friends, including the many corporate fat cats who slobbered at the Republican trough, you would think it was the last 14 hours. Sixty corporate CEO's, who had previously donated primarily to the Bush campaigns are now giving more money to the Democrats.

Four months ago the speechwriter who invented the "axis of evil" phrase jumped ship, soon followed by the White House press secretary, the budget director, the director of "strategic initiatives", and chief political adviser Karl Rove. They were followed by two cabinet secretaries and the secretary of agriculture.

Looks like it's crying time again for the Republicans, while a newly enlightened public prepares to leave them!