Agent Orange: The Experience of the Zumwalt Family!

My experience with "Agent Orange" was a LOT different than the one praised by the high-ranking Admiral and his son: To reduce casualties in his AO (Area of Operations), Admiral Zumwalt Jr. ordered the defoliation in 1968. One of his sons, now 40 years old, and a lawyer in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has two forms of cancer, while his offspring is plagued by a severe learning disability. Elmo and the Admiral, now retired, both believe that Elmo's exposure to Agent Orange is responsible for the cancers and for Russel's brain dysfunction. Many other Vietnam Veterans and their children have suffered similar fates and have come to the same conclusion. In my case, I had to undergo an extremely critical operation, which required many units of blood, to remove my cancerous prostate gland, which meant taking a lot of pills, and wearing a 'diaper' for the rest of my life. In retrospect, I understand that "our" use of Agent Orange made my task as Advisory Team Leader in the "Iron Triangle" much more hazardous than without that horrid chemical: Though Agent Orange destroyed all of the trees in my area of operations, and saw their naked branches outlined against the hot summer sky, the weeds and grasses underneath them now proliferated, in many cases at least three or four feet, so that an enemy sniper, zeroing in with his AK-47 on our patrol, would not be obvious to my men, until he had fired a fatal shot into one of my men. In other words, as the combat leader of my men, I was always plagued by the thought of losing some of my good men, because of "Agent Orange". There, I've finally said it, and I'm GLAD.


Newsweek's Evan Thomas: "Journalists Like War"!!

Every once in a while, the mainstream media actually tells it like it is: One such occasion, in 1898, right before the "Spanish-American War", both the press and Theodore Roosevelt were 'hysterical' for war. Evan Thomas, the assistant managing editor of Newsweek, who seemed eager to agree that the modern mainstream media are a pack of blood hungry savages, relates that William Randolf Hearst, was one of our media's most despicable example of that addiction. Nevertheless, even the people who had been anti-war, on some level, realize that their real bias, no matter what the damage to our world's society, is for conflict. For example, before our invasion of Iraq, many journalists (McClatchy and Democracy Now) played up stories about our government's allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction, because that is what 'real' journalism is all about. Or is it? If we are unable to trust our so-called news-media, whom can we trust? THINK ABOUT IT, before you believe all of the bullshit and horse-manure, and certainly before you decide to trust our 'free' or lying press!!
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General Vo Nguyen Gap's "People's War, People's Army"

Before I had left the Jungle Operations Course in Panama, it was my privilege to read Vo Nguyen Gap's important book: "People's War, People's Army", was essentially the Vietcong Insurrection Manual for Underdeveloped Countries like Afghanistan. Gap understood that the "Franco-American Imperialists" had conceived a 'rather audacious plan, aimed at annihilating his main force and ending the war within 18 months: The French had decided to concentrate their forces in the Red River delta in the autumn and winter 1953 for 'mopping-up' operations to destroy his guerilla bases, and they also planned attacks on Gap's free zone in order to attract and exhaust his main forces. The French would then recruit new 'puppet' units, while continuing the regrouping of their mobile forces to prepare a decisive offensive on Gap's front in the north. If the plan were working well, in autumn and winter 1954, the French would bring back to north Vietnam their greatly increased forces, still under the influence of the enthusiasm created by their recent victories. In launching a major offensive against Giap's bases, the French would have occupied new territories, annihilating the bulk of Giap's main forces to end their aggressive war and permanently transform all of Vietnam into a colony and a 'Franco-American' military base.


At the 'Pearly Gates': Were you an American? Here's a list of your crimes!

Though our great and powerful nation has failed in her mission to become a beacon for the rest of our troubled world, Michael Moore is still hopeful that many of our good people will united to turn our nation around: Instead of killing the innocent civilians of our target nations, which was my job as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, we must demand from our government that we truly become a positive influence, by using the huge amounts of money which are now routinely dumped into the bloated coffers of our defense contractors, to ensure that we help those billion desperate people of our planet who cannot drink a cup of clean water, and the two billion who don't have clean sanitation. For around $15 billion, which is what we have been spending almost every month on our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we could give clean water to virtually all of the people who don't have it. Would our citizens not be proud to be known by a child who is 10,000 miles away, and who could grow up drinking clean water, remembering our mighty nation after seeing a plaque on their well, which reads: "Brought to you from your friends in the United States of America". That is how we should want to be known by the rest of our world!
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The Duel Of The Machiavellians- Obama vs Petraeus!

Niccolo Dei Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy on the third of May, 1469, and he died on 21 June 1527. Unlike most of our corrupt and incompetent politicians, though he had many misgivings, he also had high hopes for the future of our 'human' race. Enter our 'president Obama, whose chief claim to fame includes any effort to maintain a 'winning' strategy in Afghanistan, no matter what the cost to the American troops, and to our 'enemies', whom he is willing to massacre in this slaughterhouse. Yes, dear reader, I know what a slaughterhouse consists of, having served our army as an advisory team leader north of Kontum, and in Trung Lap, in the heart of our so-called 'Iron Triangle'. You may want to use the line, at the bottom of, and next to my poem, to check my military credentials: Mine, 100%, Obama ZERO. Obama's move in replacing General Stanley A. McChrystal, though it may have granted him some time to his gullible constituency, merely replaces one of his stooges with another, and it has nothing to do with 'winning' in that country. Bottom line: Our volunteer Army will be forced to endure one 'insurgent' meat grinder after another, until the ragged insurgents who dare to oppose us, drive us permanently from their country.
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Americans now have the same online "freedom" as Putin's subjects

Congratulations Americans! We, the masters of declining empires now have almost as much "freedom" as the happy citizens of Russia. A new report published by Cryptohippie: The Electronic Police State: 2010 National Rankings, rips away the veil from the smirking visage of well-heeled corporate crooks and media apologists of America's burgeoning police state. Cryptohippie's analysts say that the top ten nations are of two types: Those who have the will to spy on every citizen but lack the ability, and those who have the ability, but restrain their will! In that light, the USA has negated our Constitution's fourth amendment in the name of protection and in the name of wars against terror, drugs and cyber attacks. Meanwhile, the UK is aggressively building the world of '1984' in the name of stopping 'antisocial' activities, while France and the EU have given themselves over to central bureaucratic control. For example, in France, the German newsmagazine Spiegel reported that a new law passed by the lower house of Parliament "conjures up the specter of Big Brother and the surveillance state." Similar to legislation signed into law by German president Horst Koehler last month, police ans security forces in France would be granted authority to surreptitiously install malware known as a "Trojan horse" to spy on private computers. Please click on the headline of this article to read the rest of this story, at http://www.globalresearch.ca/