The Spontaneous Christmas Truce of 1914! September 11, 1919: President Wilson Confesses War Guilt During Speech in St. Louis!!

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: In direct violation of their orders, soldiers decided for peace, but soon their criminal and evil governments forced them to kill each other once more. I am proud to report that my grandfather, a soldier in the German Army on the Western Front, participated in this historic truce. Click here for reviews about "Merry Christmas", alternate title "Joyeux Noel", a French movie about this historic truce, by writer-director Christian Carion, now playing in your neighborhood.

Only our criminal governments want war, and all governments use a subservient press to deceive their citizens in order to persuade them to fight. As President Wilson confessed during his speech in St. Louis, on September 11, 1919: "Is there any man, woman, or child here, who does not know that the seed of war is industrial and commercial rivalry? This war was a commercial and industrial war. It was not a political war".

Type "keynes" after clicking on this link:(Click here to read "The Economic Consequences of the Peace" by that world-renowned economist, John Maynard Keynes) During your next PTA meeting, ask why our children are not permitted to learn about this easily documented speech of President Wilson in their history classes.

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